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Beauty Tips Collaboration with House of Fraser :)

Hey beauties A couple of weeks ago I was chatting to Ashleigh from House of Fraser and she came up with the idea of putting up a Beauty Tip Collab for my blog and I thought yes what an amazing idea :) :) We all love to hear some useful tips especially about our skin and makeup and it would be brilliant to get our tips together in one post and share them with you.  Ashleigh got together some other bloggers shes has worked with and also some of her team including a makeup artist to share their best tips :)  I really hope you enjoy this and find all if not some of our tips useful :) Let me know your thoughts and of course if you have your own tips to share please share them in the comment below :) 

Personally when it comes to getting hints and tips about skincare I can never get enough. I like to know everyone’s secrets and if they improve my skin or makeup routine as well then happy days!
The lovely Nina (nawwww ) has given her best tips and the ladies at House of Fraser have thrown some in for good measure to create a comprehensive list of beauty tips for your pleasure. Start with the skincare and then move on to your makeup.

Try to stay clear of face wipes especially when you find them stinging you after you take your makeup off, that sting is telling you that you are taking a layer of skin cells that are not meant to come off. If you have feel the need to use wipe now and again try buying Water wipes they are the best for your skin.
-Nina's Bargain Beauty 

Never skimp on skincare, you’re using it directly on your skin after all! Shiseido pureness cleansing range - thanks to this, I was lucky enough to avoid any major breakouts through my teens! 
- Momina, Beauty Press Officer

My mother taught me to use a toner after cleansing for clear smooth skin. - Louisa, Beauty Buyer When moisturising I do upward strokes when applying to my neck to prevent wrinkles. 
- Gayle, Fashion Press Officer

Always wear SPF on your face neck and chest even in the winter in fact all year round as you face neck and chest are more sensitive to sun rays, pollution etc. You will be free from sun damage aka pigmentation in later life and of course wrinkles and fine lines will be delayed.
-Nina's Bargain Beauty

To determine what you skintone is simple, go by how your skin reacts to the sun. If you burn and turn white again- pink toned foundations are for you. If you tan easily you can go for either a yellow toned or neutral toned foundation.

Never ever test a foundation on your arm or hand as normally you hand and arm are darker than your face. Do a swatch of foundation on the side on your face from the bottom of you cheek to your jaw line to see does it match your neck shade if it does then that’s the foundation to go for as you are trying to match your face with your neck.

Beware not to buy the foundation that looks like it matches your neck as you are testing it in artificial lighting plus some foundations do oxidise so your are best to do the swatch leave it for at least 10 minutes go out to natural light and see how it looks. If that is too much for you simply ask whoever works in the store can you have a sample of the foundation to bring home to try.
-Nina's Bargain Beauty

The easiest way to determine your skin undertone is to do the “vein test”. Stand by natural day light and see if your wrist veins are blue or green. If they are blue you are cool toned, and if they happen to be green you are warm toned.
- Betzy Carmona from

You need to remember that your skintone may change with the seasons. I would actually ask a trusted makeup artist to help you determine your skin’s undertone.
-Elaine Atkins from

More tricks you can try are:
* Holding up something white against your face and see if your skin has a redish or a blueish tint. Red is a warm skin tone and blue is a cool skin tone.

* Which makeup tends to look better on you? Jewel tones or Earth tones, jewel tones with suit someone with a cooler skin tone and make your eyes looks beautifully bright. However anyone with a warm skintone will achieve a wonderful glow with earth tones.

* Don’t assume that skin colour and skin tone are the same thing someone with light skin can have warm undertones and vice versa.

Always apply your makeup in natural lighting at a window as your makeup never looks the same if you do it in artificial lighting it either looks too dark or uneven.
-Nina's Bargain Beauty

Subtly apply a rouge lipstick to the apples of the cheeks and to blend it out to create a natural and soft flush.
 - Emily, Online Content Coordinator

Make sure you use a white eye pencil on the bottom waterline, as this gives the illusion that you’ve had a full night sleep and makes your eyes so much brighter!

Take each step at a time – do your eyes, step back. Then your cheeks, step back. Then your lips and step back. Otherwise you do everything at once and think “What have I done?!”
- Rebecca Restrepo, World-renowned makeup artist

Some of these tips have been sourced from
House of fraser have kindly shared a video with use on how to apply your foundation if it interests you to take a look 
So that its it ladies and gents thats our tips for the day :) :) 
I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hannah Latoya Bond said...

I always like to try the products on before I buy. The only time I don't is in places like Superdrug where they don't have a person to colour match you. In my makeup kit I always like to carry a mix of pink and yellow toned foundations



Kalina Eneva said...

Great tips girls! Skin care is really important, because your face is your canvas and the make up won look as beautiful if your skin is not feeling good :)

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