Friday, 13 February 2015

NYX Cosmetic Matte Lipstick Review and Swatches Part 2

Hello Beauties I hope you are all well :) 
If you are a follower for a long time you will know I absolutely love and adore the NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipsticks.  I loved them that much I got more :) :)  As I have reviewed them before (see my first blog post here) I will not go into too much detail about them again, but I will tell you why I love them so so much 

  • You have a wide selection of shades to choose from over 20 shades to be precise and many of the shades will suit every skin tone 
  • These lipsticks are matte all the way and super long lasting :) 
  • The formula of these lipsticks are super creamy soft and does not drag on the lips unlike some matte lipsticks :) 
  • The Pigmentation of these lipsticks are amazing !!! from each and every last one which means longer lasting lipsticks :) 
  • The price of these lipsticks are super affordable costing only $6 each or here in Ireland between €6-7 each.  Soooooo worth it 
  • The fact that they are matte you would be worried that they would feel too drying on the lips well with these lippies they are not drying and feel like a normal lipstick.  Now if you suffer with dry cracked lips you will find the lipsticks drying and soaking into your dried lips so make sure to moisturise them before using these :) 
Ok I think I have covered why I love them so much so let me show you the new shades I added to my collection :)  First up is 
Summer Breeze:  Summer Breeze is the perfect name for this shade as i see this as the perfect summer shade.  A baby pink that is more on the cool side and looks amazing on even the palest of skin tones :)  I love how it looks on people who have a more neutral to warm skin tone as it really compliments them :) beautiful pigmented shade :) and really applies well :) 

Next up is 
Tea Rose:  I am sure you recognise this one from my last blog post as this is a repurchase.  I adore this shade so much :)  Its the perfect MLBB (My Lips But Better) lipstick :) 
Its a beautiful Dusty Rose shade and perfect for everyone :) Again applies like a dream 

Next is 
Spirit:  As you can see this shade is very very nude and a little too nude for me.  Its almost like a concealer for my lips :)  Its not my favourite and to be honest I found this formula different to the rest.  It was a little to oily as it started to seperate from my lips :(  Its a no no for me im afraid.  If you like peachy nudes this might interest you more :) 

Next is 
Aria:  This is one amazing shade as im into my purples alot lately I just had to grab this one to try it out and im glad I did.  This stunning pinky purple is amazing and the more you build it up the more gorgeous it looks :) 
I love that once applied well on the lips it doesn't move and when it starts to wear off it leave my lips pink.  That is sort of a word of warning too :)  This lippy does in fact stain so if you apply this on your lips in the morning and not top it up you are left with pink lips :) :)  and I mean nothing will remove the pink from your lips not even oil :)  

And Lastly 
Merlot:  Scared of reds and would like to try reds for the first time?  This is the red for you :)  Reds are even scary to me to be honest as I havent got the perfect white teeth I dream of having (american white I mean)  So I feel if I wear reds it makes my teeth look more yellow (dam to my addiction of tea and sweets)  This is a lovely subtle pinky red a gentle red for all of us who fear reds :)  I adore this shade and find its easy to wear :)  It compliments my warm complexion really well

So there you have it :)  I am so happy with my collection and certainly plan on buying more shades, so keep your eyes peeled for more swatches soon :) 
Have you tried these yet?  
Which shade so far is your kind of shade :)  
I hope you enjoyed my post 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jabeen Qadri said...

My favorite shade has to be Merlot! I loved their butter glosses and I'm gonna try their matte lipsticks next :-)

WhatLauraLoves said...

These look absolutely gorgeous, I think Tea Rose is my favourite.

Laura xxx

Unknown said...

Hi Nina! Because of this post I feel brave enough to try the NYX Merlot as I've always been of reds too. I very recently discovered your blog and I'm hooked! I love how your personality comes through and that you are so very relatable. Thank you for all if the great information and please don't stop anytime soon. :-)

Unknown said...

i have a couple of these and the formula really is fantastic. Tea Rose looks gorgeous! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

Nicol said...

ive been wanting to try tea rose for ages! need to get my hands on it now

Loevens said...

Tea rose is my perfect color, I really need to get my hands on that NeXT time I order from the US. Great job Honey.

beautyqueenuk said...

Tea Rose is my favourite from your swatches x

Unknown said...

I'm such a huge fan of NYX and love their matte lipsticks x

Esha said...

I <3 Merlot & tea rose

Claire D. T said...

They look great :D

Sophia Meola; ❤ said...

What a fabulous post - these shades look gorgeous! Aria could be a great dupe for MAC Rebel :D

Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


Stevista said...

Tea Rose, Aria and Merlot look soooo good!! x

Unknown said...

Oh wow all amazing shades! need to try NYX lipsticks.


Unknown said...

Tea Rose and Aria look beautiful! xxx

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