Monday, 7 October 2013

MUA New Matte Lipsticks

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Well todays review is on the the New MUA Matte Lipsticks.  I couldnt resist as I do love Matte Lipsticks.  
I am very cautious when it comes to buying matte lipsticks because I have had experience with some brands that they are just way too drying or that they are hard to apply or that they look patchy on the lips I just hate that.  I have found a brand so far that is affordable and that do amazing Matte Lipsticks but there is always a want to try other brands for comparison both in price and in quality.  
MUA Matte lipsticks are only £1 each which is a super super bargain and a price not to be beaten in my eyes.  
MUA has also changed the packaging a little on their matte lipsticks.  Their normal range you will find that their lipsticks are a black tube whereas this range (the matte range) has a white tube which is always nice to have a little change.  Plus its easier to pick out amongst the massive collection of lipsticks we girlies already own (yes you and me and all the beauty addicts out their lol). 

There are 5 shades in total 
There is:  Wild Berry which is a deep blackcurrant shade 
Scarlet Siren which is a a bright red 
Pouty Pink which is a bright pink and then there is the 2 I decided to go with which are Peachy Keen and Totally Nude 

Peachy Keen is a Peachy coraly shade with pink undertones If you have pigmented lips this will look more on the pinker side than peach.  I found this shade quite sheer but buildable and very very pretty for an everyday wear lipstick 
Totally Nude:  Don't judge the lipstick buy the tube honestly this is not as pale as it looks so all you pale girlies don't be scared because this will not wash you out.  There is a slight tint of pink in this nude lipstick which is probably why this doesn't wash you out.  Again this is sheer but buildable 

I have to admit I might have had alot more expectations for these lipstick than I admit as I presumed the fact that they are matte, they were going to be booming with pigmentation.  I hate to admit it now but I was wrong.  I think I picked the sheerest shades out of the 5 as they are the lightest shades but I did expect more pigmentation from them than what I got.  
My first impressions where not at all great either because when i first applied these to my lips they felt and looked greasy.  They also looked patchy which disappointed me.  
Then I tried the lipsticks after ex foliating my lips and apply a bit a lip balm and they applied alot better plus looked better on the lips :)  
I also found them non drying while wearing them which is always a bonus when it comes to matte lipstick they last pretty well too.  

For a £1 lipstick these perform pretty well for a matte lipstick.  I think If you are not into deep matte shades or if you are trying to introduce yourself to matte lipsticks they are perfect for you.  Me?  They will not replace my favourite matte lippies but they are a not a no no for me either after all they are super affordable and handy to have for an everyday lipstick :) 
Have you tried these yet?
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Dyna said...

Your reviews are the best!

Nina s said...

awwww Dyna your so sweet love your reviews too baby girl :) xxxxxxxxx

Coco said...

The swatch looks pretty shiny for a matte lipstick but then again I'm not a big fan of MUA lipsticks xx

Ms. Jhoice said...

Thanks for this review! I haven't tried MUA lipstick yet but I'm planning to buy some next week, I think I found what I like, Peachy Keen. Looks very pretty! :)

Not Just Inside - Irish Beauty Blog said...

Peachy Keen is lovely, I love MUA

Ebony J said...

These lipsticks look great (: awesome review!

Jess | Just Jesss said...

Peachy Keen looks lovely, and I really like the sound of Pouty Pink too - may have to track these down in Superdrug! :)

Jess xo

Marie Papachatzis said...

I am on a big matte lipstick kick. Those are lovely. Thanks for posting. I think I need to buy these.

Nina s said...

Coco Hunny I had a wee bit of balm underneath thats maybe where the shine is coming from but they are most certainly matte you will see by the swatches

Ms. Jhoice your very welcome hunny yes peachy keen is a perfect summer colour

Not Just Inside me too hun

Ebony J Thank you hunny

Jesslet me know if you get them hunny

MarieNo Problem hun

saracr said...

the peachy is beautiful.

Filomena Kaguako said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Filomena Kaguako said...

Thank you for this, I'm OBSESSED with matte lipsticks, absolutely love it...

hope you get the chance to stop by xx

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