Sunday, 23 February 2014

Inglot Gel Eyeliner in #77 Review

Hello My beauties I Hope you are all well :) 
Ever since my beloved Catrice Gel Eyeliner was taken off the market (in which I still to think to this day is so so wrong) I was lost as I had no idea where to look next to replace my love for my catrice gel liner.  With Catrice their gel liner was super black, long lasting , smudge proof and most of all had a matte finish.    
I remember at the last Inglot Launch I was at,  I noticed one of the lovely ladies had stunning eye make-up done and one thing in particular I noticed was her eye-liner !!! Oh my goodness black is not the word it was super super black and looked stunning I asked her what eye-liner she was wearing and She showed me this eye liner I just had to get it.  Ok it was alot more expensive than the Catrice one but she stated I would use less and the pot would last me a long long time so I decided to give it a shot :) 
The Inglot Gel Eyeliner cost €15 per 5.5g of product 

The good news is these gel eye liners comes in a wide range of shades from yellows to oranges to whites to blacks you will be amazed.  I have to tell you now without a shadow of a doubt this is my holy grail eye liner for sure I haven't looked at another eye liner since I got this one.  I am totally in love and think that €15 is nothing for what you are getting I mean it.  In fact every time I use this eye-liner I smile that's how much I love it.

The packaging is pretty straight forward a plastic jar with a screw on lid but what i love is the cover over the eye-liner which you place over your eye liner each time you use it to keep it intact and keep your liner from drying out :) 

The Consistency of the liner is perfect its not too wet or its not too dry.  I love the Consistency as it gives my enough time to achieve the liner look I want and leave it easier to achieve the look.  You know yourself sometimes you have bad eye-liner day I know I do i still to this day find I spend alot of time perfecting my liner especially when I am doing a cat eye look.  You have literally 5 seconds or more to apply and fix before it dries completely.  I love how it dries into a matte finish and also the fact that its super pigmented.  If you are looking for the blackest of blacks eye-liner You have it here :) :) This is also perfect to use as a base for a smokey eye because it gives you them few seconds to blend out and when it sets IT SETS!!!

Ok I am in love and have place this little beauty on my holy grail list.  Its amazing its lasts all day long no matter if I wear it for 5 hours or if I wear it for 10.  The intensity stays the same and I never need to set it with anything.  Its basically budge proof smudge proof up until you remove it.  I have been caught in rain, have been in hot situations and its never let me down.  The next plus not is that you can also use this in the waterline and yes it stays put all day long too its literally waterproof.  I have sensitive eyes and its never once let me down either.  Removing this little beauty is easy too with eye makeup remover its not at all difficult.  What more do you need ??
I have this eyeliner about 8 months now an I am not even half way through the pot yet plus the constancy is the exact same as when I first bought it.  This is surely a bargain pot I promise you that :) :) 

Have you tried the Inglot Gel Eyeliners yet ?? 
Whats your thoughts on them ?
Until Next time Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


mysteppingstonemedia said...

I love the gel eyeliners from Inglot - they are pretty amazing. I love that they have such a great colour range and I've picked up a few of them in the past. Inglot would be my go to gel eyeliner when I'm looking for them due to price and quality.

PR Fashion Beauty said...

I like how pigmented it is!

Girl Friday said...

This is my favourite gel eyeliner ever!!

Siobhán MakeupForDolls said...

I have heard amazing things about these liners. My go-to one is Clinique's cream liner, it's amazing, but I'm going to have to give this one a go too!!!

Lavanya D'cruz said...

The best eye liner ever. I love it. I haven’t actually tried either of them, but definitely would love to try it. I was looking for articles on inglot cosmetics and I came across yours inspiring read.

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