Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Makeup Geek Pigment Review

Hello My Beauties I hope you are all well :) 
Today I come to you with another Makeup Geek Review :) 
This time its the Loose Pigments :) 
Now this review is one review I am excited about :)  I am totally in love with these and have been using them all week :) 
For all of you out there who find it hard to use pigments and glitters do not be put off because believe me you will be interested in these by the time I am finished this review :) 
I ordered 3 of these because to be honest I have seen swatches of them and thought I just had to have them and now I am glad I did.  Thing is whats worse is I want all of them now :) 
There is 17 pigments altogether to choose from and to be honest It was hard to choose which ones to get :)  
Each pigment contains 2gs for pigment for only $6.99/€6.26/£4.55 each :) 

The pigments come in a little box with a clear window to see what shade is in each.  The pigments also come in a little plastic pot with a black lid which has Makeup Geek Printed on the top of it.  Underneath is the stick of the name of each pigment :) 

Let me warn you each pigment is filled up to the top so be careful opening these up as you may spill some :)  As mentioned above I got 3 pigments but I did notice that 2/3 pigments has a cover over them with a small whole in the middle to allow you to open with care and also bo dip your brush in.  I do not know if this is a new thing but I do find the plastic covering makes less of a mess than without one :) 
So lets gets started on the shades shall we :) 

Afterglow:  Just take a moment to drool :)  I know isnt it amazing :)  This is one pigment everyone will love for its the most beautiful highlight shade.  Not only for the eyes but also for the face :)  This is a beautiful soft shimmery champagne.  The shimmers are golden and will compliment any skin tone.  I have used this for an everyday look all over the lid and its just the perfect eye opener :)  It really makes your eyes look wide awake :)   The Pigmentation from this is amazing and a little goes a long long way.  Stunning :) :) 

Next up is 

Insomnia:   Oh I have died and gone to heaven this is the most beautiful shade :)  Described as A Dark Chocolate Brown Duochrome with Blue/Teal Reflects its exactly what it says and boy oh boy is this pigmented wow.  This shade will suit every eye shade but if you have green eyes wow this really makes them pop.  Its amazing full stop and you just have to have this in your collection :)  This is surely a great dupe of Mac's Club Eyeshadow which I am sure you would have guessed by now its stunning :) 

and last but not least 

Enchanted:  Oh my goodness I love love love this shade its amazing its beautiful its fantastic and its mine hehehehe :) :)  Enchanted is a stunning Light Shimmery Plum wow when I placed this on my lids I noticed instantly the green piercing through my hazel eyes its just beautiful and so so pigmented :) 

I bet you are in awwww now :)  I have never worked with such amazing pigments until now.  All swatches above are made with no primer and literally used with a damp brush :)  Blending these beauties out are like a dream.  I literally only used primer on my lids and applied them both with a damp brush and dry and they apply really really well.  Applying with a damp brush you will get more pigmentation out of them but to be honest you get enough pigmentation from them by applying primer and patting these on too.  I am totally in love and even with these pigments I found you do not get alot of fallout from them as long as you tap off excess shadow back to the pot.  Lasting Power is amazing also once on the eye these beauties are not moving as long as you have primer or a cream eyeshadow for them to stick to.  You get no fallout through out the day of wearing them which I have found with other pigments I have used .  Just amazing and well worth trying out :) 
I am definately building my collection with these for sure :)  
Here is some looks I created with these pigments :) Along with the pigmented I also used my Makeup Geek Starter Kit  in which I have reviewed here 

A Simply day time look using "Afterglow" on the lid and inner corner.  From the Starter Kit "Creme Brulee" in the crease and above the crease,  "Mocha" in the crease building it up more in the outer V.  I also used all shades on the lower lash line :) 

In this look I used :  From the Makeup Geek Starter Kit A mixture of Cocoa Bear and Creme Brulee in the crease blending really well.  I used Mocha to deepen the crease.  I patted on Insomnia pigment onto the lid building up the shade.  I wanted to go a little darker on the outer V so I applied a tiny amount of Corrupt and blended into the crease I applied insomnia and corrupt to my lower lash line :)  I loved this look alot its perfect for day and night :) 

Lastly I adored this look as it made the green in my hazel eye stand out:   From the Makeup Geek Starter Kit A mixture of Cocoa Bear and Creme Brulee in the crease blending really well.  I used Mocha to deepen the crease.  I applied Enchanted to my lid patting on the shade :)  I could have left it like that but I wanted darker in the outer corners so I applied a nice amount of Corrupt to the outer corner and blended into the crease :)  I also applied a tiny amount of Afterglow Pigment to the inner corners 

Overall I love these and have had so much fun playing with them :)  
Have you tried Them yet?  
Keep an eye out for more reviews on the Makeup Geek Pigments as I will surely be buying more :) 
I hope you enjoyed this review 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Amy Shearman said...

Wow these are gorgeous! I have been looking for a 'cheap' gold eyeshadow and afterglow is just the perfect shade, although now I want all these three shades too! Just gorgeous! X

Alicia Leigh Creed said...

Wow, loved the last look especially! compared to the other two the green in your eyes is so vibrant! Have to try some of these, ive never purchased from makeup geek before, but your reviews have definitely convinced me!! :) x

Sophie Pocock said...

Not heard of this brand before, the shades are gorgeous I'm not a big fan of loose eyeshadows though find them too messy.


Nafisah Atcha said...

Oh my these all look so beautiful I may have to invest xxx

Michelle K said...

These all look amazingly pigmented, I'd love to try them out myself! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

beautyqueenuk said...

Oh wow these are stunning esepcially enchanted x

Louise Smith said...

Ooo these look absolutely gorgeous. And they really suit you :D

Louise x

With love from Lou

Jessica Dearnley said...

Gorgeous makeup.


Laura Ferry said...

These look amazing and I love the After Glow one the most :) xxx

Holly said...

Stunning as always. Do you do video tutorials?

Laura - Alagoz said...

These look stunning shades and the makeup looks you did are gorgeous! xx

Pink Frenzy

Nicol said...

insomnia is beautiful! never heard of this brand but need to check it out

Ellie Dickinson said...

lovely look! I would make such a mess of these x

Jess | Just Jesss said...

Enchanted is just stunning, they all look amazing on you though Nina! :)

Jess xo

Julie Bardoe said...

I have all of these and adore them! They're so amazing and the look you created is beautiful x

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