Monday, 16 March 2015

Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette Review & Swatches

Hello Beauties :) I hope you are all well :) 
You may remember I have already reviewed Coastal Scents Revealed 1 & 2 palettes in the past and absolutely adored them :)  I still to this say reach for them :)  The Revealed 1 & 2 are supposed to be dupes of the Naked 1, 2 and 3 but to be honest I never really compared them to the Urban Decay palette because I felt I didnt need to as I just fell in love with the colours of each and the pigmentation of course :)  The fact that you can get 20 shades of eyeshadows per palette for only $19.95 is a bargain in itself never mind having amazing eyeshadows to choose from :)  If you didnt see any of these posts Check out my Revealed 1 and Revealed 2 palette reviews first before reading on.  If you are interested in these palettes at least you will have an idea of which one will suit your needs :) :) 

Well when I heard that Coastal Scents was releasing yet another Revealed palette I just had to jump to the chance of trying this beauty out after all the first and second one never let me down so this one couldnt right?!  or could it ?  

Like the first & second palette this comes in a handy little box which looks exactly like the palette itself only it has a picture of the palette in the back of the box.  The palette itself is really slim and lightweight which is always handy for travelling or even handier for storing in your drawer.  The lid of the palette is held closed by a magnet I love that :) What I love more about this palette is the front writing on it :)  The Reveal3d part is pretty cool :) 

As mentioned above there are a selection of 20 shadows altogether a nice mixture of shimmers and matte which is always handy for travelling or doing your makeup in hurry as you are not looking for different palettes with different shades :) 
As you have probably noticed there is a nice selection of berry, purple, golds and browns in this which is always nice to see in a palette like this and I especially got excited about the purples because they are my most favourite eyeshadow colour :) :) 
So lets get started on the shades :) 
  1. Shade 1 is a nice matte gone off white which is super pigmented and works great for a brow bone or inner corner highlight 
  2. Shade 2 is another matte this time a nice peach shade which is also perfect for the brow bone or inner corner :) 
  3. Shade 3 I thought would be a great transition shade which of course is but to be honest if you are pale skinned you might find this a little dark to use as a transition colour :)  This is a nice pigmented matte medium brown shade a little goes a long way with this :)  Its soft and very blendable 
  4. Shade 4 is our first shimmer a golden peach which is handy for the lid but I did find you need to pack this on to get a decent amount of pigmentation so expect to spend a little time on this one :) but once applied looks amazing :) 
  5. This is a nice satin medium brown with golden shimmers but the shimmer gives a satin finish :)  this is very pigmented and soft.  Stunning.  I do have to say this can get a little chalky and you will experience fall out if you do not tap off your brush 
  6. A Beautiful deep shimmery gold.  Again another pigmented shade and very buildable :)  
  7. A Beautiful deep satin Burgundy wow this shade is amazing.  it has tiny golden shimmers in it but once blended out this shade looks more matte than satin :) I love using this in the crease as a pop of colour especially when wearing neutrals :) 
  8. A Bright shimmery baby pink again has little shimmers in it but could pass off as a matte :)  This is another shade that has to be built up before you get decent payoff with it especially if applying this on the lid :) 
  9. This is like shade 7 only darker and more shimmer in it :)  A stunning shade and very very pigmented.  This is a little chalky and you will have some fallout but a little goes a long way with this shade 
  10. This shade is amazing and very very pigmented :)  A Deep dark brown with beautiful red and gold shimmers :)  a little goes a long way but be warned you will have fall out with this and because its a darker shade you are best doing your eyes first with this one.  Even after tapping my brush with this I found there was still fall out :) 

Next row :) 

  1. Shade 1 This is absolutely stunning and probably one of my favourite shades :)  a deep purple with tints of gold and red shimmers :)  This has a satin finish and is very pigmented and easy to work with :)  
  2. This is another purple but leaning more toward a brown with tints of purple :)  This unfortunately is another shade that needs work it need building up before you get any benefits from it :)  its also chalky which means your will experience fall out 
  3. This is one shade I was super excited about trying.  In the pan it looks like a light purple but when swatched and looked closely you can see hints of red and gold shimmer which is very unusual as I have never tried a shade like this.  I was a little disappointed as it wasnt as pigmented as I thought and if you use this dry you will find that you have to pack this shade on alot before you get any use out of it.  I have used this with a damp brush but still found it was less pigmented than I wanted it to be 
  4. This is a light shimmery pink with tiny shimmers.  It has a satin finish and is stunning once packed onto the lid.  Its a little chalk again so patting motions are essential but again a lovely bright lid shade :) 
  5. A Shimmery taupe light in pigmentation but once packed on gives a nice colour payoff :) 
  6. A deep golden brown and another favourite in the palette.  Its highly pigmented and works well in the crease, outer corner and even on the outer V.  Theres a but of course!!!  This shade is extremely chalky which mean if you do not use this shade with a light hand you are going to have major fall out even when tapping off your brush.  Its messy so make sure you apply your eye makeup before your foundation if planning on using this shade.  It blends well and does look stunning on the eyes 
  7. A Deep shimmery gold.  You may think that this is like the gold on the first row but it isnt.  The gold on the first row is more of a yellow gold this one isnt as yellow.  Again this shade need packing on the lid before you get the intensity that you want but looks stunning when applied 
  8. A medium taupe perfect for a transition shade its cool toned so its perfect for anyone with light skin tone.  
  9. A Very deep dark brown with purple undertones.  This has some shimmer to it but once applied to the eyes you barely notice the shimmers :)  This is very pigmented but also quite chalky so again you have to be careful with fall out :) 
  10. This did look like a black to me in the pan but when I swatched it, it was more of a dark charcoal with silver shimmers.  It could pass off as a black but I have worked with the darkest of blacks before :)  its a very pigmented shade and again chalky so handle with care. 

Now for my honest opinion :) 
I have to admit my excited was a tad bit distinguished once I started swatching as I was a little disappointed with how chalky these eyeshadow were compared to the other 2 palettes by coastal scents.  I also noticed that even though this palette has a wide variety of shades in it, first time users of eyeshadows might find it hard to create looks from this palette.  The shades are a little all over the place as a sense on shades complimenting each other like the first 2 palettes.  I have created a couple of looks in which are pretty easy to create.  The first one is more for day time :) 

Starting with the top row shades 
I used the 1st shade as a browbone highlight.
I used the 3rd shade as a transition shade deepening it more in the crease and outer V 
To blend out the 3rd shade I used a little of the 7th shade as a pop of colour in the crease and a little above :) 
From the 2nd row 
I use 7th shade on the lid stopping 3/4 way outwards :)  
I also deepened the outer V with a little of the 6th shade :)  
I wanted a little brightness in the inner corner so I added a little of the 4th shade on the 1st row.  
I hate that these shade have no names so I diagrammed the look to make it easier for you to see 
I also created a very easy smokey eye that would be suitable for a night time or day time :) 

I used the 1st shade as a brow bone highlight bringing it down nearer to the crease to help with blending I also used the 1st shade as an inner corner highlight :) 
I used the 1st shade from the 2nd row all over the lid leaving the inner 1/3 blank 
I then used the 3rd shade on the 2nd row on the inner 1/3 using the shade with a damp brush for more pigmentation 
I use the 9th shade from the top row into the crease to warm up the look a little.  I then used the 9th shade to deepen the outer 1/2 of the lid and brought that shade into the crease deepening the crease also.  I wanted to go a little deeper so I use the 10th shade on the bottom row on the outer V and blended well :)  
I also used a little of the 8th shade on the bottom row to help blend out the harsh lines :) 
Here is my diagram to make it easier to follow :) 

Alot of people will be put off by the fall out part and if you are in a hurry to do your makeup I wouldn't say this would be the palette for you on them days.  If you have time on your hands you will create some beautiful looks with this palette as alot of the shades are very pigmented.  If you use a base these shadows will last all day.  
If I am been honest I did find this palette didn't excite me as much as the other two but I do feel some of these shades are stunning and very very pigmented.  If you have green/hazel eyes you would have more fun with this palette as there is alot of shades in there to compliment our shade of eyes :) 
If I was asked to rate this palette I would have to rate it 7/10 
Docking 1 point for fallout 
Another point for the fact that if you are new to eye makeup you will find it hard to put looks together with this palette 
and lastly because some of the shades lacked pigmentation 
I gave it 7 because even though there is fall out from alot of the shadows they are still very pigmented, soft and easy to blend.  

I really hope you found this review helpful and if you are more curious about this palette check out the Coastal Scents website where the palettes are on sale for $19.95 and sometimes when Coastal Scents has a sale these palettes can go for as little as $10 each which is more than worth it for that price :) :) 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


instabeauty89 said...

this colors are sooooo pretty and they look gorgeous on you!!!

Shannon Boyce said...

I truly cannot get over the level of pigmentation. Every shade is so bold and true to colour! What a fantastic set.

Nicol said...

love how youve used the colours! the bottom row of the palette is my favourite. love the purple mauve shades there

beautyqueenuk said...

The shades are so beautiful, it is such a shame they have no names x

CollectiveBeauty said...

The look you created is stunning! Your swatches are beautiful, but what a shame about the inconsistency with the textures though.

Alice Furlan said...

Great looking palette and beautiful looks you created!! I like that they went for less traditional color pairings such as purples and golds. Revealed 2 was already on my wishlist for a while..i wished we could get them easily in Europe as well..

Nafisah Atcha said...

I haven't herd of this brand but this palette looks incredible.

You are one talented lady xxx

Laura - Alagoz said...

wow the pigmentation is amazing and the looks you created are stunning! I might need to pick it up :)

Pink Frenzy

Lovelyladyjb said...

Although there are some negatives, it looks beautiful on you!

The Made Up Maiden said...

Oh wow, Nina, this palette is amazing! I've heard so much about Coastal Scents and I really need to try them. I love the looks you created too, you're very talented! The purple in particular is really eye-catching! xx

Jess | Just Jesss said...

These are such pretty shades, although I agree they do seem a little thrown together and not so well thought out!

Jess xo

Barbie's Beauty Bits said...

I'm glad I go to see your thoughts on this. I ordered the Reveal 2 Palette and considered ordering this one too. The colors look amazing on you, but I think I'm going to wait on getting this palette based on your review. Thanks for your honestly, always love it!

Michelle K said...

Wow the pigmentation is fantastic, great review lovely xx

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