Sunday, 18 August 2013

Boots Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks Review

Hello My Beauties 
How are you all today :) 
  To be honest I cant believe how long its taken me to eventually buy some products from The Brand Natural Collection but better now than never eh?   I suppose If I am been honest I was judging the book by its cover basically as when you venture into boots you have alot of make-up stalls to choose from for example Rimmel, Revlon etc and they as you know are on the more colourful and playful side compared to the Natural Collection stall where the packaging looks the same and not as appealing I am only been honest :) :) So one day I decided no I am not going to pass them and decided to purchase once and for all plus I have seen a few good reviews about them even by some American Beauty Guru's So it must be good Right? 
I did buy other products from The Natural Collection which I will be reviewing soon but today I am reviewing their Blushes.  

As mentioned above the packaging on the Natural Collection Range isnt entirely appealing in fact if im been honest it looks more on the cheap side than anything.  You are getting a simply white plastic packaging containing the blush and a twist-able clear lid saying the brand name apart from that nothing exciting.  I am going to say now as the saying goes for these blushes is NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER !!! Read on to find out more :) 
I was actually impressed with the price of these blushes You are getting decent amount of blush for €3.09 but at the moment on you are getting 3 of these blushes for €6.50 which is near enough 3 for 2 and there are 4 shades to choose from.  
As you can see I chose "Pink Cloud" and "Rosey Glow" 

Pink Cloud is a perfect Natural Dusty Pink shade suitable for anyone with fair skin.  

Rosey Glow:  is a deep rosey brown shade perfect for winter time and perfect for fair to medium skintones :) 

I was pleasantly surprised by these blushes.  I found them soft and buttery and not one bit chalky.  Pink Cloud is a matte blush but leave a nice natural glow to the cheeks Rosey Glow semi matte and I have to admit is my favourite out of the 2.  I like to use Rosey Glow when I do a dark smokey eye and don't want to use bronzer it gives me the contoured look plus adds a little colour to the cheeks without over doing it :)  Both blushes take very little effort to blend out which is always a bonus but I did notice you do have to dip into the blush a few times to get the colour your want on your cheeks Even with Rosey Glow but once applied the blush lasts all day long.  I noticed the blush starting to wear off after 7 hours of wear but was still quite strong even at that.  For the price I paid for them I am more than happy with them and will use them on a regular basis for sure I might even go for another shade which I had my eye on.  
Have you tried these blushes yet?
Here is a photo of me wearing Rosey Glow (my Favourite)  with no bronzer or contour on 

Thats it for today I hope you enjoyed my review :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


B said...

You look great Nina, Rosey Glow really suits you! :-)

Nina s said...

B Thank you very very much :) xxxxxxx

Audrey- The Nail Affair said...

That colour suits you so well lovely! I really like the look of pink cloud myself:)

Esther García said...

I love these blushes. I so wish I could get my hands on them. They look amazing on you.

All the little things - Irish Beauty Blog said...

I have heard great things about these blushes. I must get them next time im in boots! xxx

Sarah-Louise Bailey said...

What lovely blushes I'm a pink cloud girl I think I'll have to try and look for it :).

Thank you for link up with the I Love My Post Blog Hop

Life in a Break Down

Lorrrrraine said...

These look lovely! They remind me of my youth - I think my entire collection was from this brand, bar a Rimmel mascara.

Nina s said...

Audrey Thank you so much :)
Esther can you not buy them off ebay hun Id say they are on there
all the little things you wont regret it hunny
Sarah no problem hunny :)
Lorrrrraine yes there is alot of people who used them when they were going to school as they are so affordable I remember my mum used to buy Carrolls (i think thats how you spell it) makeup as it was so affordable thats what i first started to use :)

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