Thursday, 30 January 2014

PowderPocket Box January 2014 - My First Box & First Impressions

Hello My beauties :) 
You know I never actually thought I would ever be doing a post about a subscruption beauty box again after Glossybox but as you can see I am.  
I gave up on the Glossybox about a year ago after been Subscribed to them well over a year.  Dont get me wrong there was nothing major wrong with the box but to be honest I wasnt happy with the fact that because Glossybox was based in the UK, the UK people got their boxes much earlier than us and also ended up getting the better products than us.  We would get our boxes in Ireland about 2 weeks after which leave facebook and blogging world riddled with glossybox spoiler posts.  You ended up knowing what you were getting before you even got it which took the fun out of it.  Anyways What I love most about reading other blogs is getting notified about anything new in the beauty world and last month was the first time I ever heard that we in Ireland were going to get a chance to have our very own beauty box wahooooooo music to my ears :)  

PowderPocket is Galway based and was created by the wonderful Rugby player Michael Swift (I know I know I never thought a rugby player would be the first person to start up a Beauty Subscription Box in Ireland) but fair play to him :) :)   PowderPocket has literally the same Idea as any beauty box you will be getting 5 mystery beauty samplers to try out each month with he added bonus that they promise to include at least one Irish brand product in the box I love it :) 
Last months (Decembers) box was their first box and it looked brilliant so I just had to bite the bullet and Subscribe :) 
I got my first box today wahoooo the excitement as I tear open the outer box which is so cute to reveal a black very sturdy box inside with the word Powder Pocket printed in pink I Love it :) 
Also on top was a little magazine type page with plenty to read including the list of products and a little bit about them inside.  Plus there is a part where you see some extracts from some Irish bloggers I think that's brilliant that Powder Pocket are supporting Irish bloggers :) :) 

Now for whats in the box Please if anyone is subscribed and has not got their box yet dont look at it will spoil it :) 
I opened up the box to see a beautiful pink ribbon and a little personalised sticker I love it :) until one of the twins took the sticker off before I snapped it that is :) 

I am sure you have guessed by seeing the magazine that the theme of this months box is about saving our skin.  I was very happy with that as we all know the Irish weather has been horrible all month and of course our skin at the moment need extra TLC because of it.  i know my skin has seen some hard days and even weeks since the cold weather has come in so I was excited to see what we got 

Wow I was already impressed before I took a proper look with what was inside :) Look how neat and tidy the products are in the box and of course the first thing I spot is an Irish brand I love and adore :)  

First up in the box we have the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water Spray which is something I have not tried yet :) The Sample size we got is 50g which I would not really call a sample size because this is going to last a long time.  The full size is 150g and costs €9 to buy :)  What i was more amazed at was the promises of this spray.  It stated that this is more than a skin smoothing water, It is a daily treatment in its own right thanks to its anti-oxidant properties.  It helps sensitive skin irritated by outside factors such as sun and helps skin ageing.  Its so good for the skin that the whole family can use it be it for freshing up your makeup, for soothing redness and burns, fighting iching etc  I am looking forward to trying this out :) :) 

We Got Pixy (Irish Brand Company) Natural Skincare Citrus Spring Soap.  I absolutely love Pixys products and I have actually reviewed quite a few products by them.  This soap I haven't tried yet and I cant wait to do so because the smell is absolutely beautiful.  This states that the Citrus Spring Soap is a melody of zingy uplifting scents from bergamot, grapefruit and orange essential oils, with rich and softening cocoa butter and olive oil to leave your hands and body supple and conditioned.  The full sized price is only €3.99 per slice so it looks like we got a full sized product here :) :) 

Next item we got is from a brand name I have never heard of Lavera which is actually an award winning range of 100% natural and organic skincare and cosmetics formulated for sensitive and delicate skin.  We got the Basis Sensitiv Hand Cream which contains organic almond oil, organic shea butter and organic chamomile extract to soote, protect and hydrate hands.  I love hand creams personally and like trying out new ones as my hands are always suffering as you know at the worst of times I suffer with dermatitis which at times can be sore and embarrassing so I am interested to see how I get on with this little beauty.  The full sized tube of this costs €5.24 but i can tell this sample size will last a while 

Now for the face :) :) We have another brand I have never tried before which is Ginvera.  We are getting the Green Tea Marvel Gel which is supposed to ex foliate, invigorate and illuminate our faces.  The gel stimulates skin metabolism and leave it feeling smooth and soft whilst regulating and balancing oil secretion which is essential in preventing pimples.  i have to say for the past 6 months i have been suffering with acne around my chin area which is purely hormonal so it will be nice to try something for that reason.  As you can see it has alot of promises so I am hopeful.  The full sized tube is €27 hmmm bit pricey but we will see.  The sample size is actually quite small even though it looks big enough when I opened the tube there was very little product in there and i can imagine I will only get about 2 goes of this which in my eyes is not enough to make a decision on weither its good for us or not 

And Lastly I am delighted that there is a makeup product in here :)  Again from a brand I have never heard about :) :) Benecos is said to be a young label with a mission to bring a breath of fresh air to natural beauty and making high quality natural and vegan cosmetics available to all.  NICE!!! As you can see we Got the Natual Kojal Black Eyeliner which has the active ingrediant of Jojoba Oil which is suitable for ones with super sensitive eyes.  I am excited to try this out.  
This is another full sized product which costs €4.66 not bad but will it a no no or a yes yes :) 

Well I have to say I am impressed !!!! and will surely be looking forward to next months box :)  These products look so promising I cant wait to start using them.  So much so I have already started using the hand cream and plan on using the Green Tea Gel tonight :)  I will update you all on how I get on with these products in my next PowderPocket reveal.  I am impressed that we got 2 full sized products in the box and the fact that apart from one product the sample sized are very very generous.  I am also super impressed with the personalised sticker which said "Nina We are here to save your skin" it makes it all more personal I think 
Have you got your box yet?  Are you thinking of subscribing?  
Well if you are check out the PowderPocket website where they offer a plan 
Monthly plan is €15 including postage 
6 monthly plan is €75 including postage where you receive you box per month for 6 month that includes a free box 
12 monthly plan is €150 including postage where you receive your box per month for 12 months that includes 2 free boxes 

Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

I like the idea of these boxes, But I am going to wait a while to see how these carry on....

Not Just Inside - Irish Beauty Blog said...

I have to jump on the PPB bandwagon

Sarah Dora said...

I would love to subscribe to a box but I'm always afraid I'd only ever get dud products (possibly from others experiences with glossybox etc)! Think I'll have to wait for a bit and see how everyone else gets on with their subscriptions for a bit. Glad you liked your box :)

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