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e.l.f Studio Cream Eyeshadow Review

e.l.f:  Line, shade and contour your eyes with this ultra pigmented and creaseless cream shadow. Easy to blend for layering and building color. The silky smooth and smudge-proof formula provides long lasting color for a beautiful look all day.

Hey My Beauties Today i am reviewing the famous Studio Cream Eyeshadows available at and 

Check out my Video Review on these below:

Studio Cream Eyeshadows 
Pictures & Swatches 

As always e.l.f studio range never really fails to impress be honest i prefare the Studio Line out of the whole site......and i just love the fact that the packaging etc is sturdy and also professional looking......Whats even better is that you dont even have to pay big money for the packaging so on with the cream eyeshadows :) 

Candlelight:  As i stated in the video this is my least favourite of the pack......This is a shimmery white/cream with golden specks........I was expecting this to be the same as the rest in texture but it wasnt it felt more drier and thicker......which leaves it harder to blend as it will come out sort of lumpy it still works but you need alot more effort with this one........
Dawn:  This is a beautiful shade a lovely shimmery taupe.  Perfect for everyday wear and looks lovely even on its own :) :)  This is a little more creamy than candlelight and a little easier to work with but the rest of the shades are alot more creamier than this one i still love it :) 
Eggplant:  This is a beautiful purple with a slight brown undertone.  It has a slight metallic sheen to it.  I love my purple shades and I love this one this too can be worn on its own.  And I find it really makes my hazel eyes stand out :) This is so creamy and easy to work with I love it 
Purple Pleaser (new)
 Purple Pleaser:  Oh i love this shade :) This is soooooo creamy and soft.  obviously this shade is a fab metallic medium purple.......Its gorgeous when applied lighted and when layered on :) :) if your love purples you wont be disappointed with this one 
Smoke:  This is a darkish shimmery grey shade........I love this shade as its perfect for a base for that sexy smokey eye :) :) A little of this goes a long way as its extremely pigmented.

Teal Party(new) 
Teal Party:  Now as i said on the video this shade isnt exactly suitable for me because of my eye colour but i love using this as a eyeliner :) :) But this shade is so beautiful i want to go out and buy some colour contact just so i can wear it lol.  This shade is more on the blue side than teal.......with a little shimmer of course but when the sun hits this shade it lots fab
Pewter:  This is a nice silvery shade with a brown undertone to it......i like this shade for a daytime smokey eye blends well and nice a creamy 
Natural Glow(new)
Natural Glow:  This is a shimmer gold shadow with speck of gold in it........This works better with a thin layer because it you try to build it up it will become incredible clumpy .......I love this shade for under my eyeshadows , as a highlight or even an eyeliner.  This is beautiful.

Picture in normal dullish light 
This Picture is taken in direct Sunlight 
Another in sunlight 
Taken with artificial light aka house lighting 
With Flash of Camera 

My Overall Opinion 
Briefly I was amazed by these Cream Eyeshadows.  I was expecting them to crease like most cream eyeshadows I have tried.  They never creased for me.  I always use a primer with them anyway but i have tried them without a primer and they still stay in place:) .......The colours are fantastic and look great on their own or as a base.  Just be careful with some of them if you intend on layering them apply a little at a time or they will become chunky.......The best thing about this is that you are getting alot of product for so cheap and they will last you for ages.....A little goes a long long way.   I fine these are a great buy and handy to have in your collection the only one i would not buy again is "Candlelight".  
I hope this was helpful to you all 
I would love to hear from you 
P.S  These cream eyeshadows were bought out of my own money as usual and I just want to share with you all my experiences and of course pictures of their true colour to help you choose which ones to buy 

Lots of Love, Luck & Laughter 

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Dyna said...

awesome review hunny :D .. I only have bronzed and I really like it.. I think I'll get pewter, smoke and dawn now :)) xx

Nina said...

thanks hun and the bronzed is the only one i dont have :)

Anonymous said...

I opened your blog and bam.....the review that I looked for! Thank you for this in Italy they are new products and not a lot of people have them yet!
I'll buy surely...they have a very good colours!

sophieSfrancis said...

so glad i got the eyeshadows i got...i love them so much, great review too huni xxxSophxxx

Nina said...

Thanks sophie :) :)

Jelena said...

I love your e.l.f. posts. Before I place an online order, i regulary view your swatch. Thank you very much for your efforts.

Nina said...

awwwww thanks so much jelena im glad it helps you :) thats my aim

Imah Ayub ♥ said...

your revies made me want to buy ALL of the cream shadows!

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