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Guest Blogger #4: Mane 'n Tail Hair Strengthener Review by Makeup By Dolls

Mane 'n Tail have in their product lineup an advanced daily leave-in conditioning treatment which claims to provide essential protection to help achieve longer, stronger, healthier looking hair and in addition, act as a protection layer preventing heat damage from hair straighteners and hair dryers.  
According to Mane 'n Tail, this product purports to nourish and repair, help prevent split ends, protect hair from heat and chemical styling and provide moisturizing and conditioning.  Forumulated with no alcohol, it is also meant to be safe for all hair types.

How should you use it?
According to the instructions, the product needs to be applied sparingly, the suggestion is to apply to your hands and run your hands through your hair, varying the amount according to your hair length and thickness.  It is a leave-in treatment, so it shouldn't be rinsed out.

What kind of hair I have:

It is probably considered distressed and damaged from a lot of colouring, and re-colouring, and stripping, and different colouring.  My own hair is thick, naturally almost black.  Its current incarnation sees it as ombré blonde tips up to dark blonde roots, but in about 15 years it has seen every shade of shade of blonde, brown and red imaginable.  It's extremely long.  It's dry.  It gets a lot of TLC in terms of expensive products to keep it looking better aesthetically than it is in actuality :-)

What I found:
First time, first use, meh.  Disappointing.  I used it as advised - sparingly, and applied to my hands instead of my hair.  I didn't use my usual de-tangler or my usual leave-in treatment conditioner.  I found that my hair was harder to blowdry than usual, the very ends (by far the dryest part of my hair) were dry, knotted and difficult to comb through while blowdrying.  How-and-ever, and importantly, I got an extra day out of my hair before having to wash it.  Interesting.  And when I actually washed my hair, it felt smoother and silkier as I was washing it.  Also interesting.

I love Mane 'n Tail products, so I wanted to give it another go, so I bore with it for another couple of uses.  Second use?  I sprayed it very very liberally, drenched the ends completely and utterly until they were literally dripping, and this time around, my hair blowdried much easier;  no knots, no dry and ratty ends dragging through my brush.  And again, I got a day longer than usual out of my hair before washing it.  And again, when I washed it, it felt silky as I was washing it.  The third time, I did the same thing again, drenched it completely, and it was the same - worked fine, dried fine, felt fine.  Happy days.  It doesn't leave my hair feeling as silky as my previous leave-in treatment, but the difference in finish is genuinely minor enough.

Do I recommend it?
Yes, most certainly - however I think that it might be a good idea to ignore the whole "apply sparingly" instruction - use a LOT of this stuff, especially if you have dry or chemically treated hair, and it will do a REALLY good job.  It works as a great de-tangler.  It works as a great protectant for heat styling.  It works as a great leave-in treatment.  What it won't do is replace any oil/serum you might have previously used on any severely dry ends, but I'll personally never give up my serum, I just love it too much!  Priced at €12.85 for 178ml however, this is a great alternative to much more expensive equivalents.  And much more find-able in most pharmacies these days.  Look here for more info
Thanks so much to Siobhan for taking part I really enjoyed this read and might actually go out there and try this :) :)
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