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Inglot 10 Pan Freedom Palette & Swatches

Hello my beautiful Readers How are you all today :) :) 
The weather here has taken a dramatic change once again pouring no bucketing rain all you have to do is look outside and you would get soaked !! ah well it could be worse (some how) 
Today I am going to show you another Freedom Palette I built up from Inglot.  I just cant resist this brand honestly from the time I got my First 5 pan freedom palette I have made a wishlist of eyeshadows that could go on forever.  These shadows are absolutely amazing and I do plan to get them all Really I do !!! :) :) Eventually of course :) 
Today I have ten more shades to share with you all and hopefully I will help you add more to your wishlist hahaha 
These shades I chose carefully.  I wanted to go with shades that are suitable for my shading of eyes and also can be wearable for both day and night.  I also wanted to go with shades that would compliment each other.  

First let me begin by talking about these wonderful palettes.  They are the most secure sturdy palettes I own.  I feel so safe in bringing these palette in my bag for travelling and trust that my eyeshadows are going to be intact when I open them.  The lid is held my 4 magnets that are on each corner of the palette and let me tell you it needs a good tug before it comes off.  The palette is available to buy empty and then you can choose whatever shadows you want to place in it.  The eyeshadows come individually wrapped.  
The 5 Pan palette with 5 Shadows costs:  €38
The 10 Pan Palette with 10 Shadows costs:  €68 
 What I love most of all is the size of these shadows They are amazingly big for the price and half the price of a Mac eyeshadow which in my eyes are the perfect if not better dupe of Mac.  
One piece of advice before you even enter the Inglot store is to google as many shades of eyeshadows as you can to have an idea what you would like because let me tell you, you are going to be overwhelmed with the amount of shades you can choose from the store.  
The one thing I will have to say is a pity that these amazing shades are not named and only numbered so if you have a list make sure you have the number correct.  
So without further ado let me show you the shades I chose: 

AMC Shine 30:  This shade is absolutely beautiful and the perfect highlight shade.  Its also perfect for a lid shade too.  This beautiful shimmery goldy champagne shade will certain go a long way if you are choosing a more neutral palette I love this shade :) :) 

AMC Shine 11:  Another amazing shade and perfect for a neutral palette.  This shade is also perfect for Autumn looks.  A Beautiful Shiny shimmery gold simple but fantastic as a lid or highlight shade.  I have also used this as a highlight on my face in the summer :) :) Love it.  

Matte 341:  This shade a a perfect blending shade it can also be used as a transition shade or even all over the lid.  Because its matte you can use it for everything really even a subtle highlight shade.  Its a beautiful pinky peach shade light but very pigmented :) 

Pearl 446:  Well it wouldnt be a palette of mine if there wasnt a shade of purple in it now would it.  Purple been my utmost favourite colour and a perfect shade to make my hazel eyes pop.  I just could resist this shade.  A stunning Plum shade with a pearl finish a perfect lid colour for a dark purple smokey eye I have worn this numerous times out in the town and it really makes a statement.  Beautiful just beautiful !!!

Matte 321:  Now years ago i would have ran away from any blue shade.  I always believed because I have hazel eyes that blues would clash with my eyes and they have in the past but only because I never used them properly.  This is a stunning deep matte navy shade that worked well as a crease shade and for using on the outter V this is also perfect to use as a liner :) I have learned that some blues really can suit me once I get the hang of using them in the right places :) 

Next row is also amazingly stunning Starting with 
Matte 356:  This is another beautifully pigmented Pink shade.  A perfect shade for blending, highlight and lid.  I cant believe the pigmentation from this colour a little goes a long way and its extremely easy to blend :) 

Pearl 452:  From the moment I set my eyes on this shade I had to have it.  Its a stunning burgundy shade with a pearl finish and its extremely pigmented.  Its feels very smooth and very easy to apply.  A little goes a long long way with this shade and its a perfect Autumn colour.  What I love more about this shade is that it really brings out the green in my hazel eyes I love it !!!

Pearl 421:  Another of my favourites I have to say.  This is a stunning coppery brown with a pearl finish again hugely pigmented and very easy to work with.  I found no fall out using this shade and it applies like a dream.  Love it !!!

Matte 335:  Another shade for the Autumn time :)  This shade again I would not normally go for as its a type of shade some people find hard to work with.  A beautiful rusty matte orange and boy oh boy its stunning when applied.  So far I have used this shade as a transition colour and I love it.  Very pigmented and very easy to blend Gorgeous shade 

Matte 391:  A matte black plain and simple :)  The shade is far from plain let me tell you.  This is not the blackest of black for instance if you are one who likes black as soot black this is not the one to get as its verying towards charcoal black but its the perfect black for daytime smokey eyes and every night time I also love to set my liner with this shadow I love it and the fact that its matte and black makes no difference to its performance as its so easy to work with :) :) 

To buy these eyeshadows separately they are only €6 each for approximately 2.7g of product which is absolutely amazing for the quality that they are.  Even without a primer they last all day long but with a primer the intensity and lasting powder is out of this world.  

Overall as you can tell I love these eyeshadows and and the palettes.  They are ideal for everyone even makeup artists plus they have the quality of high end brands but not the prices of high end.  
I am determined to get whats on my wishlist which so far is over 30 more shadows hehehe :) 
Have you tried Inglots Eyeshadows yet ?
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Cristina's Beauty Box said...

OMG I love this shades :) I have a 5 pan palette filled with rainbow eyeshadows but I want more :) I definitely got some ideas x

Jess | Just Jesss said...

Ooh 11 and the two purples look lovely! They all look really nicely pigmented, too :)
I think I need some Inglot shadows in my life!!

Jess xo

Laura Alagöz said...

Its the first time I hear about this brand, but the shades seem really nice and pigmented.

Pink Frenzy

Coco said...

The colors are stunning! I love 335

Natalie Kay said...

I love Inglot eyeshadows, I recently discovered them at IMATS this year, can't believe I did so late! They are amazing, I have 335 which is a PERFECT transitional colour especially for women of colour like myself!

Alicja Jakobsen said...

I love Inglot eyeshadows :) So far I've filled three 10-pan palets :P This is addictive :D Shades are amazing, cheap and what I love the most - you make your own palette. Thanks for inspiration post and congrats with new Inglot eyeshadows :)
I guess I am going to pick up 452P and 428P next time I visit Inglot store :)

Makeup Over Mind said...

Gorgeous selection Nina! Need to get some more shades myself!

Nina s said...

Cristina I have 2 of the rainbow shades I love them Aww im glad you did hunny :)

Jess you should definitely try them you wont regret it hunny

Laura They are and amazing quality hunny you should try them

Coco Me too :) :)

Natalie Better Late than never hunny :) :) What shades did you pick up

Alicja Thanks for your comment hunny xxxxxxxx

Makeup Over Mind Thank you hunny you should and I will come with you hehehehe

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