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Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Hello My beauties I hope you are all well :) 
Today's Review is on one of Garniers Newest products The Miceller Cleansing Water.  
In all honesty I have taken a vow that I will do my best to stay away from anything that can be harmful to my face.  I am not getting any young first of all and secondly in the past 6 months or more I have been suffering very bad with acne all around my mouth and chin area.  It has been so hard to deal with that especially when I am not used to break outs.  As some of you may no when you have break outs and wear makeup some products you use to remove makeup can some how leave your acne looking alot worse.  Some say its makeup and maybe so but I am now convinced that skincare can also be apart of that too.  So I decided to change my skincare routine a little to see will it help and I have to admit It has ALOT.  I barely have any breakouts and I am still wearing the same makeup I wore before.  
So I have been using this little beauty for the past month.  

I have to admit when I first heard about this cleansing water I was very sceptical because A) I have never tried Micellar Cleansing Water before and B) in all honesty going from cleanser & toner to just using this I felt my face would not been 100% clean Was I wrong??? Read on to find out.  

The bottle itself is huge, bigger than any skincare product i have bought before.  You are getting a huge 400mls of product which is supposed to do 200 uses.  I really dont know about that but it surely will last alot longer than some cleansers I have used.  I bought this bottle in Penneys for only €3.50 which was a special offer but normally this retails for just under €5 depending where you buy it from :) 

I am in love with the bottle.  I know its just a simple clear plastic bottle with a pink lid but I like it and it stand out on my dresser :) 

Even though I haven't got Sensitive skin I like to buy skincare products that are suitable for sensitive skin because it means its less harsh on my skin as well as anyone else I use it on.  Plus I like to test out skincare for me and of course for my tween daughter as she has sensitive skin and breaks out alot.  
I like that Garnier Micellar Cleansing water is for everyone include those who have sensitive skin.  Plus its Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested.  
Dermatologically tested means:  basically tested on human skin 
Ophthalmolgically tested means:  Tested around the eye area 
Plus no perfume which means yeahhhhh no stinging or scent :) :) 

Does it does what its claims???
Yes and no but more yes :) 
Normally I would use my mitt to remove the makeup before using cleanser and toner but I tested this on a full face of make-up and I have to say impressed is not the word.  It did actually remove all my make-up I just did what it said to do which as apply the water to a cotton pad and wipe of course I started with the eyes as that's normally where I start and bam in ONE wipe most of my shadow was off the eyes including the shimmer 

After I was finished I was really impressed not a smudge of make-up left even my mascara was gone.  Talking mascara I tried this with waterproof mascara and of course it did need a little more help as I thought but we cant expect miracles it did remove some of the waterproof mascara but not all.  I also tried one day after using this to cleanse and tone my face just to see if there was anything left after using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water and there was nothing on my cotton pads DELIGHTED!!!!
I was even impressed with the fact that I was left with a a normal clean fresh face and not once did it irritate and breakout I had.  In fact since starting to use this I haven't had any new breakouts and my skin has cleared up alot :) :) 
A massive thumbs up to Garnier and to this new favourite skincare product of mine I highly recommend it for sure :) :) Its worth every cent and I will be surely buying a bottle for my daughter as-well :) :) 
Have you tried This yet? 
Whats your thoughts on it ?
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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