Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My Experiences with PhotoBox

Hello my beauties How are you all :) 
Wow I woke up this morning and seen the most beautiful sky I have ever seen in a long time.  I look out the window and see the sun rising but the sky is filled with a beautiful colour of orange yellow and red not only that but see the trees and grasses and house covered in frost.   What an amazing view and a perfect picture moment.  On that thought I ran for my phone and took some photos you just have to capture these moments dont you :)  
I for one love to take photos.  I am a little obsessed with it to be honest.  I have 5 children after all and want to capture everything.  I have to admit it when I was born my mum did not have a camera and I dont have many photos of myself as a child.  I have never even seen a photo of myself as a newborn which I have to admit is sad, so I think maybe that is why I have thousands of photos of my children lol.  They will thank me when they are my age I think.  
The worse thing about been obsessed with taking photos is you want to get all of them printed out which can be very pricey.  Its sort of heart breaking not to get the photos you are proud of printed out due to not been able to afford it or getting one particular photo enlarged big enough to fit over the fireplace etc.  This is where PhotoBox comes in :) :) 

I first heard about the PhotoBox website about 3 years ago where i got an email about a deal.  If you signed up to the website you could make a calender for only 99c at the time.  So I thought I would try it out.  When I received the calender I was absolutely amazed I had my own personalised calender with photos of my family on it :) plus i was able to enter birthdays on the calender while designing it.  So I went back onto the site and ordered more copies for my family for Christmas and they were delighted with them.  
At the moment PhotoBox is doing a deal of 60% off Calenders so I strongly advise you all to give it a go :)  

From then on I have been using this site for everything including Post prints oh wow the poster prints.  We always have the fear when a photo is enlarged unless done by a professional will not look as good as the photo taken.  Which is what I feared the first time I ordered mine.  I felt that the quality of the photo would lessen the bigger the poster I ordered.  
Poster prints come in 16 different sizes yes 16.   The smallest size been 14" x 11"  £5.49 to the biggest bee 45" x 30" £24.99  :)   I first went with the size 20" x 16" which cost £10.16 oh my goodness I was totally amazed at the quality of the photo and how thick the photo paper was.  The poster print comes in a huge thick tube which protects the photo and keeps it from damage even if its dropped.  I was that impressed I went back and order a little bigger for my dad's christmas present.  And then I took the chance at the new year and ordered a whooper 40" x 30" Poster Print which I have to say is AMAZING and HUGE!!!! 
a massive thumbs up for the poster prints too :) :) 

I could go on forever about what this site can offer and the crazy affordable prices they offer but you would fall asleep haha above is some of what the site offers which is literally everything you can think of and more :) :) 
They do the most incredible deals too which is an extra bonus because even without the deals this site is super affordable. 
 For example at the beginning of the New Year they done an amazing deal I just could not resist.  If you spent £100 on anything on the site you got 50% off so I ordered 1239 6" x 4.5" prints of my photos I had saved on my computer, plus 2 personalised mugs with a photo on it and  a 40" x 30" poster print and it only cost me after 50% was taken off plus postage which was only €17.47 altogether €68.64 An AMAZING deal 
Not only that but you also get emails when your items are posted out, a tracking number and of course sign for delivery.  I am amazed with the speedy delivery they offer too.  They offer delivery to everywhere in Europe and also offer international shipping :) :) 
Customer service is absolutely brilliant too if you have any questions at all they get back to you straight away 
I just had to give this company a review because I am so well impressed with the services they offer and the fact that they treat their customers like royalty not only that they provide the best possible quality items at cheap prices.  
I really could go on forever about Photobox but I think you get the idea I LOVE THEM and will forever turn go to them for my photo prints and of course they have a blog in which they show you ideas in how to improve your photography and keep you updated with everything to do with their site :) 
All you have to do to get your prints is upload your photos to the site and then order what you want.  They also print out your instagram photos and you can even print out your photos from your facebook page.   I also recommend you check out their advice section before ordering where they tell you what to do and how.  
Have you ever tried this site before.  
I hope you enjoyed this review 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

Disclaimer:  I am in no way linked with this company nor am I getting anything for doing this post.  I am simply sharing my experiences to you all so you know what to expect :) :)  

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jess | Just Jesss said...

I've had standard prints from Photobox before and not been hugely impressed with the quality, the images have looked quite grainy compared with the actual photos I've taken. That was five or six years ago though I think, so maybe it's time to give them another shot! The posters sound fab :)

Jess xo

lisa prince said...

the amount of emails i have had from these in my spam box lol, its just daft, x

Zoe Lianne said...

my sister ordered a mug from them and it arrived so quickly, it was lovely too! x

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