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Nivea Visage Young Range Review

Hey everyone i have recently done a video review on some items from the Nivea Visage Young range...........& here it is below 

My apologies for taking the pictures from the internet but again my camera was acting up and not taking clear enough photo (me been the perfectionist wasnt happy lol) but you will see in the video i do infact own these products :) :) 
Nivea Visage Young Control Shine 
Mattifying Gel Cream 
What Nivea states: 
Wanting naturally matt looking skin?

NIVEA VISAGE YOUNG control shine! Mattifying Gel Cream is a 3 in 1 day care is perfect for younger skin. 


NIVEA VISAGE YOUNG control shine! Mattifying Gel Cream:
  • Hydrates all day long and is quickly absorbed
  • Contains oil free formula with mattifying pigments that instantly eliminate excess shine
  • The UVA/UVB filter system protect from the sun‘s radiation
The skin looks naturally matt, feels soft and refreshed.  

My opinion 
This is a fantastic product to have in your collection.  This is perfect for anyone who suffers oily skin.  Any teenagers who dont like using harsh chemicals on their skin.  Or even anyone who tend to break out alot.   I find this product so easy to use and it works perfectly for my oily T-Zone and also keeps my skin hydrated at the same time.  Im very pleased with this product and im pleased to say its is extremely affordable.  :) :) The Best thing about this is i dont have to worry about wearing sunscreen as there is already UVA/UVB filters in this moisturiser thats good enough for me :) 

Clean Deeper ! Daily Deep 
Cleansing Face Scrub

What Nivea States:

NIVEA VISAGE YOUNG clean deeper! Daily Deep Cleansing Scrub helps prevent spots and blackheads for refined skin.


  • Blue power beads with lactic acid help to open clogged pores
  • Thus help to prevent spots and blackheads
  • Micro-exfoliates to smooth the complexion
For an instantly clean & pure skin. 

My opinion:
 I love this Daily Face Scrub.  It so gentle on my skin i use this twice a day....At first i was not sure about using it everyday because for the exfoliating beads but these beads are designed especially for everyday use... I didnt find myself breaking out at all and it left my face feeling smooth, soft, cleansed and not a bit tight.  I highly Recommend this Face wash :)

Stay Clear Purifying Toner

What Nivea says:

Wanting a mild formula which helps prevent spots and blackheads for clear skin?

NIVEA VISAGE YOUNG stay clear! Purifying Toner contains an extra mild, alcohol free formula which is enriched with Ocean Minerals.


  • Helps prevent spots and blackheads
  • Purifies and refreshes pores
  • Removes sebum and dirt without drying out the skin
The skin is clear and feels pleasantly refreshed. 

My Opinion
This definately does what i says it does.  I have found great result from this.  Even after washing my face I still find a little Dirt on my cotton pad using this so it literally take whatever left on your face right off.  The only thing i found with this is that it stings me on my cheek area every time i use it but i dont come out in a rash of any kind and it certainly does not break me out.  
My Overall Opinion 
I am extremely pleased with these products and i use this 3-step programme everytime i go throught my oily stages.  I in Fact recommend it to anyone who has teenagers going through the change of life.  I especially found the Mattifying Gel brilliant for keeping my oily patches abay .  Plus the best thing about these is that all of them together cost me only around €10 which is even better.  I will certainly be buying this for my teenage sister.  :) 
I hope this review was helpful to you all 
Please comment as id love to hear your thoughts on this review 
Any question please ask i will be happy to answer as best i can 
All of these items were of course bought by me out of my own money and im in no way ever getting paid for any of my reviews i have done so far...........
until next time 
Lots of Love Luck & Laughter 
Nina Carry 

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Artemi said...

Great review as usual!
I'll have to check these products,i have oily skin.
Thank you!

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