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Blank Canvas Cosmetics Double Ended Eyebrush Set

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I thought it was about time I did another Blank Canvas Cosmetics Review as You should all know at this stage I am a huge fan of this site and their products especially their brushes.  At the moment Blank Canvas Cosmetics is doing an amazing deal 
Get 40% off all brushes and brush combos until the August 19th so I thought I would get this review in on time for you all because I know for a fact you are all going to want this set after all its a bargain in itself without been about to get 40% off on top of it :) 
I can tell you now If you are a makeup artist, or a makeup junkie like myself you are going to want this set in your collection.  If you travel alot and cant bear to bring alot of makeup brushes with you this too will catch your attention or even if you are like me who likes to use more eye brushes than face brushes this will tickle your fancy.  So keep on reading to find out more :) :) 
What impressed me first of all about this set was how it came.  You are instantly getting double protection for your double ended brushes.  You have your black case with a good sturdy zip to keep your brushes and you get a lovely clothe type bag which fits your case in to protect your case I love it.  
Altogether you are getting 5 double ended brushes which works out that you are getting 10 brushes in total BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!
First of all you are getting (starting from the bottom to the top:
Double Ended Pencil/flat shader brush E23/E24:   This is one of my favourite brushes :)  The E23 brush is the absolute perfect brush for applying the perfect amount of colour to the out V and crease its also perfect for creating a cut crease.  I also love to use this brush to smudge be it liner or dark shadows on my lower lash line.  I love to used this brush to apply highlight to the inner corner of my eyes as its the perfect size for there.  The E24 is the perfect brush for applying and blending shadow its the perfect sized brush for the lid and even for the crease :) 
Blending Duo (E25/26):  Awwww the perfect duo in my eyes as you can never have too many blending brushes (well i cant anyways lol) The E25 Tapered blending brush is an absolute favourite of mine which I have two of now one of them I bought in a previous purchase and use every single day it blends amazingly and its the perfect size for all eyes.  The E26 is a flat blending brush which can be used to apply and blend eyeshadows.
 Double Ended Mini Detailer/Eyeliner (E27/28):  The E27 brush is a new one for me and until last week I didnt really find a purpose for it but its the perfect brush for applying darker shades to the outter corner of the lid to create a smokey look.  it hold the right amount of shadow and it perfect for packing on the shadows.  It is also perfect for applying highlight to your browbone.   E28 brush is one of my favourite liner brushes as I am a huge fan of gel liners and to be honest it is very hard to find the perfect liner brush especially if you are still practising the winged look you can not over do the liner with this little beauty 
 Double Ended Brow/Spoolie (E30):  I now have two of these I am so happy as this is one brilliant brow brush.  one end is for the brow powder and the other end is for brushing those brows into place :) 
Double Ended Tapered Crease Blender/Smudger (E32/33):  The E32 is the perfect blending brush for the crease it fits perfectly without going over the crease :)  the E33 brushe is the perfect eyeliner smudger for the days you dont want that intense liner look I love this brush to bits.  
I am in love with this set just as much as the rest of my Blank Canvas Cosmetic brushes.  The quality is amazing and they wash and clean brilliantly.  Still to this day I have not experienced any shedding with them which says alot.  Now I know one question that will or has entered you head already is how can we wash them without getting The water into where the glue is.  Well the team at Blank Canvas Cosmetics has that part covered for us of course 
With the metal ferrule in the middle, it’s best to use a brush spray such or 80-90% isoprophyl alcohol spray to avoid the ferrule getting wet and the glue loosening. For daily cleaning, you could use a spray or an antibacterial wipe  and if a deep cleanse is needed, maybe just do one end at a time 
This technique works perfect for the brushes and keeps them spik and span.  I highly recommend this travel set.  You cant possible get better eye brushes than these
The price of this set is €64.99 for 10 brushes in total which in my eyes is a perfect bargain but with the 40% off you are best grabbing while you can because that works out at only €39 I gotta get me another one of these pronto for my kit :) :) 
Well thats it for today if you missed any of my other Blank Canvas Review in which I have reviewed other brush click here to check them out 
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B. said...

I love makeup brushes!!I am just learning how to really use them! I loved makeup when I was a teen and kind of got away from it, but re discovered in my 40s!

Nina s said...

B I love them too hunny I too did not start using brushes until about 3 years ago and I am amazed at what looks you can achieve just by using the right brushes its a whole different world using them I love it :)

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