Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Blank Canvas Cosmetics F21 Angled Contour Brush in Aquamarine Green :)

Hello My beauties Yes I have BCC Review for you today :) 
I just had to mention this little beauty 
The Latest releases of the new brush from Blank Canvas Cosmetics is unreal and surely getting all of us makeup goddesses drooling Well I know I have been 
With my beautiful collection of brushes I have already built up I do think I have finally got them all when Bang in comes yet another new brush which is added to my wish list.  When BCC first started to release the brushes they were all in the normal colour black.  Then out came the F20 which is one of my utmost favourite brushes in Hot Pink Well the excitement was too much.  What a perfect way to add that pop of colour to your makeup brush collection.  Then came the F22 in a fantastic Purple colour I just had to get it and Now there is the F31 in Aquamarine Green.  Perfect for St Patricks day just gone or simply because green is our (Irelands) Colour :) :) 
Well as you can see I Have it and today I am going to review the brush itself :) :) 

The F21 Contour Brush is from the HD collection and you know what that means right !!!! Guaranteed HD effect from this beautiful little creation.   Its handmade synthetic fibres means you can use this to apply liquid, cream and powder products :) 
This little pride and joy costs only €13.99 and is available to buy on its own or with the rest of the coloured collection which contain 4 brushes the F21, F22, F23 and F24 for €44.99 

Oh my goodness if only you could feel how soft this brush is.  Think feathers no no actually feathers can be scratchy ok think cotton wool, your favourite fluffy jumper or favourite fluffy pet that you like to just hug all the time.  Well this brush is that soft.  The pictures dont lie :) :) 

 You can use this brush to apply your foundation which works amazingly because its angled it can reach everywhere.   You can also use this brush for contouring I particularly like to use this as an everyday contour brush as its soft flexible and blend out my powder bronzer perfectly leaving me looking like my cheeks are fuller and contoured naturally.  
You can use this brush as a blush brush I especially like to use this to blend out my cream blushes because it blend it out evenly and flawlessly.  

There is not one thing bad I can say about this.  It washes amazingly and doesnt loose its shape or fibres.  Its stays soft even after washing and spot cleaning.  Its soft and feels amazing against the skin.  The fact that its a multi purpose brush make it even better but using it to contour works brilliantly as it blends out the harsh lines leaving you with the natural looking contoured face you desire and want 
Go check it out your wont regret it 

I have one more Multi coloured brush to get now and I will have my collection which is the F23 in Royal blue and I cant wait :) :) 
 If you are thinking of purchasing from Blank Canvas Enter "NINA" at the end for a little discount for all my lovely readers
Have you added this brush to your collection?  What is your thoughts on it :) :) 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Leelo R said...

It looks great and seems to be really good brush.

Ebony J Hardiman said...

I seriously need a new contouring brush! (: Great post!

Shannon Boyce said...

Oooh that looks really wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I love this brush too, such great quality and I know what you mean it really is that soft!!

MissGreenEyes said...

It looks gorgeous! I love your nail polish too x

Barbie's Beauty Bits said...

Love great quality brushes! I haven't tried these brushes before. Love all the great colors they have.

Cint Dunne said...

I was lucky enough to win this brush on the BCC facebook page in their Patricks Day competition! Can't wait to try it out!

Cint @ Makeup and Messes xx

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