Sunday, 9 February 2014

Blank Canvas Cosmetics New F26 Mini Flat Buffer Brush - The Mini F20

Ahhhhh Would you look at the size of it :) The F20 has now got a baby sister the F26 :) :) 
Well Blank Canvas Cosmetics never stops surprising me for sure.  I have many favourite products by them as I am sure you all know at this stage and the F20 is one of them Check out my review here on it.  The F20 is a brush I used every single day as I own 2 of them and I like to apply my foundation with it for a flawless look.  
When the news got out that there was going to be a mini F20 I was super dee dooper excited I couldnt wait to try it.  

This little beauty is part of the HD Face Collection and can be bought for only €12.99.  It is made of small synthetic fibres which is Ideal for Liquid, cream and powder products.  Blank Canvas Says they have designed the F26 with precision in mind :)  If you have a little time on your hand this little brush will apply foundation to the best perfection you want reach every area a bigger stippling brush cant for instance around the nose area, the hair line without actually touching your hair around the ear area etc.  
I use this for concealer alot more than foundation as I find it fits perfectly for the under eye area and also around the nose etc..  I like to apply concealer on my lids due to my lids been discoloured this brush is perfect for that.  I simply place a little concealer on the back of my hand a use the F26 and stipple the concealer to the places I want.  I also Love this brush for my cream blushes.  Some cream & liquid blushes are hard to apply sometimes especially if they are very pigmented but with this brush it makes it alot easier as all you have to do is stipple the blush to the back of the hand to get rid of the excess blush and apply to your cheeks the finish is amazing and so natural.  If you have combination skin like me you will know that there is certain areas you do not want to powder and certain areas you do, for me the areas I like to powder a little is under the eyes around the nose and chin everywhere else I can do without.  With the F26 you can get to those areas easily without touching the rest of your face.  :) 
It really doesnt matter what you use this brush for you are guaranteed a flawless and natural finish be it for your foundation, concealer, blush etc..  This brush is perfect for all.  I know for a fact i will be going back to buy more for different purposes.  If you love the F20 you are going to love the F26 for sure.  
Have you tried this brush yet?  What's your thoughts on it? 
 If you are thinking of purchasing from Blank Canvas Enter "NINA" at the end for a little discount for all my lovely readers I Hope you enjoy 
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Gemma Button said...

These brushes look stunning :) I have such an addiction to brushes, think Real Techniques are my favourite xx

Meg Hodson said...

I love good quality brushes! Great tips.

Visiting from the new Social Group page on FB and following also via FB and GFC.

Have a great day,
Happy Kids, Inc

Heather Nixon said...

I have never tried anything from this brand, it sounds like a great brush x

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

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