Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Cover Girl Flamed Out Mascara

Hello my gorgeous beauties 
How are you all today :) 
Todays review is on my current mascara I am using.  I recieved this mascara in a swap with the lovely Shannon From The Creation of Beauty :) She lives in America and I told her I never really tried Cover girl so she sent me this Mascara.  
Correct me if I am wrong but This Mascara roughly costs about $6 to buy and was only released last year 
Cover Girl Flamed Out Mascara comes in 2 types Waterproof and Non Waterproof I have Non Waterproof.  
The Shades available are :
Very Black Blaze (this is the shade I have)
Black Blaze 
Black/Brown Blaze 
Brown Blaze
Cover Girl Promises:  This is a  mascara that provides maximum volume to create a bold, winged-out look. The unique wire brush coats your lashes and curves them up and out. 

The Packaging I love and its very easy to find amongst my crazy amount of unused mascaras in my draw lol 
The brush on the other hand you will either love or hate.  Sometimes when I am in a hurry I hate it as it is an hourglass shape and can be a little big.  There are mascaras out there with hourglass shape that are bigger so I would class this as a medium sized compared to others.  I do find when using this mascara in a hurry it can create a little mess but when I am careful I have actually learned to love the brush as it does separate every lash and helps me get every lash covered even the small ones.  
I did find at the beginning I made a mess on my lids until I got used to the brush itself after 2 or 3 uses and in all honesty it really does the job.  I like that every time I take the brush out of the tube it does not gather too much of the mascara in one go it has enough to do the two eyes :) 

I really really like the formula of this mascara and the more you use it the more you will like it.  Sometime when I buy I new mascara The formula can be a little too wet and can create clumpy lashes after two coats but with the Cover Girl Mascara it didn't do that.  I was really impressed with the finish after two coats my lashes looked incredible full and black.   
It certain does what it claims by giving me volume Two coats of this little beauty gives me incredible volume after 3 coats you might as well me wearing falsies :) 
I was asked the other day What falsies I was wearing I told them I wasn't I was wearing this mascara :) here is a before and after picture of my lashes after 2 coats :)   It holds my curl for the whole day.  Below is a photo of my lashes before and after 2 coats For a closer look click on the photos :) :) 

This mascara has surely impressed me :)  Its super black, smudge proof and doesn't budge until I take it off.  It hasn't effected my eyes at all and so far there is no flaking after using it about 2 and half months.  I expect this should last me another month before it dries up on me but i will keep you updated :)  For a $6 mascara you cant pass this by without trying it :) :) 
You can buy this mascara from Amazon or on Ebay (just make sure the mascara is in its packaging if buying from ebay)   if you are not living in America 
Have you tried this mascara yet? 
Whats your thoughts on it :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Barbie's Beauty Bits said...

I am a mascara junkie! I haven't tried this one yet, I need to. If only after two coats, you have long lashes... Gotta see for myself, thanks love!

Patranila Jefferson said...

I haven't tried an hourglass brush yet but if they help keep more mascara in the tube without me scraping the sides, yay!

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