Sunday, 29 September 2013

MUA New Matte Palette

Hello Everybody How are you all doing today :) 
Well my Sunday so far is a Lazy one (well kind of)  I haven't left the house and I am still in my PJ's at 3.16pm ah well its cold and windy and I just shaved my legs so I don't fancy the windy travelling up my trouser legs lol :) :) 
Any ways back to my review :) ;) 
Today I have yet another brand new palette to show you by MUA :)  If you missed out on my latest review on the MUA Smokin Palette which is also new You can check it out here and sin the review you will see that I LOVE THAT PALETTE.  Has this palette impressed me as much??? Well read on to find out more.  

I am not going to go into the whole package thing as you can all see MUA stick to the same packaging for every palette.  What MUA has done this time is listened to their fans by creating their first ever Matte eye shadow palette.  It is lovely to get palettes that are a mix of shimmery and matte shades but finding a full matte eye shadow palette is every hard to find.  That's why i think I love my Lorac Pro palette so so much.  On the Lorac Palette you have one row which is nothing but matte shades and another row with shimmery ones and I find that brilliant and so so handy. 
It is also so hard to find matte shades that are easy to work with, easy to blend and of course pigmented especially from a drug store brand.  
Well let me tell you now ladies Look no further because MUA has created another brilliant palette here for only £4/€4.73 YES for a total of 10 eye shadows you are paying peanuts for this palette :)   

Another thing they have nailed in the right spot is that they have made this palette for everybody.  As its full of neutral shades both warm and cool this palette is the perfect day time and night time smokey eye palette :)  And of course after me buying this like before the wonderful Cherry Sue found that this palette is a perfect dupe to a high end palette The Urban Decay Naked Basics Check it out :) :)   She has shown that not only are you getting all 6 shades of the UD Naked Basics but you are also getting 4 more shades on top of that for a 1/3 of the price 
Liking the sound of that aren't we ladies :) :)  So let me show you the shades :) :)

I Love that all of the eye-shadows have a name on them and a very good name too might I add :) 
Unwrap:  This is a gone off white its not entirely white but its in-between white and cream a perfect shade for a base or to brighten up the inner corner or even as a brow-bone shade that doesn't look obvious but still brightens at the same time 
Butter:  This is certainly the perfect name for this shade.  This shade is a yellowy cream shade and some of you may think hmmmmm this is different but in fact if you are a suffer of dark lids this shade is the perfect shade for you as its instantly camouflages the darkness making you lids look more bright and cheerful.  
Bare:  A nude shade perfect for blending, wearing on its own or as a base colour.  Its not so much great for brightening up the inner corners but We already have a shade for that right :) 
Taffeta:  This shade in particular looks exactly like Bare when you see it in the pan and actually swatching it you would think they were very similar , but this shade is more on the peach side and another perfect base colour and also good for blending 
Fade:  Awww i love the name again well suited for the shade.  This is a light brown shade perfect for blending out the harsh lines making the "Fade" away and this is also a perfect brow shade for the blonde ladies out there :) 
Penny:  This shade is more for the crease for definition without making it look obvious if you were having those "Non Makeup Days"  Its the perfect Medium brown and also a great colour for brows.  
Chino:  A Perfect taupe shade for blending out harsh lines for the crease for a little touch of definition.  You simply cant go wrong with this shade as it will be used alot :) 
Truffle:  Awwww one of my favourite shades :)  A Deep chocolate Brown with a slight mauvey undertone to it.  Perfect for the crease or outer V just beautiful for creating that night time (or daytime) smokey look 
Fog:  A Bluey Grey shade perfect for giving you look a pop of colour i love it 
Smoke:  A Simple jet black shade simply beautiful and again shockingly good :) 

And here is the shade taken with the flash of the camera plus can i add all these swatches a made with no primer or no base underneath 

I am stunned with how smooth and soft these shadows are.  They are amazingly pigmented for a drugstore brand and what's better is that they take very little effort to blend out especially the darker shades.  I did find you will have some fallout with them but nothing major.  With a good primer These shadows are going to stay put all day long until you take them off.  The black shade is also great to use as a liner wet or dry in the picture below I created a simple light daytime smokey eye using the shades
 "unwrap" on the inner corner and browbone, 
"Taffeta" all over the lidup to a little over the crease, 
"Fade" for blending 
"Truffle" for the crease and outer corner 
"Smoke" a little on the outer V and as a liner (wet) 

I 100% recommend this palette to you all.  If you are not a matte eye-shadow person keep in mind that this palette is still brilliant to used for the likes of blending, doing a makeup look on someone with hooded eyes even doing your mums or grandmums eyes as matte shadows complimented a woman of age more than shimmery ones :) 
Another thumbs up to MUA for creating yet another amazing palette well done :) 
Have you tried this palette yet?  What are your thoughts on it 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Shannon Boyce said...

These neutral shades are beautiful! I am loving Truffle - what a great colour.

Nadia said...

The MUA Matte Palette is simply gorgeous!
Loving all the neutral shades & it does compliments your eyes too. =)

Nina s said...

Shannon Truffle is one of my favourites :) :)

Nadia It is gorgeous and no doubt everybody would make use of it :)

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