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BH Cosmetics Special Occasion 39 Color Eyeshadow & Blush Palette

Hello My Beautifuls How are you all today 
My apologies for the lack of blog posts for the past week and half.  My son had to go in for an unexpected operation on Wednesday and its been hectic since.  His operation went well and he is recovering brilliantly.   I have been eyeing this little beauty for some time now and finally got my hands on it.  Its the Special Occasion eyeshadow & Blush Palette by BH Cosmetics 
This beautiful palette retails at only $13.95 which is super affordable for what you are getting :) :) 

The first picture is the amazingly girly packaging and its in my favourite colour :) :) 
The packaging of the palette itself is the same as all the packaging of BH Cosmetics palettes only it has the amazing massive gold writing with a crown design over O :) I love how professional it looks :) :) 
Inside is what's more important and I cant wait to show you all :) :) 

Inside you are getting a big mirror which is also handy for travelling.  

Along with that you are getting 30 eyeshadows and 9 blushes :) what more do you need for a kit for travelling or for over night stays in friends house or basically anything :) :) 
I am in love :) :) You have everything you need for day time and night time looks and of course for special occasions looks too :) :) ;) 
Starting with the shadows :) 

You have an amazing mixture of mattes, satin and shimmery eyeshadows.  From golds, to browns, to purples, to silvers to blacks.  The amount of looks you can create with these 30 shadows is unlimited :) :).I am in love with every last shade and the best thing is each an every last one is as pigmented as each other even the mattes.  Of course the mattes with take some work as all matte eyeshadows do but they are incredibly pigmented for such an affordable brand 

The first row of eyeshadows you have 
  • A shimmery White which is fantastic for highlighting 
  • A Stunning bronze brown shade which has a satin finish oh boy this shade is so soft and creamy it looks stunning on the lid :) 
  • A copper gold which in my eyes is BEAUTIFUL and very creamy I love it 
  • A matte peachy pink a little less pigmented that the first 3 but stunning as a base and lid colour 
  • The next shade is BEAUTIFUL :) a deep matte blackcurrant purple wow the pigmentation is fantastic 
  • This next shade is stunning and reminds me a little of a Mac Eye-shadow called "Club" in fact when I build this shade up it almost looks identical.  Its amazing and can be worn on its own or with some browns whatever you desire.  You are getting a stunning duo chrome shade which has a slight reddish brown base to it and also a light teal/green shimmer I have worn this both dry and wet and wow the effects are beautiful :) 
The Second Row you have 
  • A very sheer light pink shade which is matte and can be used as a blending colour I did find this a little too light for the lid but it is build-able for those no makeup days :) 
  • A Stunning deep bronze brown (a darker version on the 2nd shade on the 1st row) Pigmentation Amazing and gives a beautiful finish 
  • A Deep copper gold (a darker version on the 3rd shade on the 1st row) again the pigmentation is stunning 
  • A Stunning semi-matte burgandy  perfect for the smokey eye looks and wow this shade brings out the green in my eye :) :) 
  • A Deep charcoal grey with silver specks going through it I found this shade a little hard to pick up with my brush it was like as if it was too compressed into the palette.  Using a wet brush really helps and I love the finish 
  • This is a stunning blackened silver perfect for those nights out :)  Its very pigmented 

Now for the 3rd row 

  • A Beautiful Frosty pinky shade perfect for highlighting or simply for a eye opening lid colour 
  • A shimmery copper gold very pigmented and very easy to blend 
  • A shimmery gold perfect for the brown smokey eye looks this too is very pigmented 
  • Another burgundy only a little brighter and 100% matte stunning I love it 
  • A shimmery silver wow this shade is very pigmented and a little goes a long way 
  • This shade is stunning a deep grey with golden shimmers the grey is almost black and the shimmers give a satin finish I love it 
The 4th row
  • This is a sheer brown with a light golden finish :) very pigmented and a perfect lid colour
  • A semi matte chocolate brown.  Very pigmented a lot goes a long way 
  • A stunning medium bronzy brown again very pigmented 
  • A fantastic deep purple wow its amazingly pigmented I am in love 
  • This next colour is very unusual as it is a greyish brown with silver specks Very pigmented and has a satin finish 
  • Lastly the black of course matte this black you have to be careful with as it is a little chalky but very pigmented and very easy to blend 

The last row of eyeshadows are 

  • A Light matte tan shade perfect for blending or for using as a transition colour also 
  • A medium copper brown with tiny specks of silver this one is a little hard to grab with the brush but when used with a dampened brush it works well 
  • A very pigmented golden lime green shade stunning for that pop of colour 
  • A matte medium brown prefect for blending and using as a transition colour
  • A medium grey with silver shimmer pigmented but needs building 
  • and lastly another black with silver shimmers for thoses out in the town looks very pigmented and beautiful 

Over all these eye-shadows are amazing the pigmentation is brilliant and you get plenty to play around with.  You have a great selection of neutral shades for day looks you also have a couple of shadows there for that pop of colour and also have a wide selection of silvers, burgandys and purples and blacks to jazz up your look for night time you can also used the blacks as eyeliners simply use a dampened eye-liner brush and bam you have eye-liners.

  Now for the blushes 
Wow they are just amazing.  They feel smooth and soft.  There is a wide selection of blushes 9 to be exact to choose from and there is a blush there for every skin-tone.  The finish is amazing and you can build them to whatever intensity you desire :) 
You are getting a mixture of shimmery and matte blushes and one highlight which is perfect for anyone who loves their highlighting :) :) 

Overall this palette is amazing for everything.  For makeup artists out there this is a handy little palette for your kit and you have everything you need to do any look you desire.  For people who are trying to start a little collection you have everything from eyeshadows to blushes and even eyeliner as I mentioned above.  The beauty geeks out there who adore palette you have to try this one out believe me you will love it.  I for one am delighted I have added this to my collection of palettes and will surely be recommending it :)  I am having so much fun with this palette and here is a look I created only yesterday using it :) 

Here is the shadows I used and I also used a mix of the 1st and second blush in the middle row on my cheeks :) 

I really hope you enjoyed my review :)  Let me know if you have tried it or thinking of trying The Special Occasions Eye-shadow & Blush palette :) 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Natalie Kay said...

This palette looks amazing, I love how pigmented all the colours are and that orange blush looks divine!!! I wish it was easier to get all of the BH products in the UK!

Barbie's Beauty Bits said...

Thanks for sharing, I'm purchasing this now! I'm not a neutral fan, and I love the dark colors this has & how pigmented it is!


Nataology said...

I've been wanting this palette for a while now, thanks for swatching!

Tania Neff said...

Wow, great variety. So many options!!!!

Jessica said...

OMG!!! This palette is so pretty. It has great color combos that will def create different beautiful looks as long as you know how to mix and match colors. Love the shades that you have used for they are light and seem so natural. Love it!

Neha Shukla said...

Thank you so much for a great review and swatches.. it helped a lot!!

Neha said...

Thank you for a great review and swatches. It helped a lot!!

Stacie Cute said...

I have recently been looking into this palette and this is so helpful!! Thank you so much!! :)) I think I will get it when there is free shipping at the site! Oh and the makeup look you did is so pretty! Great job! ♡

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