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Benefit's All Star The Bronze of Champions Kit

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Do you remember the Benefit Party I was Invite to?  I told you all I would keep what I got to myself just for a little while until I got to play with them and then I would share with you what I got.  Well I shared the Benefit Worlds Famous sexiest Nude Kit with you already now I have another Kit to share with you.  
This kit contains 2 items that have only been released and that is literally why I went for this one in particular aswell as the fact it looked fabulous :) 
In my Review of the Benefit World Famous Palette Sexiest Nudes I mentioned there was 3 palettes with this release to collect.  Well With Benefit's All Star Collection there is also 3 kits to collect if you are a collector that is 
There is: 
The Bronze of Champions Kit which contains products to give you a bronzed look 
Do the Bright Thing which contains products to brighten your complexion
Priming with the Stars contains products to cover up and fake it up :) 
I opted for The Bronze of Champions as it was the perfect time of the year for it and it looked more appealing to me :)  Plus I got 20% off the original price which was a bargain so I couldnt resist :) 
What impressed me the most about this kits is the generous decent sized sample sized products included plus you are getting 6 different products to try out and not only that but to be honest for the summer this is really all you need to achieve a beautiful everyday look that will get you noticed without the big tell tale signs thats you are wearing makeup at all :)  Plus like the rest of the kits you are getting so Tricks & Tips on how to apply each product :) :) 
so lets take a closer look at what you are getting in this kit :) :) 
First of all you are getting the Creaseless Cream Shadow in Bikini-tini which I already have and reviewed from the Worlds sexiest nudes kit.  This shadow is more of a base shadow or a brighten the eyes up shadow its a cream shimmery cream eyeshadow and indeed does not budge while you wear it 
Next up is the Famous Hoola Bronzer im sure you all know what this looks like by now but to be honest I never ever got the chance to try it out and fell in love straight away with it.  The pigmentation is amazing and creates the perfect contoured look on me.  The shade is not orangey like some bronzers and on my complexion its perfect for contouring and from bronzing with anyone with a darker complexion to me will still find this perfect for warming up your complexion Along with the Bronzer you are getting a mini brush which some people find useless but to be honest it is great for creating the perfect contour line for under your cheek bones.  Put in mind you do need another brush to blend the line out but its still a handy brush to have :) 
Next up is the one product I really wanted as I had a little try of it already at the Benefit party and Was actually going to purchase the full sized one but seen it was included in this kit so I thought I would leave buying the full sized until I get a proper try out of it.  Its the New Highlight Waats Up!  Which is actually different to the other highlight products Benefit have in their collection such as High Beam and Sun Beam.  Waats Up! comes in a stick like form which in my eyes leaves it much easier to use.  I absolutely adore this highlight and to be honest when this sample is finished I will be going out to buy the full size one.  It is not far off High Beam but the difference is High Beam is more white and a little hard to blend out where as Watts Up! takes little effort to apply and looks more natural and gorgeous on the cheek bones girls you are going to have the most amazing natural look glow with this product.  The glow you see in the Stars Red carpet picture I Love it :) Get it your wont regret it !!!!
Next up is another newby to Benefit the Famous They're Real Mascara now to be honest I am a huge huge fan of the Benefit Big Lash Mascara as it give the most amazing fullest lashes ever without making the lashes look fake so I was sort of sceptic about this mascara as I felt I would not top up the love I have the the Big Lash ......... To be honest at first I thought the formula of They're real Mascara was very very wet and made my lashes look very clumpy and not at all nice It is definately a mascara you have to give a chance to as after a few uses when you have pumped a few times thats when you will notice what this bad boy does for you.  I noticed it does not give the volume Big Lash gives to you but it does for sure give you length and holds your curl amazingly which I love because I have one stubborn eye that even a curlers will not allow my lash to stay curled but when I apply this mascara to my curled lash it holds it :) 

The next Item is the The Longwear Eyeshadow in "Thanks a Latte"   This is a stunning metallic-y taupe shade.  Not only is this eyeshadow very pigmented but its also very soft and creamy with no fall out whatsoever.  It looks stunning paired with Bikini-Tini and its so easy to work with I love it as its a perfect neutral shade and suitable for everyone :) 
and lastly we have The Hoola Plush Lip Gloss Which is supposed to match up with the Hoola Bronzer.  The lip gloss is a tanned coloured gloss with golden shimmers going through it.  To be honest This is probably the less exciting product for me in the kit.  When applied to my lips its looks like a sheer gloss with shimmer.  The gloss is semi thick but not sticky and the shimmers feel non existent but you can see them on the lips.  It leaves a nice glossy finish and leaves the lips feeling moisturised :)  There is a sweet scent off the gloss but not strong and wears off after a few minute plus the gloss lasts about an hour but it does leave the lips feeling soft and moist even after it wears off.  The only thing is Even though I think alot of Benefits products are reasonably priced for the quality of the products €21 for full priced lip gloss is ridonkulous in my eyes there are plenty of lip glosses out there that do the same thing for a cheaper price

Overall I am Delighted with this Kit.  It has surely given me ideas on what I would like to buy full sized when the products is finished for example I love the Waats Up! Highlighter Love it and will surely be buying that for my collection.  I also love the They're Real Mascara the fact it holds my curl-less eyelashes and gives them a beautiful curl which lasts all day long. 
This kit is surely going to last me for some time because you need very little of everything to achieve the look you want as everything is so pigmented so I feel its worth every cent.  
This Delightful Kits Costs €37 For 6 brilliant sized sample sized products in which you are guaranteed to used every last one of them.  Plus when you are finished with them all you are left with a nice pretty storage box for your jewellery or whatever else you want to store.  
Have you tried any of Benefits never kits yet?
You can now purchase these kits from the Cara Pharmacy website 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jess | Just Jesss said...

Everything in this kit looks gorgeous, I'm always scared of bronzers being too orange but Hoola looks perfect, and Watts Up! is super pretty too! Great review :)

Jess xo

Oh So Gawjess said...

Love your eye makeup!


Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

Shannon Boyce said...

Oh my gosh, this set looks fantastic! I love Benefit products. They are amazing with skin products! Adding this set to my wishlist for sure!

Emily Jane Garthwaite said...

I love the little kits Benefit come out with, it's a great way to try a nice selection of products!

Of the three that were released at the same time as this I reckon this one looks like the best, gorgeous bronze shades and perfect for the time of year! xo

Bex said...

This set looks amazing! Not really big on bronzers but really trying to branch out a little so I might have to pick this up!

Sarah Guildea said...

This kit looks so so nice and it really suits your skin tone. It's like it was made for you!

Makeup Over Mind said...

I've been really disappointed with some Benefit kits I've tried, but this one looks pretty impressive!

Nina s said...

Makeup Over Mind It is impressive hun apart from the gloss and you might find the creaseless eyeshadow a little sheer but it is good for a base apart from that its very good I love the Bronzer and the Eyeshadow and of course the mascara

Nina s said...

Jess, oh So Gawjess, Shannon Boyce, Emily Jane, and Bex Thank you ladies for your comments :) :) Great to hear from you all :)

Nina s said...

Adoreabubbles I think it was lol thanks so much hunny hope it still suits me in the winter when my tan has worn off lol

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