Thursday, 9 January 2014

Blank Canvas Cosmetics F22 HD Dome Face Brush Now comes in Purple !!!!!!!

Hello My beauties How are you all :) 
You may remember me briefly reviewing The F22 by Blank Canvas Cosmetics before but today i had to do a more detailed review because now its available in another colour.  My favourite colour Purple !!!!!!! 
Exciting Right? 
Not only do I love the fact that its now available in Purple but I also love the brush itself even more than I ever did.  Its just one amazing brush that should be in every makeup artist beauty guru and anyone else who loves makeup's collection.  
There is only 2 Brushes I love to use at the moment to apply my foundation and both are by Blank Canvas that is a) The F20 Brush which is a Flat top Brush and b) the F22 which is this one.  
The F22 is a dome shaped brush which is designed to give you a more natural airbrushed finish to your foundation.  I am telling you theres more to this brush than you think.  
It is amazing amazing for buffing out your foundations be it cream, liquid or mineral.  

The Synthetic Fibres are so tight packed in there that the brush does not absorb too much product in which I find with some brushes.  There is nothing worst than using so much foundation and your brush absorbing most of it.  So automatically by using this brush you are saving almost half of your foundation.  Not bad eh?

Dont even get me started on how soft this brush is Ok Ok I am going to tell you.  Close your eyes and think of someone putting a feather to your face think of the comfort it makes you feel and how soft it feels well thats what this brush feels even after washing the softness is amazing which means its perfect for anyone with sensitive skin even my babies love to rub this brush on their faces whenever its clean that is lol.  
This is also the perfect sized blush to apply cream blush I love it for that.  Its also perfect for contouring with because of its done shape it get right under the cheek bone, temples and anywhere else you want to contour easily.  

Over all i highly Recommend this brush to everyone.   For only €13.99 You are getting you moneys worth and more and now that it has 2 different shade my favourite has to be the purple you can easily get two one for your foundation and one maybe for your powders etc :) at least you can tell which is which by the colour :) :) 
Which colour would you pick Black or Purple 

I hope you enjoyed my blog post and thanks so much for reading 
If you are thinking of purchasing from Blank Canvas Cosmetics Enter "NINA" at the end for a little discount for all my lovely readers I Hope you enjoy 
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Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

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Shannon Boyce said...

This brush looks wonderful. I have heard so many great things about Blank Canvas Cosmetics!

Jessica Dearnley said...

Such a pretty makeup brush. I really need to buy more!


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