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Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette Review

Hello Beauties :) :) I hope you are all well :) 
You may remember last year I reviewed and swatched the Coastal Scents Revealed palette :)  Well I loved it that much I went back and ordered the Revealed 2 palette :)  To be honest lately I have been using the Revealed Palette alot because it has amazing shades and is perfect for everyday looks :)  I have almost hit pan with some shade so I may buy a back up :) 
Well today I bring you my thoughts on the Revealed 2 Palette in which I have had for quite some time but dragging myself away from the first palette took some time haha:) 

Each palette as mentioned in my last review is only $19.99 which is pretty good value for 20 eyeshadows :)  So has the Revealed 2 Palette lived up to the standards of the 1st one?

Like the first palette this comes in a handy little box which looks exactly like the palette itself only it has a picture of the palette in the back of the box.  The palette itself is really slim and lightweight which is always handy for travelling or even handier for storing in your drawer.  The lid of the palette is held closed by a magnet I love that :) 

Well let me tell you beauty lovers out there before I opened this eyeshadow palette I thought it was not going to wow me as much as the first one but I was wrong !!!!!! Just take a look yourself :) 

So lets begin with the eyeshadow:)  There are 6 mattes and 14 shimmers in this palette which is super handy as that means no taking out palette after palette to get the shades you need you have all in one :) 

There is alot of mixtures of shades suitable for day-time and night-time looks and whats more is all of these shade have a nice warm tone to them :) :)  This palette sort of reminds me of the Naked Palette 3 :) 

So Lets begin with the first row :) Its a pity these shades are not named but its not a major loss :)  So I will have to number them :) 
  1. This is a very pigmented golden champagne shade :)  There is slight golden shimmers to it :)  but its the perfect inner corner highlight :)  
  2. This is the first of the mattes and its a very light pink matte shade :)  The perfect brow colour or perfect for blending out harsh lines :)  Its very pigmented and soft and blends so nicely 
  3. This is a shimmery peach gold shade a perfect lid colour :)  Its very pigmented and can be a little chalky 
  4. This is a stunning shade a baby pink with golden shimmers.  The shimmers in this eyeshadow is a little chunkier than the first shades I talked about and if you are using this shade you will experience some glitter fallout :) You will also need to use primer with this shade as it needs something to cling onto to get the full effect of this 
  5. A beautiful light rose gold shade :)  I am in love with this as it really brings out the green in my eyes :) :)  This shade is very pigmented a little goes a long way :) 
  6. Another matte shade to the collection :)  A Light beige with a hint of purple :)  This shade is again soft creamy pigmented and perfect for blending out harsh lines :) 
  7. A Very beautiful shimmery yellow gold :)  This is one eye shadow I dont have in any of my eyeshadow collection and I am going to have fun playing around with it.  Its very very pigmented and again a little chalky :)  It also has a slight metallic finish :) 
  8. Another favourite shade of mine :)  A very pigmented deep rose gold with tiny gold shimmers :)  Stunning !!!!
  9. A medium toned copper gold shade another very very pigmented eyeshadow.  A Little goes a long way :) 
  10. A very deep shimmer bronze :)  very pigmented once again.  A little goes a long long way :) 
All Swatches are made with no primer underneath :) 
Next up is Row 2 

  1. Another very pigment matte eyeshadow :)  A medium taupe perfect for the crease or blending out :) :) 
  2. A light bronze brown shade with golden shimmer :)  stunning neutral and very pigmented :) 
  3. A light matte brown burgundy shade :)  This is very very pigmented, creamy, and soft :)  very blend able and works great for a crease colour :)  
  4. A light brown with gold shimmer :)  Nicely pigmented and easy to work with 
  5. A Deeper brown with more gold shimmer a deep number 4.  Very very pigmented and another favourite :) 
  6. A Dark Brown with a tiny amount of gold shimmer a very deep brown very pigment and perfect for the crease or outer V :) 
  7. Another matte this time a medium burgundy shade :)  This is great for a pop of colour to your normal daytime smokey eye :)  Its also stunning on people who have green eyes its makes your eye pop :)  very pigmented cream soft and easy to blend 
  8. A Matte Medium brown the perfect transition shade and very pigmented :) 
  9. A Deep Blackened Purple very pigmented.  I did find this a little harder to blend out but it is stunning when using purples and pinks It has shimmers which is not too noticeable once blended out :) 
  10. Lastly a matte black but to be honest I dont see it as entirely matte as there is some silver shimmer in there :)  The shimmer is not too noticeable.  This is very pigmented and easy to blend 

Seriously ladies this palette is brilliant I am totally in love with both of them :)  I will surely be buying another 2 for back ups :)  They are so highly pigmented and to be honest just as good as some high end eyeshadows out there.  With a cream base or primer these eyeshadows do not budge from morning to night :)  They feel incredibly soft creamy and are so easy to blend.  What more is each and every shade that is in the palette compliment each other and you can create so many looks out of 20 shades you will never be bored.  Do I think they are worth $19.99 each ?? OF Course without a shadow of doubt and sometimes if you are lucky Coastal Scents do an even better sale of them by selling them for $9.99 each which is what I paid for them when I got them :) 

Here is a look I created with this palettes :) here is the shades I used 
I also applied the Inner crease shade to the inner bottom lash line 
The outer 1/3 shade to the centre of the bottom lash line and lastly the Outer V shade to the outer bottom lash line blending inwards :) 

I really hope you enjoyed this review and let me know your thoughts :)  Have you tried this palette :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Karis Brelsford said...

Love your eye make up. The palette has some great colours look really pigmented. KBxx

Michelle K said...

I've never heard of Costal Scents before, this palette looks amazing! xxx

Charli Bruce said...

These colours are gorgeous and so pigmented! Your eye make up is also beautiful xxx

Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

Julie Bardoe said...

This palette looks amazing, much better than the first one! The look you created looks gorgeous too x

JustJulie | UK Beauty Blog

Kay Cake said...

WOW That looks like an amazing palette, all the colors looks insanely pigmented!

Beautykinguk said...

This is the first time I have seen a palette that doesnt have the shades named, how unusual!

Sophie Pocock said...

Not heard of this brand before in the UK, looks lovely though.


Shannon Boyce said...

I love the range of shades in the palette. Plus there are so many for the money! And they look quite pigmented as well. Bonus! The makeup look you created is just stunning. You look so so gorgeous.

Holly said...

You applied your eye shadow so beautifully. You always remind me of a Renaissance queens.

beautyqueenuk said...

The range of shades is stunning, perhaps you could name them yourself x

Alice Furlan said...

Oh nina you did such a great job on this look!! i love everything about it: color choices, shape, technique! This palette has been in my heart since it launched and I wished there was a (cheap) way to get it to europe without paying customs and ridiculous shipping fees!
Alice | Alice's Beauty Madness

Nina s said...


Oh So Gawjess said...

Swatches are pretty - i would honestly wear every single shade - very me x

Stavroula DrugstoreBLover said...

Pretty colours! I love your eye makeup, it looks stunning! :) x

Kristyn said...

SUCH A GORGEOUS LOOK totally stunning

Katie Garvin said...

Whoa, you are BEAUTIFUL! I love the eye look you created. Totally something I would wear. I have the first Revealed palette, and love it. I think I need to get the Revealed 2 sometime soon, as I love wearing pinks and mauves :-)

Katie // From My Vanity

Kelly McKenny said...

I'm not very familiar with the brand, but the colours on this are stunning! the look you created brilliant too!

Nora said...

every time i read your posts on eyeshadow reviews i always look forward to your eye makeup part!!! thats one real fine talent there! do you make videos on youtube? i would be glad to watch!

WhatLauraLoves said...

OOh the colours in this palette look beautiful, some of them remind me of the Naked 2 palette xxx

Didi Ulanday said...

Hi Nina! Thank you so much for your reviews! They are very helpful <3!
I was wondering since Coastal Scents: Revealed 2 and also W7: In the Nude aresupposed to be dupes for UD: Naked 3, what did you think of them if you could choose one? I'm debating buying either one but I'm not sure which one is more bang for my buck in terms of quality and versatility.
In $USD Revealed 2 is about $15 (on eBay) with more colors but the W7 is only $10... Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks again!

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