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My Beauty Swap With Loevens Makeup Rambles 2015

*Loevens makeup rambles*
Hello Beauties I hope you are all well :) 
I have been sick most of this week but getting there now thank goodness there is nothing worse than been sick when you are a full time mum and blogger :)  You feel so useless and worried about what you are not getting done rather than getting better.  Anyways today is a different kind of blog post as you can tell by the title ;) 
Rikke from Lovevens Makeup Rambles and I have become good friends through facebook and through each other reading our blogs and we got chatting before Christmas about doing a Swap.  I was delighted to take part as its not that often you get that oppurtunity and to be honest I was curious about product from Denmark.  We agreed to take our time building up a collection for our swaps and shared information about our likes and dislikes.  We also agreed to a value excluding postage to spend on products :)  So In february we were ready to send our boxes of goodies to each other and to be honest our packages didnt even take that long to get to our destinations :)  
Rikke is such a sweet girl and to be honest I had 100% trust in her.  I wasnt even worried that she would send me items I wouldnt use as she seemed to listen  to everything I liked and disliked.  
I recieved my box first but decided I would wait until she got hers as I was a couple of days behind posting her box to her.  
The day she got hers was the day I opened mine :) 
Well I can tell you now she was one very very happy little lady with what I sent her so much so she even blogged the day she got them lol :) 
If you want to see what I got her check out her blog post here :) 
So Enough with the rambling and let me show you what I got :) 
When I first opened the box I was well impress with the way everything was put together all wrapped in bubble wrapping individually with a little note on each goody on top of all the goodies was some lovely different food stuff yummy :) hehehehe
Love me some new sweets ;) 
Along with that was a lovely little letter from Rikke :) underneath the sweets I spotted some lovely little samples to try out Thanks Rikke :) 

Next up was my favourite part :)  Opening up all the goodies she sent me :) First up was a personal favourite of Rikkes :)  An L.A Colors eyeshadow palette which I am looking very forward to trying out :) 

Next she got me something she just got herself and suggested we try it out together which is very exciting :) 
Another L.A Colors Eyeshadow Palettes :) 

She got me a new foundation I have not tried yet by Gosh and I am pretty sure the shade is the right shade too :)  I am really looking forward to trying this out :) 

I have seen a blog post by Loevens Makeup Rambles about this next product and I am so glad she added one to my box as I have bee curious to try it out :) Its the L.A Glazed Lip Paint :) 

Next product is actually a product I haven't tried and order a few shades of it recently I am super excited that I now have another shade to my little collection :) plus its a favourite of Rikke's so I'm even more excited to try them out now :) 

Next up is a new mascara for me :)  This time by Gosh in which I havent tried :)  

When I seen this next product I screeched out loud.  i have always wanted to try something if anything from Sephora.  Sephora is not available here but I have seen so many people rave about Sephora :)  She sent me a holy grail of hers from Sephora :)  I really cant wait to try this out :) 

Rikke sent me another favourite of hers and when I opened it my eyes opened wide wow the shades look stunning Another Gosh product :) :) :) 

Next up is a recent favourite of Rikke's and I know straight away where she heard about this product :) ;)  Correct me if I am wrong Rikke.  Dyna girl you have us both hypnotised by your Videos Girl!!!!  This is One of Dyna's Favourite Concealers and I have recently ordered this myself :)  Rikke sent me a shade I didn't order so I am super excited to try this out for the first time :) 

Another Sephora Product and time time a scent :)  Its one of Rikkes Favourite scents :)  I personally am very fussy when it comes to perfumes but this is actually lovely its mild yet a scent that will linger all day :) 

Oh my goodness Rikke was surely trying to tease me on this next one by writing "Could this be from Sephora?" lol :) I really couldnt open the package fast enough :)  A New Lippy 

Next up is such a sweet thing for Rikke to do She knew that this month is my birthday and she added a little Birthday package along with everything :) Of course my Birthday is not until the end of the month and I just wasnt waiting to see what it was :)  I liked the look of this palette so much i just had to try it out today :)  

Last but not least :) 
Is another lippy this time by Gosh :)  

Rikke also sent me a couple of products that did not work out for her.  She asked me before she sent them to me if I was interested in trying them and of course I said yes.  Such a sweet and loving person Rikke is and I am so glad I got this chance to do a swap with her.  I found it so much fun.  Thank you Rikke I love everything and I am going to have so much fun playing around with my new makeup products :) 

If you all get a chance pop over to Rikkes blog as she does some really great reviews :) :) 

Until Next time and keep an eye out for some new product reviews :)  If you have seen anything here you would like me to review asap let me know :) 

Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Loevens said...

Wow! I'm so glad you liked it :) Actually the concealer seems to be every youtubers favorite hehe, so after hearing about it from everyone for a year, I decided that we needed to try it. I'm so glad that you like what I sent and I can't wait to see reviews. Your post is so detailed and well put together. hehe mine was all over the place, but so was I that day ;) Thank you Again for this lovely swap. I had so much fun.


Laura - Alagoz said...

Wow that's a lot of stuff :) Beauty swaps are so much fun! xx

Pink Frenzy

Jessica Dearnley said...

I love beauty swap posts :) it looks like you got so many wonderful items.x

Christine said...

Oh my gosh, she got you so many amazing things! I just ordered that LA Girl concealer and I can't wait to try it out, have heard lovely things about it :-)

- Love, Christine ♥
Makeup, Beauty & Fashion

Shannon Boyce said...

I am glad you are starting to feel better! And wow, what an amazing range of products. Lucky you to get to try them all out. That is super exciting.

Laura Ferry said...

This is such a lovely idea and you received some lovely things. I hope you both love the eyeshadow palette xxx

Nafisah Atcha said...

I have my eye on a Milani lipsticks! xxx

Olivia Thristan said...

Wow this is such an amazing beauty swap, I am so jealous!! :)

Jess | Just Jesss said...

I love beauty swaps, they're such a great way to try new products!! The GOSH foundation is fab, I hope you like it :)

Jess xo

beautyqueenuk said...

OOh that is a great swap and I adore the GOSH Lip Shine forever x

Rida Khalid said...

WOW! such great things!

Michelle K said...

Wow you got so many fantastic things! And the chocs look great too xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

GetSetBlush A said...

How I wish I find somebody to swap a beauty box with..
Rikke is really a sweetheart <3

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