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MUA Smokin Palette

Hellooo My Beauties How are you all today :) 
I am super dee Dooper Now that I have another product rave for you :)  Ok Ok I may be spoiling the review already by telling you this but I am too excited :) :) 
MUA is one of my most favourite affordable brands and as you know I have quite a few products reviewed from this brand but the moment something new comes in I just have to try it out.  Well MUA announce a little under 2 weeks ago that they just released 2 brand new palettes one was this one which is the Smokin Palette and the 2nd is the The Matte Ever After Palette which I too bought and will review soon :) :) 
They also released a few more items which of course I just had to try out :) 
Today I am sharing with you the Smokin Palette as this is the first one I had to try out first the Jewel toned shades were just calling out to me to try :) 

Ok The packaging is basically the same as all the rest of the MUA palette black plastic with clear lid to see the shades :) :) 
Inside you are getting 10 eyeshadows and 1 eye pencil all for as little as £6/€7.11.  What I Love about this palette is each shade has a name  
You can purchase this straight from the MUA Store 

As I mentioned above there are the total of 10 eyeshadows and I love how big they are in this palette for the price you are getting 10 generous sized eyeshadow which are going to last a long time.  Starting with the top left size you are getting :
  • Glory:  Which is a perfect cream nude shade and the best thing about it is that its matte.  This is perfect for blending out harsh lines, as a base and as a matte highlight This shade is super pigmented for a nude shade I love it 
  • Bourdoir:  This is another perfect nude shade and again matte.  Its a nice peachy creamy shade and almost none existant on the skin a perfect shade for blending out harsh lines and to use as a sheer highlight 
  • Ghost:  oh I am in love with this shade really I am.  The shade is a beautiful jewelled toned taupey shade.  I have already worn this on the lid and it looks amazing and catches the eye easily.  The pigmentation from this shadow is amazing more than amazing its shocking a little goes a long long way :) :) 
  • Fantasy:  This is another Matte shade for us all A deep brown.  I do detect a slight mauvey undertone to this shadow which is quite a surprise as it looks like a simple chocolate brown in the pan.  This is super pigmented and very very easy to blend.  A perfect crease and outer corner shade 
  • Mythical:  This is described as a Black Charcoal on the site to me its a very very good Jet Black shade and whats great about it is that its matte.  I was especially worried about this one as noramlly matte black from an affordable brand is hard to work with.  This shade take very little effort to work with.  What I love about this is using it with a damp liner brush and using it as a liner WOW the pigmentation is unbelievable and easily mistaken as an actually liner 
  • Broken:  Oh here is another favourite of mine I love love love it and its a perfect shade for Autumn.  A Beautiful metallic brown is what you are getting out of this shade, there is also a slight burgundy undertone to it LOVE IT 
  • Icon:  Oh another favourite of mine .  A deep metallic purple.  Purple are my favourites what can I say but this shade is out of its world.  Its pigmented easy to blend and amazing :) :) 
  • Unleash:  Oh wow if you are a fan of blues this is a shade and a half for you.  This is a stunning metallicy ink blue so bright and fabulous and amazingly pigmented 
  • Choas:  Yet another amazingly pigmented and fabulous shade a deep emerald that will be perfect to used on the lid and as a liner.  Love it 
  • Wicked:  A Deep metallic Grey again very pigmented very easy to blend and oh so gorgeous for a night out :) 
Unfortunately I didnt get a swatch of the eyeliner itself as I broke the nib of it the day I was taking the pictures but its literally a simple black kohl pencil.  Its very very creamy and perfect for using as a base for any of the shades especially applying either Icon Unleashed or Choas over it wow the shades are amazing :) :) 
And here is the swatches :) both in Sunlight (1st picture" and in normal light  CLICK ON THE PHOTOS FOR A CLOSER LOOK :) :) 

I have no primer or base under these swatches just to show you how amazing pigmented each shade is :) 
Over all I am totally amazed by this palette.  I absolutely love the shades and I think anyone who loves smokey eye looks will love it too.  I am telling you now if you haven't already bought or ordered this I high advise you do because you will love it :)  Another 10/10 mark for MUA :) :)  What more is after I had bought this palette I stumbled apon a blog post by one of my favourite Irish bloggers Cherry Sue comparing This brilliant palette to Urban Decay's Smoked Palette and wow each eye-shadow is the exact dupe of UD's Smoked Palette EXACT Check it out yourself :) Bet I have raised an eyebrow or two now eh ?? lol

Here is a look i created playing with the shadows for just an everyday look in the photo I used the shades :  Glory, bourdoir for blending and highlighting,   I used Ghost all over the lid,  I used Broken on the outer 1/3 of the lid and blended inwards,  I used Fantasy in the crease for definition and used a little of Mythical on the outer V I loved the finish and of course wore this look for 3 days solid :) 
The camera washed out some of the shades but you can get an idea of what it looks like and how pigmented these shadows are.  With Urban Decay primer potion underneath there was no budging these shadows all day not a smudge love it :) 

Well thats it everyone thats my rave over with well on this blog post anyway lol :)  Have you tried this Palette yet? 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Shannon Boyce said...

Wow, your makeup looks flawless!! So beautiful! These shades all look really pretty.

Nicol said...

ooo the black in this looks a lot more pigmented than the one in their previous palette


Oh So Gawjess said...

Some great shades there xXx

Sana Sadiq said...

MUA newly released smoky eye palette reminds me of Urban Decay Smoked Palette :-D However MUA being an drugstore brand, quality is amazingly good <3

P.S : You have such an impressive blog out there:-) Following you via GFC already, would love if you visit my blog and if you like can follow me too :-)


MissGreenEyes said...

Definitely on my wishlist, between you and Cherrysue you've convinced me I need this :D x

Sidrah!!!! said...

I love how pigmented these shades are!

Claudis C said...

I have this and love it....so much I bought a couple extra - AND I have the original smoked palette. I actually like this a bit more than the UD. There is something about the texture! Just my luck MUA released this one only 2 weeks after I got my smoked palette from Beauty Bay. These are excellent shadows and the perfect colours for me. I use them more than my Naked Palettes too for sure! Highly recommended!

Barbie's Beauty Bits said...

So how pigmented is this product? Compared to a MAC, for instance?

Mary Molloy said...

I can't wait to get these two palettes. I'm hugely excited!

Nina s said...

Shannon Thank you hunny your so sweet

Nicolyes it is alot more pigmented hunny and works brilliant as an eyeliner

Oh So Gawjess they are great hun very pigmented

Sana Sadiq Yes its very like it but price wise its saving you alot :) and thank you my dear I will surely visit your blog

MissGreenEyes lol I was thinking you would hunny How are you feeling :)

Sidrah They are beautiful

Claudis C I will be doing the same hunny I think I will stock up. xxx

Barbies Beauty Bits Compared to Mac? Well to be Honest the quality is near enough just as good abviously there woud be a different hence price wise but to be honest Id sooner run out and buy this than spend 10-15 dollars on 1 eyeshadow where you are getting alot more of a 1/3 of the price and they do the same job

Mary Did you order them hunny

like azad said...

wow. gorgeous and famous style. i can't wait when i get it.
colored contacts canada

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