Saturday, 29 March 2014

PowderPocket Box March 2014

Hello my beauties 
Its that time again :) :) 
My 3rd box arrived to my door and of course I was super excited to open it up.  If you remember Last months box I was kind of meh about it as I suppose I got my hopes up too much about the fact that Maryln Monroe was on the front of their magazine and I was think makeup and all sorts but according to you guys out there the box looked fine and you were impressed with what I got :) :) 
I have to admit since Then I have used the product I got and was quite impressed especially with the Body Shop Shea Shower cream mmmm it smells good :) :) 
The Jessica Brilliance Top Coat I use every time I use polish and find it surely makes my nails look super healthy and shiny. 
Ok so Enough about last months and more about this months :) 

Well Let me tell you know I am more excited this month about the box Superrrrr Excited :) 
Why??? Read on ;) 

I have to say one thing I love about getting the PowderPocket is the little Magazine even though its little there is always a good read in it .  So Now we know what this box is based on lets get started :) 

I know I know Exciting already hehehe 

Water Wipes - Sensitive Make-up Remover Wipes:  Retailing at €3.49 per pack.  We Got a Full pack of these yeeeee.  Ok we all do it or did it hand up I did and sometimes do too.... Using facial wipes to remove our makeup and sometimes it can feel hard on our skin.  Why does it feel that way?  Well everytime we use a facial wipe we are taking a layer of skin off our faces that is not ready to be removed so that why or skin feels tight or red or we even get that stinging feeling.  Thats why they advise us not to use them.  I was even told that the hospitals are banning baby wipes which means you can not pack them in your bags when you are prepping for birth.  Unless they are water wipes.  I was so glad to see these in the box for two reasons 
1.  Water wipes are suppose to be perfect for everyone even new born babies and now they have made some for us beauty geeks 
2.  This is a 100% Irish owned brand yeeeeee I love it :) 
I will be doing a review on these soon :) :) 

Lavera - 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash:  Retailing for 200mls (full sized) €6.42.  This is said to be suitable for the whol family because it is Certified Vegan which mean 100% organic.  Its said to effectively cleanse the hair and body without the use of synthetic ingredients and para-fens.  With ingredients like Organic Lemon Balm and Calendula Extracts its said to help keep the skin soft and hair manageable leaving a refreshing fragrance.  
The fragrance definitely smells organic, it kind of reminds me of T3 oil only milder.  I will look forward to using this one :) 

Ghost Fragrance Sample:  Retailing at €34 full size.   This actually smells divine.  I am sure alot of you have sampled this already in your local pharmacies but it will be nice to sample this little beauty a few time to see how long it lasts and how it smells against my skin.  Its stated to have become a modern day classic.  This might become permanent on my dresser we will have to wait and see :) 

Ginvera BB Cream - Retailing at €21 for 25 mls:  I have to be honest me and BB Creams don't get on at all.  I have tried a few in my lifetime and they have either came out too orange or made me look sick.  So Sampling this one will be interesting.  This BB Cream has come all the way from Singapore.  Its enriched with premium Green Teas, Ginseng, Chinese Angelina and Hyaluronic Acid.  It claims:  They provide the benefits of Blemish Free Concealing, Sun Block Effects, moisturising and reduction of lines.  To be honest there is not enough in this tube to make your mind up about it I think maybe one go and thats it.  That's not enough for me to part with €21 

Shiseido - Perfect Rouge Lipstick:  Retailing at €27 full sized (we got full sized )  Claiming A creamy lipstick that provides intense moisture and treatment effect with all day colour and radience.  Finish:   Rich colour with silky radiance all day hydration to treat dry or damaged lips.  Provides Glamorous full lip effect, smoothes on easily to disguise lies and roughness and colour fade technology guarantees the colour stays true all day long.  Hmmmm alot of promise there :) Cant wait to try it (Well actually I wore it all day yesterday so will have a review up soon ) 

Well that's it Now you can see why I am super excited about this box.  2 Full sized products in it.  Then of course a make-up product.  Its a box of goodies I am already playing with.  Look at that lippy wowzer.  The fact I paid only €15 for this box but just with the 2 full sized products alone I got double my moneys worth and more :) 
Well if you are check out the PowderPocket website where they offer a plan 
Monthly plan is €15 including postage 
6 monthly plan is €75 including postage where you receive you box per month for 6 month that includes a free box 
12 monthly plan is €150 including postage where you receive your box per month for 12 months that includes 2 free boxes 
Have you got your box yet?
What's your thought on it :) 
Until Next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Christine said...

I really like the look off that lipstick, it's pretty :-)

Love, Christine♥

Sarah Dora said...

its really cool that you got a full size lipstick! At first when I saw your pictures I thought the box was a bit lame with what I thought were baby wipes but its cool that they're proper- never even heard of them. Its a pretty bad sign if hospitals are banning baby wipes and people use them on their face! Even though you (and I both) hate bb creams its cool that you got to try a proper Asian one!

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