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Its Judys Time Eyeshadow Palette by BH Cosmetics review & Surprise ;)

Hello my beauties :) 
I hope you are all well :) Wow 2014 already isnt it cray cray 
Well for my first 2014 Review I have a lovely treat for you :) :) 
I am sure you all know the lovely Judy from Its Judy Time Her Beauty channel is a hit all over youtube and she has some amazing makeup looks reviews and all sorts on it.  She was one of the first Beauty Lovers I watched on Youtube and I havent stopped nor will I ever as long as her videos keep coming.  Awww and thats not to mention her vlog channel which is Its Judys Life.  Years I have been watch her life as she vlogs everyday.  I feel like I know her more than some of my own friends Watching her get married, when she first announced she was expecting watching Julianna grow into a beautiful baby girl and of course hearing them announce they were expecting twins I cant wait to see the Little bundles of joy.  They are a lovely family and a pleasure to watch every single day.  
Sorry I am babbling Anyways When Judy announced she teamed up with one of my favourite online beauty stores BH Cosmetics to create her own eyeshadow palette I was super excited for her.  I knew I had to get my hands on it even before she showed everyone the palette.  I knew she would pick shades that would suit everybody.  
The only down side is that its a Limited Edition and could get sold out any minute that why I was online straight away on the release date to buy :) The Good News Is I have checked the site and they are still available to buy as im sure BH Cosmetics are well stocked up as they always are on LE's. 

First off all let me mention the writing on this palette.  I love the fact its gold and its Judys style of writing the gold makes it stand out even more on the black palette which makes it look like you paid more than it cost.  The palette the light and small near enough the size of the Naked Palette only its not as bulky.  Perfect for travelling and perfect for fitting with you other palette collections.  What I love about it is the lid is well secured with a magnet which means no mess in your bag.  Its handy to open but seals shut with this magnet.  

Now for the inside is nothing but pure beauty and of course a special message for all of us from Judy herself :) This is her all time saying "Natural is Beautiful but makeup is Glam" I love it 

As you can see the palette consists of 12 stunning shades.  All for the beautiful cost of $14.95/€10.99/£9.10 Amazing value for a palette like this.  The one thing I have to add is your are only allowed to purchase one palette per transaction as they are at high demand and also Limited Edition I certainly plan on buying another before they run out completely.  
As stated this palette consists of the perfect neutral shades aswell as jewel toned blues and purples perfect for day time and night time looks.  Not only that but there is the perfect mixture of mattes, shimmers and satin eyeshadows which I love as its perfect for when you need to do a look in a hurry and dont want to be pulling out different palettes for the right shades or for travelling.  
Let me show you these amazing eyeshadows Click on the photo for a closer look at these beauties 

So starting with the top row we have:
  • A brilliant matte highlight cream with a slight pink under tone to it Its a perfect matte highlight and a perfect blending out shade for those harsh lines :) very pigmented for a lighter shade 
  • A perfect transition shade for those blending out moments.  You are getting a nice a light brown shade.  
  • I love this shade and also reminds me of a Naked Palette shade.  You are getting a stunning Satin gold.  It reminds me a little of UD "Smog" only lighter. Very pigmented 
  • Next up is another matte shade this time a lovely red brown shade a perfect crease shade and transition shade.  Another very pigmented shade 
  • This shade is a stunning deep chocolate brown This has a slight red undertone to it.  Stunning shade and one of my favourites very pigmented a little goes a long way
  • Another dark brown this time with gold shimmers a beautiful pigment shade and perfect for a smokey eye look 

Now for the 2 Row
  • Another of my favourites I have to admit and as judy says a perfect romantic shade you are getting a beautiful satin gold with a slight pinky undertone and boy is this pigmented I love it I love how it compliments my eye colour and make the green in my eyes pop
  • Oh boy this next shade is even more pigmented than the one before It is a stunning bronze this is more brown with gold running through a little goes a long way with this beauty 
  • When you look at the pan at this next shade you will automatically think wow a deep burgandy shade well in fact you are getting a a black with burgundy shimmer its beautiful and a perfect shade for night time looks.  I did find you have to be careful when applying this shade as there is some fall out.  
  • Next shade I love Judy for doing this she added a beautiful blue toned purple for those days you want to add a pop of colour to your eyes.  Purple is one of my favourite shades of eyeshadows as it compliments my hazel eyes :) :) This purple has a slight silver shimmer to it and very pigmented 
  • This next one is also for that pop of colour only this time its more blue with purple undertones.  I love how the sunlight makes this shade stand out more :) Very pigmented 
  • Oh my gosh this colour is beautiful a deep royal blue that is hugely pigmented This shade a little tints of silver sparkles but gives a beautiful satin finish 
The above swatches are made with no primer underneath.  I wanted to do one of the looks Judy did herself on her channel using this palette i dont think I did a bad job of it lol Click on the photo for a closer look 

As you can see yourself this palette is stunning.  You have all the colours your need to make numerous looks for both day and night.  I love that each eyeshadow is as pigmented as the other.  They blend amazingly and need very little effort apply.  With a primer they intensity of alot of these shades is amazing and wears all day long.  
I am thrilled I have this palette in my collection as its now another favourite of mine and I will be stocking up before they run out. 
 I also have a little surprise for you all to start off the New Year 
One of you is going to get a chance to win one of these palettes as a treat from me to you :)  All you have to do is comment and tell me Why you love me LMAO Only kidding just tell me What your Favourite colour of eyeshadow is and why???  Plus if you feel like sharing this giveaway you will earn yourself an extra entry but make sure to include a link with your comment 
Please make sure you are a follower also :) :) 

I really hope you enjoyed this review and Until Next Time
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


MaRy Michaela said...

Such an interesting outstanding palete Nina.. Happy new year with my best wishes, I love purple green and blue eyeshadows.... ok and pink for everyday make up//.. fingers crossed..
I have an international giveaway also...feel free to join...

Brittany Elaine said...

I love Judy--I watch her everyday! This palette is absolutely gorgeous! I love that she threw in the purples and blues with all those neutrals!
Brittany's Secret

Karen Hayes said...

is it sad that I always go back to the browns, definitely neutral base and maybe just maybe a splash of colour on the edge

Karen Hayes said...

oh and here's the link to my share xx

Jess | Just Jesss said...

This is gorgeous! I love how it looks on you, so flattering. It's such a good price, too!
I really like gold eyeshadows at the moment but I'm fickle ;)

Jess xo

Barbie's Beauty Bits said...

Great colors! I haven't tried BH shadows, but I've heard they are great!

Barbie's Beauty Bits

Artemi said...

what a beautiful palette!
i love Judy since day one!
She was the one who inspired me to create my own beauty channel :)
Love her vlog channel too.
Hmmm...i must say that i love that deep burgundy color,amazing for a vampy look!

P.S You did a great job re-creating her look! Love it!!

Anne-Marie said...

Fab palette -must check out that site. Love copper colours for blue eyes!

Anne-Marie said...

Fab palette - must check out that site! Love copper shades for blye eyes!

Alison said...

Thanks for your review. My favorite eye shadows are taupes.

Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

Wow, the 2nd colour on the 2nd row (the bronze) is so, so pretty! This is such a lovely looking palette Nina... fingers crossed!

Kerri Whitehouse said...

I love the third colour across on the top row, it looks even better swatched! Its so beautiful!

Sheri said...

Gorgeous palette!
I love taupes :)

mysteries1984 said...

Ohhh, I love copper/gold shades. I think they suit my green/b;lue eyes best. The palette looks great, I can't believe the intensity of the colours :)

@mysteries1984 on Twitter

rjtmisti said...

This palette is so pretty :D I think my favourite colour of eyeshadow would be a deep emerald green, or a purple. I wonder how well both together would work? :P

meredith said...

I really love Amber Rush which is a L'Oreal Infallible shadow. It's perfect on it's own as an allover color or in combination with almost any other color. It looks fantastic with all eye colors too!

Makeup Over Mind said...

Wow, I really wanna get my hands on this! Great review Nina!

Budget Splurge Beauty said...

well I couldn't possibly pick an eyeshadow favorite buuut out of the palette I reallyy love the 3rd and 2nd to last eyeshadows!

Ashley Tiernan said...

My favorite eyeshadow color is purple it really complements my brown eyes and its my favorite color. I love Judy so much I watch her vlogs daily and I would so love this palette it looks gorgeous. :) Thanx Nina for such a great giveaway!

Christine Iversen said...

This palette looks gorgeous! I have always been a big fan off neutral eyeshadows, browns, taupes and champagne shades are my favorites. They go with absolutely everything :-)

dellilah said...

I have fallen for satin gold. Love the fact that its an elegant shade of gold and can be used as a highlighter as well as brow defining color.

Thank you for this chance.
Regards, D

Ruth said...

I really love purples for my green eyes but I tend to use browns and neutral shades most of the time lol

I would so love to win this gorgeous palette! Thank you for the chance xx

I shared on Twitter:

NiamhO said...

I love warm brown shades so this palette would be perfect! Great giveaway!!
I also shared on twitter :

B said...

This palette looks great Nina! My favourite eyeshadows are purple because it's my favourite colour and it emphasises my green eyes. Thanks!

Marian McCarthy said...

Yeah I really really want this!! Amazing giveaway. My favourite eyeshadow colour is probably a rose or peach kind of color. It really makes me blue eyes pop! :)

Nicola Gallagher said...

I love those colours xx Great blog post Nina xx.

lisa prince said...

looks fabulous and the colour you have on actually looks like the one i am wearing today shown in one of my posts i just posted lol, its not from this pallette but it suits you, i love the shimmer purple just because i absolutly love purple and theres nothing i dont like if its shimmery and purple lol , thanks for the post hun x

Paula Tighe said...

Im a neutral/ taupe kinda girl so the majority of colours in this palette are my kinda following your blogs nina. Have bought a good few things on your recommendations x

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