Monday, 9 March 2015

Makeup Academy Pro Base Prime & Conceal Powder

Hello Beauties :) 
You may have seen that I had this powder in my collection recently by my #fotd photos of products I use on the day on my instagram.  Well you are not on your own as a few people have asked me what my thoughts are on this powder and I thought today was the day to tell you all :)  I have been using this non stop for 2 weeks now because to be honest up until now I have been 50/50 about this :)  Before I get down with my experiences with Makeup Academy's Pro Base Primer & Conceal Powder let me tell you a little about it first :) 

Makeup Academy says:   A baked, silk touch colour correcting powder from MUA that transforms your complexion. Apply this powder to help even out skin tone and illuminate. Wear alone or over your makeup to instantly brighten!
The packaging is quite simple and in all honest nothing too exciting but when it comes to drugstore products packaging is not too important its more about the product itself.  You are getting 4g of product for £4/€5.57/$6.05 each 
The one thing that caught my eye was the main ingredient in this product is Mica which is a very natural ingredient and used in mineral makeup alot :)  Mica is the name of a group of natural occurring earth minerals. As mentioned, it can be opalescent, sparkling or completely matte. Mica powder is simply a purified and crushed mineral which is mined from the earth.
Mica gives the impact, the silky texture, the gleam, that we all love so much in mineral makeup.  It’s reflective and refractive properties make mica a crucial ingredient in makeup.  Just thought I would share that important piece of information before I continue :) 
In this powder you are getting four different shade in which you can use separately or all together :) 
Yellow:  Is used to conceal out any darkness you have on your skin which is mainly around the eye area This works well for anyone who has olive and tanned skin 
Purple:  This is used to to brighten up your dull skin 
Peach:  This is used to also brighten up any darkness on your skin for all skin tones 
Green:  Is used to get rid of any redness on your skin be it around the nose area or if you have natural redness on your cheeks aka Rosacea :)  
Now obviously if you suffer with very very dark eyes or suffer with alot of redness you will need more than this powder to cover that up which I highly recommend applying whatever shade of concealer you need first be it again each shade of concealer does the same thing as each shade of powder here :) :) 
Each one of these shades are almost matte but when swatches you will see a hint of sheen with each one of these :)  This of course is from the Mica Ingredient and you will be happy to know is the main reason that your complexion will look radiant :)  
Each shade is very pigmented to my surprise to be honest :)  I am so surprised with how soft these powders are :)  They feel amazing :)   I am impressed with how finely milled the powder is which is one of the main things I look for in a face powder 

So now for my actual experience with this powder.  
First off its an amazing all over powder.  It sets my makeup beautifully without my makeup looking cakey or settling into my large pores and in a way slightly it does make my skin look brighter but as for covering up what its suppose to Im afraid it doesn't.  For instance I have dark circles and without using my usual brightener under my eyes this powder will not cover up.  I used the yellow powder along with my concealer for under my eyes and I say no difference :(  I do think its a great all over powder and that's literally what i am going to continue using it for I do find it more effective using all the shades together and sealing my foundation and concealer that way.  Sort of like a translucent powder but with benefits.  
If you are looking for a setting powder that sets your makeup really well and brightens up your skin a little then go ahead and purchase this as the powder is so soft and a little goes a long way not only that, it doesn't cake up or settle into large pores and blemishes :)  If you are looking for this to work on your redness or dark circles I am afraid its a no no :) 
I hope you found this review helpful 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sophie Pocock said...

Not tried or heard of this brand before, looks lovely though.


Shannon Boyce said...

Oooh this looks lovely! What a wonderful product.

Nicol said...

aw i wish this would be great for individual purposes rather than an all over finish

Laura - Alagoz said...

I like the sound of that as a setting powder. Might need to pick it up :)

Pink Frenzy

Alice Furlan said...

I have tried a similar product from elf and think it's brilliant!this looks really glowy!
Alice | Alice's Beauty Madness

beautyqueenuk said...

I have a similar product which works on the same basis and I was quite scared to use it at first, especially the green part, but it does work so well x

Esha said...

Loved your detailed review. :)

Miharu Julie said...

Great post
Would you like to follow each other ? I'll follow back after it

Diana Cloudlet said...

Your blog is amazing! I do really like it! I know how much time it requires, but you did a really good job! Keep doing it!) I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!

Diana Cloudlet

Beautykinguk said...

Now this is something that really confuses me, but I am assured by the wife that it does work!

Louise Smith said...

I've heard some really good things about this little kit. I definitely need to check it out :D

Louise x

With love from Lou

Sarah Willoughby said...

I just tried this and mine wasn't as pigmented as yours. Literally, the colour pay off is so faint on mine. I prefer the cream based conceal and correct kit of theirs :)

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