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Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 1 vs The Naked Palette

Hey my beauties How are you all 
Today I have a new brand to review and be warned you are going to see alot of reviews of this brand.  Now If you do not know what Makeup Revolution is they are a new company starting up and already are very popular in the blogging world.  They are yet another very affordable brand.  They are not linked with any other company including MUA which they state on their facebook page but they are just as affordable.  Well of course me been a beauty guru and up for finding amazing value I just had to just to the chance of trying this brand out and to be honest I went a little cray cray adding stuff into my basket.  Well the fact that it is super affordable I felt i was allowed Right?!.  This is why i am warning you about future reviews lol 

Well now here comes the next part as you all know The Urban Decay Naked Palettes 1,2 & 3 are a huge hit everywhere in fact most beauty bloggers if not all has at least one of these palettes or have them on their wishlist.  Also alot of makeup artist Well the ones I know here in Ireland reach for their Naked palettes for eye makeup looks on their clients especially brides as the eyeshadows are super pigmented and last all day plus look amazing on camera.  Of course alot of brands are now trying their best to create dupes of the palettes and in all honesty I must have about 3 dupe palettes of the Naked Palette 1 by now and any I have tried so far have been pretty impressive.  We are all looking for the dupes because in all fairness the price tag on these Naked Palettes are crazy.  

Makeup Revolution is the first company who have come up with dupe palettes for every one of the Naked Palettes and I just had to get them as I have been wishing since the first day I heard that the Naked 3 palette was out to get it I needed it in my life :) 
Anyways today I am going to review the Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette 1 for you as I have been using it quite alot and to be honest I wanted to do a comparision to the MUA Undress palette which is also a dupe.  Alot of people of course will be wondering is there any difference as alot of people will have by now purchased the MUA Undressed Palette and to be honest if this palette is near the same well there is really no point in buying it once you have MUA eh?
Ok So Here Goes :) 
Ok Here you have it the Iconic Number 1 aka Dupe of Naked Palette 1.  As mentioned before I did a Review on the MUA Undressed Palette and compared it to the Naked Palette also.  At the end of this post I shall be comparing all 3 of these palettes via swatches to show you all how close each palette is to the real thing but first let me talk about this palette.  
As you can see the packaging is pretty straight forward and has a good sturdy lid to it.  You are getting 14g of eyeshadows and there are 12 eyeshadows in total.  What I love about this is that its designed the exact same way as the Naked palette and the colours go in the same order 

Unbelieveable right?? They look the exact same in the pan :) 
In the Redemption Palette you are getting a double ended sponge applicator which in fact I used to throw away but now keep them as they are good to pack on colour. 

The shades as you can see are warmed neutrals and perfect for everyday and night time looks Exactly like the Urban Decay Palette 
As you can see there are 2 matte shades.  I have found the shade slightly sheer but of course they are more like skin colours and of course perfect for blending out harsh lines.  The rest of the shades are shimmery and satin.  They feel smooth soft and buttery.  They also blend out beautifully :) 

With a primer these eyeshadow last all day long with any fading which is amazing quality for a £4.  Amazing quality for sure 

Here are my swatches to prove it without primer underneath 

To be honest If you do not have this palette I tell you go get it you will not be disappointed :)  Now for the ultimate question for all of you out there who have the MUA Undressed palette.  Is there any difference between the MUA Undressed Palette and the Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 Palette?  
The answer is not really They both have the same pigmentation.  The Formula of the shadows between the two is somewhat different.   Makeup Revolution have a couple of shade that match exactly to Urban decay Naked Palette compared to MUA's Copy.  Also I noticed in a few shades Makeup Revolutions palette is a little more powdery than the ones on the MUA palette :)  So in all if you have the MUA palette stick with it and leave it at that but if you dont I recommend the Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 as I do find I like the formula of the shadows a little better 
I Have a little treat for you all I have swatches all 3 palettes against each other to show you the comparison so you can make your own minds up I hope its helpful :) :) 

First up is the dupes of Virgin (keep in mind I swatched these without primer)

 The dupes of Sin 

The Dupes of Naked 

 The Dupe of Side Car 

The Dupe of Buck 

The Dupe of  Half Baked 

The Dupe of Smog 

 The Dupe of Dark Horse 

 The Dupe of Toasted 

The Dupe of Hustle 

The Dupe of Creep 

 The Dupe of Gunmetal 

Apologies for the low lighting it was horrible weather actually flood type weather when I took these photos but you get the idea :) :)  Absolutely amazing how close they are right?  In fact as you can see by the Iconic Palette some of the shades are the exact match to Urban Decay :) :)  
Here is a look I created with the Makeup Revolution Palette using: 
1st Shade in the inner corner 
2nd Shade all over the lid 
9th shade on the outer corner of the lid blending it inwards and into the crease
I took a little of the 8th Shade into the crease to define the crease 
lastly I applied the 1st 2nd and 8th shade to my lower lash line.  For blending I used the 3rd shade :) 

So What do you think Which Palette would you go for first :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jess | The Indigo Hours said...

I have the MUA palette so won't be getting this one but I love the sound of the dupe of Naked3 :)

Jess xo

Alice's Beauty Madness said...

great post and thorough comparison! I enjoyed reading!
also, I won't get the revolution palette since i already have the MUA one :p

Unknown said...

This is an absolutely *brilliant* blog post. Love it!

Forever Miss Vanity said...

I love the look of that palette, it has all the colours that I usually go for :)


Never Say Die Beauty said...

What a great post! thanks so much for sharing your assessment of Makeup Revolution. I passed on Naked3 'coz I couldn't justify the price. I'm checking into MURev right away

Unknown said...

Jess I will have the review of that palette up soon

Alice Aww thank you hunny xxxx Maybe when your MUA one runs out you could try the MUR one:

Siobhan Your are so sweet thank you hunny xxxxx

Jessica Its stunning hunny

Never Say Die Beauty Thank you hunny so much I am reviewing the Iconic 3 by MUR soon :)

Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

I have Iconic 3 and I adore it!!! can't wait to get the others...

beautyshineswoman said...

wow, i want te revoluttion palette.

Budget Splurge Beauty said...

great dupe find!!

Unknown said...

Loved the Swatches .I already own the MUA Undress me one so willskip it . .But if I get the chance I'll surely pick up the Makeup Revolution one as well . . :)

Ritu KT said...

Thanks for the individual swatches, it is so helpful while deciding which one to get. ICONIC1 is what I'm eyeing now!

Unknown said...

I have the MUR Iconic 1 palette and I'm in love with it!
Have you heard about the new Iconic pro palettes? They are dupes for Lorac pro palettes!

My blog:

Unknown said...

Hello! Thanks for this. I have just ordered iconic 3 and was wondering whether to get the iconic 1 as I already have the Mua version so I Dont think I will bother now. Thanks This was very helpful.
I have ordered lots of makeup revolution things after seeing so many reviews on you tube etc. I can't wait until I receive them. It is the perfect brand for stay at home mums like me who simply can't afford the more expensive makeup.

Zed said...

Great post, I haven't got the MUA palette so I think I'll get the iconic 1.

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