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Simple Beauty & Makeup Tips for Teens with Acne

Hello my beauties :) 
I thought I would do a different type of blog post today :) 
This is all based around teens or anyone who suffers with acne :) 
I have a tween who is going through the whole breaking out phase and I see how hard it is for her to cope with breakouts I also see my 16 year old sister and the fact she breaks out alot more due to stress especially lately as she is doing her exams and its hard on her.  I was never really one who suffered acne on my face but I did infact suffer with terrible acne on my chest shoulders and back and I know how embarrassed and humiliating it was especially when exposing it.  I could cover it up with clothing but when suffering it on your face its nots so easy.  I would like to thank my daughter and sister for inspiring me to do this post as I feel their pain and also everyone elses.  
You do not have to go through the pain of embarassment or covering up as people who know you and love you will accept you for who you are not what you look like and to be honest acne is only on the skin for a short time dont let it stop you from been who you are or enjoying you teens.  
Today I am going to share with you a few tips on how take care of your skin and help you reduce breakouts.  Its not going to completely make them disappear or stop breakouts from happening.  

The one question I know teens ask all the time is why?  My is my face like this?  Why am i having break outs etc  To be honest there is not one set reason why anyone breaks out.  It could be genetic, it could be hormonal, it could be something your using,  it could be something that happens and sometime we just cant control it but we can prevent it from getting worse and we can even reduce it and that's where I step in:  Here is some useful tips on how to prevent your acne from getting worse:  
  1. Your diet is always part of the reason you breakout,  be it too much greasy foods, too much chocolate not enough fruit and veg.  I know what its like been a teenager I didn't care what went into my mouth and it was mostly foods that were not good for me.  Try to get a well balanced diet into plan it doesn't mean you have to give up the foods you love just reduce it 
  2. Keep you face clean:  Yes teens can be lazy I was one of those too especially when it comes to washing my face twice a day every day even after wearing makeup.  You have to wash everyday its absolutely crazy how dirty your face gets even without wearing makeup.  The natural oils on your face will cling onto every day dirty that flies through the air by the end of the day your face is dirty even if you do not see it.  If your skin is acne prone try to stay away from face washes that have perfume or any other harsh chemicals as they will irritate your spots making them feel even more sore.  Picking out face washes cans be hard especially on a budget and especially because there is so many brands out there So here is some home-made Face washes for you to try and will not cost too much to make  The best thing about these is that they are natural and chemical free ;) 

  • Raw honey !!! yes its actually very popular in organic cleansers and washes as it has a natural antibacterial property in it which is brilliant for spots.  Simply use a half teaspoon of honey and rub it onto your dampened face massaging it in for about a minute before rinsing off.  The honey also removes excess oils from your face leaving you with smooth skin.  Manuka Honey has the extra properties that helps heal very bad break outs it acts a a healer to to the skin 

If you want a gentle exfoliate for your face Try
 2 Tablespoons of Oatmeal aka (ready brek or cheap brand like that) 
2- 3 Tablespoons of bio yogurt 
1 teaspoon of honey 

The Oatmeal is a gentle & effective natural cleanser......absorbs & removes dirt and impurities....Gently ex foliates the skin cells to reveal soft, smother looking skin.  The Bio Yogurt Softens refines pores and acts as an antibacterial which will treat your skin.  The Honey helps skin absorb and retain moisture and also treat acne

There are so many Homemade cleanser recipes out there to try and the best thing about it its so affordable.  If you are one who is not into the whole homemaking cleansers try using products that are suitable for sensitive skin and that do not contain Lanolin, oil, Fragrance etc  You could also invest in a cleansing mitt such as the Nima mitt which i have reviewed here This is perfect for anyone who is acne prone as all you need to use is warm water and it literally cleans your face spotless its even amazing to use to take off your makeup :) :)   The cheaper alternative to the Nima Mitt is the Cleanse off Mitt which only costs €5 and will last up to 6 months if looked after properly 

3.  Try to stop touching your face so much as we all carry germs on our hands and touching our faces is only transferring dirt to your face. 

4.  Make sure to always always take your makeup off even if you feel too tired to do so please do.  Once you are warm and cosy in your bed you are automatically heating up which means your pores open up if you do not remove your makeup that makeup soaks into your pores at night which creates spots automatically  Try to get into a routine to cleanse tone and moisturise your face before bed 

5.  Always use an oil free moisturiser as your face is oily enough but make sure to always apply moisturiser even after cleansing morning and night its so so important 

6.  Do not pick at you acne This will cause your acne to spread and of course can lead to acne scarring which you will regret in the future.  I know it will be hard but it will be worth it in the end.  

7.  If you use makeup brush ALWAYS ALWAYS clean them Its a must!!!!! Brush carry bacteria which causes acne if you do not keep them clean.  I spot clean my brushes after ever use and deep clean them every 2 weeks depending how often I use them.  

8.  If you are having a breakout stay away from anything that contains alcohol as it will drive you crazy and dry out your skin in fact if possible stay clear of products that contain alcohol full time as it will benefit your skin in the long run 

Now that we have looking after you skin over with lets talk makeup because of course at a young age especially when we do get spots the first thing we think of is covering it up with makeup and to be honest we all tend to reach for the wrong makeup which leave our acne 10 times worse than when it was before.  Its very hard to get it right but with the tips I have for you today hopefully it will help you along the way.  First of all 
  1. When applying makeup you must apply a moisturiser as it creates a barrier between you skin and the makeup you are about to apply.  Before you even apply moisture please make sure your face is clean and that you hands are clean if you are using hands to apply.  It is so important to do these steps before your touch any makeup.  
  2. Try you best to choose an oil free foundation as oils can clog up pores.  There are lots of oil free foundations in the market such as  Revlon Colour Stay ,  Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (one of my favourites) ,  Rimmels Renew and Relift.  Its depending on your skin type too if you are oily acne prone you are better off going with an oil free mattifying foundation if you are dry skinned make sure to go with water based foundation.   You can also go for BB Creams if you are not too back with acne and need just a slight cover up.  My 16 year old sister has dry acne prone skin which has flared up alot lately due to her doing exams,  I used MUA's BB Cream on her skin along with a full coverage concealer on her more obvious blemishes as you can see she looks flawless afterwards 

Do not over do your makeup as that can be just as bad as not wearing any at all.  Use very little to start off with and cover up what you need to, let that settle and see if you need more.  We often make the mistake of over applying and then the products ends up looking cakey especially over blemishes.  When applying your foundation or bb cream make sure not to using stroking motions as that can irritate your skin more try stippling your foundation or patting it on.  Stippling your foundation will also give you more coverage and better use out of your product.   If need set you makeup with a translucent powder only in the areas you are more likely to become oily.  If you are dry skinned leave it out.  Apply concealer with a pencil like brush onto the blemishes that are still showing dab it on and blend out around the area when finished set the concealer with a light dusting of translucent powder.  
If you are looking for some good concealers to purchase I love the Catrice Camoflage Concealer which is in a pot this is full coverage and lasts all day.  There is also e.l.f Maximum Coverage concealer which is oil free.  Another Favourite of mine is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Amazing.  
 Mineral Makeup is also great for acne prone skin as its natural ingredients are gentle on the skin.  Mineral Makeup can be expensive but there are some companies out there who do mineral makeup and is reasonable priced for example e.l.f they have a mineral line also 
Physcians Formula are organic and reasonably priced 

Always makeup sure you take your makeup off and allow yourself some makeup free days as you skin needs to breath.  Oily makeup removers can be harsh on the skin and place if you can stay away from face wipes they are too hard on acne prone skin and can cause your skin to stink and feel worse.  There are plenty of makeup removers out there that can do the same job as oily ones for example Garnier Miscellar Cleansing Water  (AMAZING)  This is such great value and is so so gentle on the skin even a baby could use this :) :)   It literally takes off all your makeup its amazing.  To remove Waterproof mascara and liner try baby oil (Sineady Cadys tip)  Its perfect and gentle on the skin.  As mentioned about cleansing mitts are also perfect for taking off your makeup :) 

I found this great when I suffered a bad case of hormonal acne in which I just all of a sudden broke out with and could not get rid of for at least 8 months I found it so hard to deal with as I never suffered with acne on my face before but following these tips I soon got used to dealing with them and also covering up.  i do in fact have some acne scarring from it but my break outs have stopped and I only suffer an odd one or two when its the time of the month.  I really hope you found this helpful as I do not want to go on and on with this post or I will make you all fall asleep haha 

There are so many tips and tricks out there now especially from women who have been battling with acne all their lives only youtuber in particular is Sineady Cady from The Makeup Chair she has some brilliant videos on how to cover up and how to deal with acne.  Cassandra From Diamonds and Heals is amazing she has videos on how to cover up acne and acne scarring as she is a long time sufferer of that and you will be amazed 

No matter what you do always remember you are beautiful inside and out and never ever get down about your acne.  There is plenty of ways to fight it, deal with it and even cover it up.  Enjoy your teenage life and do not let a few spots get in the way I love you all xxxxx
Also if you have any tips to share please feel free to as every little helps :) :)  If you would like me to put up some more homemade facial washes even masks let me know 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Patranila Jefferson said...

Diet and clean skin are so important for teens. Hell, for adults too! LOL

Barbie's Beauty Bits said...

Honey is amazing for acne! I've done a blog post on it. It works wonders, just used myself the past few days for a reaction I had to some cleaner I was testing! Teens and adults should keep this in their medicine cabinet!


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