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Inglot AMC Lip Paint #55

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Today I have an Inglot Review for you.  Inglot is I have to say a new favourite brand of mine.  The more I use products from them the more I love it and want more.  I absolutely adore their eyeshadows in which I have reviewed some of my collection already and have another on the way soon ;)  I love their blushes well the one I do have and now for the first time I have tried one of their lip paints so I wonder will I love it as much as my other loves??? Read on to find out :) 
My first intentions when walking into Inglot was to grab a lipstick to try out but then their lip paints caught my eyes more.  Its been about 2 months ago since I purchased this so the price tag is a little blurry but its costs about €14 - €16 per pot and you are getting 4.5g of product :) and I got 20% off it so I couldn't resist :) 
Vitamin E and Inglot’s smoothing and repairing
complex smooths, moisturizes and repairs the lips
while biomimetric peptide stimulates collagen
synthesis giving a 3D ultra shiny gloss effect.

The Lip Paints come in a little black box.  Inside you see this cute little glass pot which contains the fabulous lip paint perfect and handy and looks like you have spent a little fortune on your lip paint :) 

There are 20 shades of the Lip Paints to choose from each one looking absolutely stunning and perfect for all skin tones :)  You can imagine how much time I spent going through each shade and trying to pick one out of all the shades :)  I decided to go for the #55 shade something nice for the Autumn Months and even the Winter Months :) 
#55 is a beautiful Pinky/Purple shade and perfect for any skin tone :) :) 

The Consistency of this lip paint is thick and creamy and very moisturising.  When applied to the lips it feels thin and lightweight.  The Fact that it is a Lip paint you would expect it to be drying but I found continuous moisture from first application to after it wears off.  The finish is medium coverage but you can build it up to full coverage :)  The one thing I will tell you is that there is no applicator with the lip paint so you will either have to apply by your fingers which some people might not like or apply using a lip brush in which I do.   What I do love about this Lip Paint is that you are getting the shade of a lipstick and the benefits of a gloss all in one and the finish is glossy and gorgeous kissable lips. 

I found the Lasting power of this lip paint surprising long.  It lasts about 4 to 5 hours on my lips depending on when im eating or drinking.  The pigmentation of this shade is very good as you see in the photo above this is only one layer using a lip brush.  
There is a slight scent from the lip paint a sort of vanilla scent but its not noticeable after a while. 

I have to say I have alot more good things to come back to you with on this lip paint by Inglot but to be honest I have a couple of not so good things and that is the a) the Price I think is a little too steep for what you are getting, yes the product is very good but not good enough to part with €14 b) the fact that you have to dip your finger into the product to apply to your lips either that or carry around your lip brush with you all day when you do wear it.  
I would repurchase these if they were a little cheaper in price as they look and feel amazing
Have you tried these AMC Lip Paints?  What are your thoughts on them :) Check out their website to see the rest of the shades :) and to see where your nearest store is :) :) 
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5 comments: said...

Beautiful colour! Looks great :)

Ebony J said...

I have never tried lip paint before but this color is so pretty and it looks amazing on you! I want it now (:

FitznBitz said...

I have 1 AMC Lip Paint and I love it! Smells yummy too, this colour looks gorg for the Autumn

MissGreenEyes said...

I absolutely hate lipsticks/paints in post, such a hassle to use, but this is a very pretty colour and it looks really nice on. Very wearable!

Budget Splurge Beauty said...

I just found you on the "life gives you links, follow them" blog hop! And I was your 1000th follower, so I feel special! :)

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