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Hello My Gorgeous Beautiful Readers How are you all today :) :) 
Well now that its coming into the colder harder weather I have noticed my skin has changed alot as im sure alot of you out there have too.  Let me tell you something I was never one to suffer with acne on my face, even as a teen I had very little amount on my face but more on my back and chest for some reason.  I have recently noticed that my skin has become more acne prone and more oily on the T-zone which is very very strange.  They do say that your skin can change when you get older but to be honest in the past month I have been suffering with breakouts alot around my mouth and chin area.  Its so annoying especially when you are not used to it and my 25 year old sister is suffering the very same thing.  So I thought it was time to change from my normal skincare products which was always Nivea,  I still love but change could be the answer to my problems.  When Beauty Emporium announced they were bringing in a new brand onto their website full of skincare products (which they stated was going to be super affordable) I waited anxiously for them to come in so I could try it out :)   Finally I got my Email I was waiting for :) :) 
Let me tell you a little about the Brand before I go onto the review :)  

Good Things Skin care was created by Alice Hart-Davis a British Journalist and an Author of 2 teen beauty books.  She is a great believer in taking good care of your skin from a very young age and has developed Good Things based on her beliefs.  According to her philosophy her products are aimed at young skin to get them used to looking after their skin without the harshness of harmful chemicals and also to help with their problematic skin as they go through their teen years.  To be honest I think these products are for anyone who suffers with the same type of skin complaints as a teen, be it oily skin,  acne prone and of course sensitivity.  
For more information behind this brand click here to take you straight to Good Things Website :)   I have to mention the packaging isnt it sooooo girly bright and cheerful :) :) 

Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser 
I wanted to find something I could used twice a day morning and night to take away all the bad stuff off my face as I mentioned above i have been suffering with an extremely oily t-zone which I am not used to and I feel grubby on my bad days as you do especially when we wear makeup on top of that so I opted for the Fresh start Creamy Cleanser which only cost €6.69 from Beauty Emporium.  You are getting 150mls of product for that price which is super cheap :) 
With active ingredients such as Grape Seed oil which is there to remove any unwanted dirt and makeup from your face without stripping all your natural oils with it 
Cactus Stem which is an antioxidant
Mango Seed oil which helps moisturise the skin and is also full of vitamins, the list goes on and on, I know that this little bundle is going to be gentle on my skin (after all I am going to be using it twice a day) and also help cleanse my face without been harsh on it. 

 Let me tell you it has been a pleasure using this product everyday.  I simply apply all over my face and neck leave it for a minute and use my cloth steeping in medium to hot water and rub it off.  The results were very surprising.  I instantly felt cleansed and fresh and to be honest not even feeling the need to use a toner afterward thats how clean my face felt.  The scent of this product is amazing and good enough to eat and most of all my face did not feel tight after using it.  I have even put this to the test on removing a full face of makeup.  It was like the product completely melted the makeup off my face.  I love this product and its become a new love of mine for sure.  

Good Things Skincare Face the Day Moisturiser 
Next up is the Face the Day Moisturiser with SPF 15.  This costs €10.69 for 100mls of product which again is a brilliant price for what you are getting.  I had just run out of my day time moisturiser so it was perfect timing to try this one out :) 
What impressed me was again the ingredients :) 
Goji Berry is a tonic for your skin as they both calm the skin with an anti-inflammatory action, and help energise it.  There is also Mango Seed Oil, papaya and cactus stem along with other natural ingredients I love it. 
The scent of this moisturiser is amazing.  Its sweet but not overpowering and lingers there almost half of the day.  I have even been complimented on how good my face smells after a few hugs here and there :) :) 
What I love about this moisturiser is that its not too thick or thin its just right and you only need a small amount to moisturise your face and neck.  
When you apply this first you have about a few seconds to blend into your face and then you will notice the feeling of stickiness before it soaks in completely.  I love that you dont have to wait too long before it dries in completely especially in the mornings when you are in a hurry and need to apply your makeup ASAP.    My face feels smooth and soft and moisturised all day long. It also leaves a nice semi dewy finish to my face which leave my face looking fresh and ready for the day especially on my no makeup days. 
 I will surely be buying this again :) 

Good Things Skincare Deep Pore Anti Blemish Lotion
As I mentioned above I have been suffering with breakouts alot lately and I have found using toners can sometime irritate my blemishes more due to some ingredients in them especially if there is alcohol in it.  
I am also too used to using a toner so I thought I would give this a try to see will it be easier on my skin when I do suffer with break outs.  
For 200 mls you are paying €6.69 which again is very very affordable.  I was super excited to try this again because of what Good Things claim that This 2-in-1 cleanser and toner helps to unclog pores and remove excess sebum without stripping your skin of natural oils. It will take your make-up off too, and in addition to fig and wild strawberry, it has willow bark and licorice extract which help keep bacteria at bay.
This not only is a cleanser and toner but it also is suppose to fight against those horrible nasties that pop up on you face
Well let me tell you this is really really good at removing any makeup that is left behind after washing your face.  Even using this the next morning you will still notice dirt coming off your face yuk.  I did also notice it stung a little around my blemishes which is a sure sign it is doing something to heal them 
After using this I noticed after 3 days my blemishes seemed to have calmed down alot :) 
Another good thing I noticed after using this is I didnt feel my skin was dried out and tightened like some toners can do which is amazing actually after using this one night I got distracted by one of my kiddies before applying my moisturiser and it only dawned on me the next morn I forgot to apply my moisturiser !!!!! Now normally after I use some toners I never forget because I always get that tight dry feeling and I automatically have to apply moisturiser to feel some relief 
I really like the scent from it too it smells really fruity.  
I have even used this around my eye area and it had not effect on my eyes whatsoever I love it :) 

Out of all three products I have tried so far the Cleanser is my favourite at the moment I am amazed at how good it is removing makeup and unnoticeable dirty from my face aswell as the fresh feeling I get after I use it I highly recommend it for sure.  
I will surely be trying out more products from this brand and I will be purchasing this for my tween daughter who is now suffering from breakouts and oily skin 
You can purchase this range from Good Things website, Beauty Emporium and even Boots and Boots stores 
I hope you found this review helpful 
Until next time
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Miranda @ Slashed Beauty said...

Have these products helped with acne?

Ebony J said...

I really want to try the anti blemish lotion because I have acne prone skin (: great post!

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