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Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs Instant Wash off Tan

Helllloooooo My beauties I Hope you are all well :) :) 
Today I have a new review for you :) :) 
I am excited about this review especially because to be honest I was quite stunned at the outcome of this tan :) :) 
Ok let me tell you a little about it first shall I 
When Marissa Carter Producted her first Tanning product The 1 Hour Tan She designed it for us pasty gals who do not get to see the sun often yet want a natural all over tan thats going to be easy to apply and last up to 5 days.  It became no 1 in Ireland in no time since that Marissa has added more and more different products to her range listening to all our pleas she has managed to to products exfoliaters, moisturisers, night to day tan aww the list goes on.  You think she is finished when boom in comes another new product 
Cocoa Browns Lovely Legs Instant Wash off Tan was released 2 weeks ago for spring and I know for a fact it too is going to become a hit 

Retailing at just €7.99 and is available everywhere now including Cloud10 you are getting 75ml of product.  The can is much smaller than the 1 hour Tan but ladies dont let the little can fool you.  You might think its a little smaller but boy oh boy this stuff will last you a good few goes believe me.  
Marissa listens to her customers and alot of women where looking for a tanning product that was going to cover up some very familiar problems us women suffer on our legs 
Veins (yes even I have noticed at my age some developing around my feet area) 
Stretch Marks (yes its possible especially around the thighs)
Lumps and Bumps 
Mild Scarring 
psoriasis (what I suffer when stressed and lately I have had a few break outs on my legs)
Lovely Legs is surely the product that will give you the extra coverage to cover most of the above.  
This tan is not a moose type tan like the rest but a spray tan :) 

Luckily the directions are on the back of this because in all honestly I would have sprayed directly to my skin a goodness knows what I would have looked like lol 
Marissa recommends
 Prepare skin for tan by exfoliating with Cocoa Brown TOUGH STUFF in the days leading up to your tan application and moisturising with CHOCOLATE WHIP Oil-Free Body Moisturiser.  (All of which I did do for my night out Saturday night
Shake can for 20 seconds and then spray LOVELY LEGS onto a Cocoa Brown Tanning Mitt and then buff the product onto clean, dry skin. (Check)
LOVELY LEGS will wash-off with warm, soapy water.
As with all instant wash-off tans, colour may transfer onto light clothing. ( in which I totally forgot about the night I came home and yes I can verify it does transfer onto your nice clean WHITE bed sheets lol but I can also verify the tan comes of without staining in the wash not a mark on my white sheets :) 
LOVELY LEGS can be used by itself for a medium bronze glow or layered over Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN, for a darker look. 
So do you want to see the before picture before I go any further 
I actually thought I legs were tanned as I was well proud of them as I got a lovely colour in the summer last year and it lasted this long but as soon as I put The Lovely Legs Instant Wash off Tan to my legs I was shocked.  My goodness me amazing!!!!! 
I did exactly what it said spray onto mitt and buff into the skin.  Go easy girlies because you will be shocked with just how little this product takes to do your legs.  
Within a few minutes both your legs are bronzed up and ready to go I couldnt believe my eyes when I looked in the mirror at my legs Hello Sexy Legs !!!!!!
Here is the before and after together just to show you the difference The picture is taken with flash (You can click on the photo for a closer look 

Totally amazing and takes little time and effort to achieve!!!!!
I do recommend you apply the 1 hour Tan The Darker shade or the Night and Day Tan to match up with the Lovely Legs :) :) 
What I notices about my legs on Saturday night as the light shown on my legs was a beautiful golden glow so I rubbed my finger on my leg and looked at my finger tip and bam it was like a highlight 
I just thought to myself at that moment Marissa you are a genious She was thinking healthy looking instant tanned legs that are going to stand out in photos when she made this product and thats exactly what you are going to get :) :)  I posted up a picture on saturday night to give you all a sneak peak of how my legs looked when I was out and I was sitting under a light can you see the golden glow :) 
10/10 of this again Cocoa Brown has yet another product your girlies just have to try out Honestly you will not turn back :) :) 
Amazing and So easy to take off in the shower.  Plus yes it is waterproof as I was splashed a few time with people pushing and shoving with their drinks in their hand Saturday night and not one splash mark was on my legs :) LOVE IT !!!!! THUMBS UP AGAIN MARISSA

Have you tried this yet ??? 
Let me know if you have and what you think of it :) :) 
Until Next Time Lot of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Barbie's Beauty Bits said...

I wonder if this is in the states> I'm going to look for it.


Fiona Naughton said...

Wow Nina, your legs look fab after using this! I got this last week but have yet to give it a go, I've been using the Gradual Bronze and am so far really impressed, can't wait to use my Lovely Legs now :)

Fiona @

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