Friday, 11 November 2011

My Mini Catrice Cosmetics Haul

some of the items i got in my haul (2 of these i didnt mention in my video dont know how i missed them)
Check out my video on my haul :) :) 

Here is swatches and pictures of my mini haul :) 
This is one powder that is a favourite of mine from Catrice......I have it in "Sand beige"........It comes in 2 shades and the other shade is "Rose Beige"......There is alot of product in this and you have no fear of it running out on you after a few uses especially for the price which is €4.49 each.........This is 100% matte in which i love also.......The best thing about these are the fact you can use these in different can use them as a blush/bronzer or a day time contour.......I love using this a contour mostly and also as an all over powder for foundations i have that are a little light for me (Waste not Want not eh?) 
I highly recommend this powder you will not be disappointed :) :) 

Skin Finish Compact Powder

"Sand Beige" 
Sorry about the picture after i done my video review i dropped my Compact on the floor and it smashed :( so i couldnt take a picture or swatch forgive me......When i get a new one i will post up swatches.....Anyway i love this compact it feels smooth and silk on the skin........Its a perfect match to my Catrice Photo finish foundation and brilliantly mattifying.  There is plenty of product in this compact as before i dropped it i had been using this for at least 3 to 4 weeks everyday and i hadnt hit pan so this would have lasted me a good while :) :) I love it :) 

Re-Touch Light-Reflecting Concealer

Catrice states:The ultimate creamy, light concealer for radiant eyes and a fresh appearance: light-reflecting pigments and medium coverage combined with moisturizing ingredients hide shadows under your eyes and other small imperfections in no time at all. Its gentle texture feels pleasant on the sensitive skin around your eyes.
Available in three shades in a premium silver twist-pen.
My opinion This is a great concealer like i said in the video i suffer with dark circles most of the time and sometime i have bad circle days this concealer is incredible for covering them up and brightening up my eye area.  I love using this right after doing my eye makeup.  I use "Light beige" which is perfect as it about a shade or 2 lighter than my skin tone and works really well.   this lasts all day and doesnt budge until i remover it myself.  It is not drying at all.  

 Limited editions Bohemia haul 
This is one of the prizes in my giveaway  

Definition Bronzer 

Catrice states:  Capture it all – tanned skin, the sun and the summer! This gentle powder with an unusual 3D paisley design subtly emphasizes the contours of your face. 
The formula: pure summer, light with a fine bronze shimmer. 
The results: perfect! 
My Opinion is this bronzer is perfect for every skin tone as its starts of light and you can work it to make it as light or heavy as you want......It states it has shimmer in it but to be honest i would say this is more on the matte side than shimmery.......If anything this bronze give you the most beautiful healthy natural glow in which i love.......I also love the design on this as it look much more expensive than only €3.99 im in love with it.....Only thing is that it is Limited Edition is is more the pity I may stock up :) :) im so glad i chose this as part of my giveaway now :) 
a good swatch in normal light  
Swatch in sunlight 
Absolute Eye Colour Mono. 
C02 "yes you tan!"

C03 "Bring me terra copper" 
Catrice States:  Bohemian beauties love warm terracotta and deep indigo – sensual ethno nuances are the ultimate eye make-up trend this season! Tradition offers the inspiration while the intensive pigmentation and shimmering effects ensure endless creative styling options. 
My opinion I love these shade These 2 shades are in the prize from my giveaway also........The "Bring me Terra Copper" is a warm copper/orange shade with golden shimmer.  The shimmer is finely milled and barely noticeable when applied.  I love this shade surprisingly as this is a shade i wouldn't normally go for.  I looks fantastic with dark brown.     
The "Yes you Tan" is a warm natural brown with chunky glitter......this shade is lighter in shade than it looks in the pan but is buildable.......the only fault i have with this is the chunky glitter is quite loose and you will end up with fallout......but i still like this shade and these eyeshadows are only €2.79 each :) 

This is another new mono eyeshadow i got in "oops Nude it again".  I was looking for a good nude skin toned eyeshadow to blend out those harsh lines and all i had in my collection was either frosty or shimmery shades.  I was so happy to see this on in the Catrice Collection so i had to get it and for €2.79 the price was more than perfect.  I use this eyeshadow everyday its perfect i will be stocking up on this for sure :) :) 

"Yes you Tan", "Bring me Terra Copper" &"oops Nude it again" in normal light    
In Sunlight 

Loose Powder Eyeliner 

Catrice states:  Ethno elegance de luxe with loose powder in a sophisticated black or blue color. Thanks to the soft professional flock applicator, it can be applied easily and gently. Depending on the desired finish, this eyeliner is suitable to create a delicate line or for soft blending. We love the clever contrast when combined with the warm terracotta shades of the Bohemia eye shadows. 
The Applicator 
This is yet another item from the prize :) and a new item i never tried before......Some people might find that this is nothing special....Im not saying its a bad product i like the idea of a powder eyeliner but to be honest its nothing a black eyeshadow and liner brush cant do but if you are one who doesnt own either will this is for you .........I do like it and its fun to play around gives a nice soft line and if you are one you doesnt always want a liquid liner etc on you well this is perfect.....another thing i mentioned in the video is that it is powdery so dusting it off on your hand before applying to your eye is best otherwise you will end up with black dusty eyeshadow on your face.  This is of course buildable so you have control of how intense you want your line etc.  I dont regret buying this i like the way it works  I give this a 8 out of ten so its not all that bad.  :) :) 

This is the last of my little haul :) This too is part of the prize i Love this shade its a perfect Autumn/Fall shade but it also looks well for any time of the year to be honest :) Its a beautiful strong Copper Orange shade :) only two coats does it as its so highly pigmented.  The brush on this is so different and if you have a good nail bed like me you will love it as it make applying alot easier but if you have a small nail bed and your nails are not long applying with this new brush might be tricky.......but i love the brush.  Whats great about this shade is that it works well with my skin tone :) I love it :) :) 

So that it everyone thats my Little haul in which im more than happy with......I hope you like just some on the items here that i listed that was part of the prize at least you have an idea what they look like :) :) I hope you enjoyed this Haul/review and im hoping to go shopping again for the remained limited edition collection soon so keep an eye out for that.  ***Note i have added 2 items i didnt include in the video that i got in my haul aswell :)
until next time 
Lots of Love, Luck & Laughter 
Nina Carry xoxoxoxoxoxox
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The bronzer and powder look great :-)

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they are great :) :)

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