Monday, 24 November 2014

MeMeMe Cosmetics Beat the Blues in Oyster Gold

Hello Beauties :) :) 
I come to you with yet another MeMeMe Cosmetics product.  Again like the Arch Angel I have had this for at least a month and it has earned a place in my makeup kit :)  Good news? Yes as that means I am comfortable enough to use this on other people including myself.  
I know for a fact you lovely ladies are going to be very very interested in this too especially if you are ones who like highlighters this blog post will surely interest you xxx

A Healthy Glow is what I miss more from summer time :) I see it in myself the natural glow is gone I also notice it in my kiddies.  Sunshine gives us the natural balance of Vitamin D which makes our skin look healthy and glowing :) 
When the winter comes in we crave for that natural glow and now we can get it from beat the blues :) :) 

MeMeMe Cosmetics Beat the Blues in Oyster Gold is the answer to all our prayer :) 
I have tried many highlighter and have my favourites but most of my highlighters are in powder form.  I have to admit I have tried highend liquid highlighters than cost an arm and a leg and yes they are good but I cant bring myself to spend the money to buy them.  Well this little beauty has said to be a dupe of a certain highend brand and to be honest after trying it I can safely say there is no difference :) 

MeMeMe Cosmetics state:  Skin Illuminator & Complexion Highlighter. These are our best-selling hero products are ideal for creating a youthful dewy finish. Whether it’s a golden glow or pearly pink sheen you desire, simply dot along brow and cheek bones to highlight and accentuate or mix with foundation for an all over shimmer. 

I have to point out yet again the packaging on this little beauty.  This highlight comes in a glass bottle that looks like a nail polish.  There is 12mls of product in there which is more than enough to do you for at lease 6 - 12 months depending on how often you use it and guess how much it is ??  £5.50/€6.99
The highlight even comes with a brush thats exactly like a nail polish :) 
This is always handy when you are travelling when you dont want to bring brushes with you :) 

To be honest you would get away with not using any brushes with this product.  I like to place a pea sized amount on the back of my hand a dip my finger into it then dab in the areas I want to apply for example on my brow bone or on my cheek bones, anywhere I want to highlight.  Its as easy as that.  When applying on a client or anyone else I like to use my Blank Canvas Cosmetics F29 brush it leaves a beautiful flawless finish :) Another way I use this is to mix a tiny amount into my foundation which leave me with an all over illuminated and natural looking finish 

I absolutely love how subtle this highlight it.  Its gives this beautiful light golden shade but has a slight pinkish finish to it.  I also love how you can not over do highlighting with this.  There is alot of liquid highlighters out there that are very pigmented and 9 times out of 10 you find you cant help but over do it with them.  Whereas this highlight is build-able and you have more control over it.  
This highlight is perfect for anyone who suffers with acne scarring, enlarged pores, fines lines etc who doesn't want highlighter to highlight those problem areas.  It may seem shimmery but believe me it doesnt it in slightest look shimmer on your face.  The shimmers are that fine they only give you the perfect dewy finish we crave for.  Best of all because its liquid it does not settle into fine lines etc.  
I adore this so much I want to buy the other highlight in Pearl Pink :) 
Here is a picture of one of my clients wearing Oyster gold on her cheeks Doesnt it give her such a beautiful natural looking glow :) 

Beautiful isnt she :) 
I highly highly recommend this to you all :) I adore this product and think its one item everyone should have in their collection :)  especially in these dreary dark winter months :)   Have you tried this yet.  
 Check out their website MeMeMe Cosmetics or if you are from Ireland Check out their list of stockists :) 

Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


marox79 said...

You did an awesome job with that client's look.
I'm too lazy to use highlighters on a regular basis.

Fiona said...

Great review Nina. I have this product but have never used it, now I really want to give it a go :)

Fiona @

Naffy said...

The colours look lovely on you sweet xxx

Sheri | Flowers and Freckles said...

This looks every so slightly terrifying in the bottle, looks super pigmented and hard to work with but you've made it work beautifully! I can imagine this would be stunning in the summer too - especially if you used a little on the décolletage!

Susie said...

Love it! Love the shade and the coverage. It looks so perfect on your skin. You look amazing! I want to try this too!

Huda...!!! said...

this looks super gorgeous...Love the subtle sheen/glow

Laura - Alagoz said...

This looks like a fab highlighter! xo's

Pink Frenzy

Kelly McKenny said...

This is so pretty, and so much cheaper than the Benefit version!

beautyqueenuk said...

This is really pretty and a definite dupe for High Beam x

Alice Furlan said...

I have both of these highlighters and I love them as well!! :)

Sana Sadiq said...

OMG!! This is just so gorgeous <3 Great review and you'd done the fab job Nina zz

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