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Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Blush in Natural

Hello My beauties I hope you are all well today :) 
Ever since I can Remember I have been always wanting to try out Physician Formula Product and luckily since been in the blogging world I have met some really great American Friends who have been more than happy to send me products I can not get here. 
Late Last year i got involved with with a makeup swap and one thing in particular I asked the person for was some products from Physicians Formula especially the Sexy Booster Sexy glow blush which was release in Spring of 2013.  I have read so many great reviews about it and needed to try it for myself.  The shade I really wanted to try was "Rose" as it looked amazing but unfortunately it was all sold out at the time and is actually the hardest blush to get because of its popularity.  I still wanted to try it out so I asked for the other shade that its available which is "natural" I really really could not wait to get my hands on it and when I did I was certainly in Awwwwww 
Just look at that packaging isnt it to die for ???

Some of you might not have heard of Physicians Formula but let me tell you it is one of the most popular brands in America, Australia etc.  This makeup brand might as well be listed in the organic line because it was actually created by a man named Dr Crandall who was an eminent allergist.  He created a line of cosmetics especially for his wife who suffered with sensitive skin and since then never looked back.   At the moment this brand is only available to certain countries like America, Australia, Turkey, France, South Africa, Mexico and so on but not yet available to Ireland, UK, Italy etc .  I will not lose out in hope that some day it will too be available to us because right not as of from last week Wet N Wild has hit the Irish Stores and is already booming with custom so fingers crossed.  

Ok I have to begin by talking a little about the packaging because in all fairness it deserves it :)  I know packaging isnt a great deal to alot of people but we all have to admit it helps too doesnt it.  The packaging is amazing I am hooked already and want the whole lot from the 2 blushes to the bronzers that are also in this range.  
I will not bore you with chatting and just show you the packaging to judge for yourselves :) 

Wait there is more!!!!! While you are drooling over the pictures above let me allow you to drool a little more by showing you the inside of this fantastic box of joy.  

Sexy isnt it??? As you can see there is two sides to this little box one side containing the blush and the other containing a hidden mirror and brush to apply.  Both lids held shut with a magnet :) :)   Now with this blush retailing at just $11.95/€8.74/£7.24 it makes it well worth it for the packaging alone :) But of course it would help knowing how the blush is too I hear you see well let me tell you about that now 

The blush itself is made up of 3 different shades.  There is one main shade and the other 2 shades make up the fabulous designed stiletto.  I actually found it hard to swatch this because i wanted this design to last :) .  
Starting with the main shade which is the one you see the most of this is a very light pinky sort of highlight shade.  This is too light for me to use on its own.  I like to use this for a highlight with my more intense matte pink blushes I have in my collection and it works beautifully.   

The Stiletto itself is a darker coral pink shade and the heel has a silver mark on it but disappears after a few uses in fact I don't really notice anything coming from the silver heel apart from design purposes 

As you can see by the second swatch the blush is a little on the powdery side which believe me if you use a heavy hand with your brush will make a mess.  Using a light hand is more than enough for application.  I do find this blush very sheer to begin with as I am not the palest of people so swirling the brush around the blush brings the two shades together and gives a very light coral pink finish but the fact that it is shimmery means the more you apply to the cheeks the more shimmer applied so if you are like me you are better off opting for a different shade blush like "rose".  "Natural" is more for paler skinned ladies :) :) 

I have been using the blush myself at the moment but applying the darkest shade to my cheeks and its stunning.  it gives a beautiful natural finish with shimmer.  If you have dry skin or very large pores you might want to give this blush a miss as the shimmers will enhance that.  
I do like the finish of the blush and it will be fantastic for the summer time to give a beautiful healthy glow I would love to get my hands on "Rose" As I know that shade will be perfect for me.  The scent of the blush is beautiful its hard to pin point what the scent is but it sort of smells like vanilla :)  
i know for a fact that I will use this blush more at night when I am going out and when I know alot of photos will be taken because the glow this blush gives is amazing.  I cant wait to get my hands on the "rose" shade as summer is approaching and I know its going to look fab for that.  
In this photo I am wearing a "natural" lightly on the cheeks 

Overall I think the shade is what I had more of a problem with rather than the blush.  The packaging, the brush, the blush itself is great apart from the fact you have to use a light hand unless you want a powdery mess.  The Blush is so soft and gentle and the fact that its shimmer doesn't feel grainy whatsoever.  The scent is beautiful and the packaging is amazing.  For the price I really think its worth a try just be careful when choosing the shade.  
Have you tried this blush yet? What's your thoughts on it :) 
Until Next time 
Lots Of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and

every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Alice Furlan said...

the packaging is really gorgeous!! too bad for the blush itself i guess :(
nice to see such honest reviews!!!

Blush and Barbells said...

I think that shade looks great on you, perfect for no-makeup-makeup days.
Physicians Formula really is a nice brand. Their mascaras are pretty good too.

Nina s said...

Alice Thanks for you comment hunny :)

Blush and Barbells Thanks baby girl I have not tried their mascaras yet but might yet :)

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