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Sharing the Love #17: Interview with Niamh Dillon Makeup Artist

Top of the Morning to you all.  I hope you are all well :) 
Its time for another visitor already to Nina's Bargain Beauty 
Niamh Dillon is another Irish Beauty Guru who has alot of talent and she shows her talent through what she loves Makeup :)  She is growing and growing by the day and I am glad to be following her journey :)  
Here is my interview with Niamh I hope you enjoy :) 

1.  Hey Niamh Welcome to my blog :) :) Can you tell us a little about yourself :) 
 Hey :) For people who don't know I'm Niamh. I grew up in Cork then moved to Kildare several years ago. I work as a freelance Makeup Artist in Kildare/Dublin and create video's on my channel named ''Niamhtbh'' over on youtube also where I aim to help others with makeup and skincare tips.

2.  Tell us a little about your blog 
So I created my Youtube Channel back in 2009 but was too afraid to create any video's. I finally finished studying in 2011 and began to create video's I feel I can relate to many other's and love doing it through this form. I was getting the same question over and over again about winged liner so felt the best thing to do was to create a video as it showed people how to do it as apposed to writing it down. People seemed to like them and so I continued to make more :) 

3.  What inspired you to start up your blog 
So many differnt things inspired me to begin on Youtube. In 2006 I started watching Youtube and somehow found beauty channels such as Lauren Luke, Juicystar07 and then a few years later Lisa Eldridge. I grew absolutely obsessed with watching these video's and ended up buying so many products they suggested so it Inspired me to give my own opinion on these products. 

4.  What is your dream job?
 My dream job would probably be to either be a full time free lance artist working on high fashion shoots or to work on Youtube full time. I love the element where you work for yourself,choose your own content and get to interact with so many like minded people. 

5.  Can you share with us some of your favourite blogs to read ?

This is a hard one for me to answer, I am subscribed to over 300 channels on Youtube and also maybe over 100 blogs. 

Here are just a few I love: - This is just like a Mecca for me to see the new releases of products in America. She has such fantastic images and is very real when speaking of the price and details so you know if the product is good or not. - Is a diet/Lifestyle based blog which is so helpful when looking for details about how to diet in the real world, She would pick one specific product and will have pictures along with the weight watchers points/calories in each so you find out which is the best health wise for you. I would highly recommend checking it out. - Created by Emily a former News broadcaster. I watch her on Youtube also and she is just so informative,honest and to the point. She tells it like it is,she is the queen of finding lower priced dupes and seems very relatable. She is also American. - I purchased one of their books a while back and have been hooked on the blog since, I love how they often do very alternative blog posts which really intrige me and as they are Irish I can get 100% of the products they are speaking about as apposed to many other blogs I follow.  - Couldn't go without a favourable mention, She is such a lovely girl from what I have seen online. Her information is so helpful and so lovely to have another Irish lady to chat to about Makeup and youtube. 

6.  Your favorite skin care, hair care and makeup products?
  Skincare - I would be lost without moisturizer I genuinly have the driest skin in the world so I adore my Nivea creme or Clinique dramatically differnt moisturising lotion. 

Hair care - I am the worst at doing my hair, I do hair quite well but I'm rather lazy when doing it, I like to rock the roll out of bed look,I rarely brush my hair as it goes fizzy. My favourite haircare product is Batiste Dry shampoo in tropical, I just love the smell of it,how it makes my hair feel and how it adds a lovely amount of volume. 
Makeup - This is so difficult like I genuinly can't think of 1 product I adore. My favourite product to wear is either mascara or foundation so I would have to recommend either Revlon colourstay foundation because it just does not move once applied to the face or Essence I love style black mascara as it adds such lenght and volume to my lashes without being crispy. 

7   If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is thinking of starting up their own blog what would it be?
Do it! If you want to do it, Don't wait around like I did I literally wasted years when I could of been enjoying meeting like minded people and discovering how to find products I would actually like. If you are scared its all a learning curve and you will eventually overcome these fears. I know myself the confidence I have gotten from this video's has moved over in my life as a whole and I feel I've grown so much as a person. 

8.  Can You tell us what is in you handbag?? (hehehe I like been nosey?  Include a picture ?
So I have a problem, I literally carry around the entire world with me. I make sure to carry ''regular'' sized bags so I can try to find things but I mean my bag weighs a few pounds. My arms are probably the fittest part of my body because of this. I like to carry my makeup bag, Sun glasses, an umbrella, my keys..about 6 lip glosses,My phone,earphones all the normal junk and usually some fairly odd stuff just to keep me entertained and to confuse others when I need to pile all of my crap out to find something tiny. 

9.  Where else apart from your blog can we find you aka twitter facebook etc. 
 I am social media mad so I am mostly found on Facebook,I think I'm addicted. 

Facebook Youtube Channel Page:

10  Any last words for us :) 
I'd just like to say genuinely thank you so much to You Nina,you are someone I really admire and respect your helping of others. I know how hard you work on your blog and its great to say that I know you. Thanks for all of your support and wise words over the past few months. I can't wait to see a new faces over on my channel :) 
Thanks for reading a bit about me guys,Look forward to hearing from a few of you possibly. 
Niamh xx

I hope you enjoyed my Interview with the Lovely Niamh Dillon and please be sure to visit her and tell her you stopped by :) 
Until next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

P.S If you interested in taking part in my share the love series make sure to comment below.  Anyone is welcome :) 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Shannon Boyce said...

She sounds absolutely wonderful! And her makeup looks gorgeous. Love! :)

Sarah Guildea said...

I love Niamh, she's so nice and friendly and really talented. :D

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