Wednesday, 30 November 2011

e.l.f Studio Cream Blush Review

Hey everyone I hope you enjoyed my video review on these e.l.f Studio Cream Blushes 
After doing this review i automatically had another browse on the e.l.f UK Site  and of course have to avail of the fab 40% off and ordered some more cream blushes so keep an eye out for an update on them :) :) 
Now for the cream blush i do have :) 
The Packaging 
As i said in my video the packaging is literally the same as the e.l.f Studio Cream eyeliner, Studio Cream Eyeshadows  & the e.l.f Studio Body Glow  .  To be honest in my opinion the packaging is a little OTT as it could actually be made smaller as you can see in the above picture the product isnt exactly the full size of the package but anyway its no big deal after all they only cost £6.50/$6/€6.80each.
There is in fact a little white covering on each of these blushes which is great as that helps keep the blush clean, moist and in place.  
The Shades 
Vixen:  This is the very first shade i tried and love it.  To me it is a little on the pigmented side for anyone with very pale skin or even my skin tone but once you learn to use this lightly you can actually get away with using it and its fantastic especially for the Winter.  This is a beautiful berry/rose shade and looks fantastic on the lips also.  This has more of a Play doughy texture to it.
 Tease:  This is a fantastic fantastic shade and perfect for the summer months.  Its a peachy/coral shade and very pigmented.  This is not as strong as "Vixen" but buildable.  I love this shade the most i wear it whenever i want to be honest and Candid coral looks beautiful over it.  There is a slight rosy undertone to it also.  I highly recommend this shade it looks fab on the cheeks.  This has more of a creamy mousse texture.
Flirt:   Awwwww no this is a shade some people might be afraid of ......but dont be afraid its not as scary as it looks.  This is a beautiful matte baby pink blush.  Its applies very lightly so there is no fear of over doing it once you use a light hand.  This looks fantastic on the lips with a beautiful gloss over it.   This too has a creamy mousse texture.  

Swatches in Normal Light "Vixen, Tease & Flirt"
In Sunlight 
My overall opinion 
I find these blushes incredible especially for the value of them.  They are certainly going to last you for a very long time and a little of these goes a very long way.  I highly recommend using these with your fingers or with a stippling brush because the colour will appear more blended out and natural looking.  With some of these the fact they have great pigmentation will enquiry a light hand.  The best thing about these blushes is that they are very light on the skin and also works on oily skin.  They are so so easy to blend and with even just one application your cheeks look so beautifully natural.  These also work great with dry skin which is even better but i would advise if you do have very dry skin applying with your fingers might be best.  I think the only fault i do have is the packaging but even at that the pluses beat that one downfall i love these and i have even heard they beat some high end cream blushes so that says alot.

Well i hope you enjoyed my review and please leave a comment i love to hear from you 
until next time take care 
lots of Love, Luck & Laughter 
Nina C. 


Ashley Tiernan said...

Great review Nina. I have Seductress and Flirt and I love them both too and you really made me want the tease one now LOL :)

Artemi said...

You have the best reviews seriously! Wow i HAVE to try these!!

makeupjelena said...

I love this ELF product, tried only 2 colours so far, will definitely try more colours. :-)

Christine said...

I really want to try them, I've only heard great thing about them! Shame to say, though, but they're £6.5 and not £3.5 :)

Nina said...

wow i didnt realise they went up that much ok that is a bit crazy alright

Fran Brookman said...

Hi Nina, I'm just wondering if you have tried the Maybelline mousse blushers? And how these compare? Thanks x

Nina said...

hi fran no i havent tried the maybelline one yet but i have heard alot of great things about it :) i will hopefully be trying it soon so keep an eye out for the review hunny :)

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