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Makeup Geek Starter Kit Review & Swatches

Hello Beauties :) I hope you are all well :) 
You have no idea how excited I am right now that I finally own 9 Makeup Geek eyeshadows :)  I have been wanting to try these for such a long time as I am a huge fan of Marlena from Makeup Geek :) and I thought the day would never come :)  To be honest I wanted to save enough to buy alot in one go and that what I intended until I realised that the more you buy the more you have to pay customs.  The reason I knew this was because I talked to a few people about them and they warned me not to order too many at one :) 

So I decided it was about time I got my hands on some and I finally have started my collection :) eeekkkkkkkk :) 

Deciding on what eyeshadow to get was such a mission to be honest as there is so many shades to choose from (If I had my way I would pick all of them hehe)  with about 68 eyeshadows to choose from and that without choosing from pigments and foiled eyeshadows your mind will be bedazzled :)  
To be honest I have all on my wishlist and had no idea where to start and end.  So I ended up taking the easy option and picking the Starter Kit which contains 9 eyeshadows for only $49.99
That works out a bargain as each eyeshadow costs $5.99 which means there is almost $4 knocked off if your buy the starter kit :) 

You have two choices:  You can purchase the pans of eyeshadow on their own from the website or you can choose a UNII Palette along with it for extra.  I choose just the pans as I had a UNII Palette of my own :) 
I have a feeling I am going to have to invest in another bigger UNII Palette for the future for my MUG Eyeshadows :)  

Marlena thought out this Starter Kit very well :)  i am in love with each and every shade of eyeshadow :)  Their is great eyeshadows in here for daytime looks and of course night time :)  

There is a great selection of mattes and shimmers in this collection and each shade is perfect for every skin tone :) 

So lets begin one by one with the shades :) 

Shimma-Shimma:  Love this name as its a real Marlena saying "A little Shimma Shimma" :)  This is absolutely amazing and already a favourite of mine I have to admit.  Such a beautiful.  A Beauiful shimmery peachy champagne :)  This is sooooo pigmented a little goes a long way :)  A perfect all over the lid shade or simply us as a highlight AMAZING !!!! A Must have 

Glamorous:  Another favourite of mine and let me telly you now this eyeshadow is amazingly pigmented.  You bearly have to dip your brush into this pan to get instant pigmentation.  This is a beautiful shimmer bronze gold :)  Another must have !!!!

Creme Brulee:  A Matte Medium sand orangey shade.  The perfect transition shade :) I adore this and have found myself using this alot lately.  A little goes a long way even though its matte it blend beautifully :)  

Cocoa Bear:  Another Matte this time a lovely red brown :)  This is very very pigmented and a perfect crease shade :)  Its also great for using as a transition colour for smokey eyes :) :)  The pigmentation from this shade is absolutely incredible I mean go easy ladies and gents because you can easily over do it up if pick up too much on the brush :) :) 

Mocha:  Perfect name once again :)  A Matte warm Brown :)  Another perfect crease shade out even outer v shade for day time smokey eyes :)  Another pigmented shade nice and soft and easy to blend.  I have also used this for a daytime eyeliner :)  Love it and love how pigmented it is :) 

Unexpected:  Another matte :)  This time a light purple with pinky undertones :)  I love this shade as its a perfect transition shade and also perfect for a during the day smokey eye :)  Very pigmented and blends really well :) 

Prom Night:  I absolutely love this shade :) :)  A Pale Purple with a hint of grey in there :)  This is of course shimmery and has a lovely texture :)  This is hugely pigmented and very complimentary for every eye colour but mostly for anyone with green/hazel eyes :)  I adore this shade as you can wear it both day and night :) 

Drama Queen:  Another Favourite :)  I love my purples ;)  A Beautiful deep dark purple shimmer :)  There is a mixture of red and silver shimmers and wow will your eyes be bedazzled once you wear this.  My hazel eyes look more green when I wear this I just love it :)  This can be worn on the lid for that deep passionate smokey eye for night or wear in the outer V to darken up a look :) HUGELY Pigmented :) 

Corrupt:  This is the blackest black eyeshadow I own !!! I mean I own alot of palettes and alot of eyeshadows and no black eyeshadow matches this one !! This of course is Matte with a subtle amount of shimmer.  You bearly notice any shimmer while using this.  The pigmentation WOW !!!!  Blending is effortless which is always a plus right ?!

And now the moment you have all been waiting for The Swatches :) 

Closer Look? :) 

All swatches are made with no primer and in natural daylight :)  They are amazing Right??  Click on the Pictures for an even closer look ;)   I have to admit I have not one bad thing to say about these eyeshadows.  They are super high quality for a super affordable price and my goodness every bit as good as any high end eyeshadows :) 
I also have to admit I am jumping onto the site straight after this to order more and to be honest will not stop ordering until I have every shade :)  I am totally in Love :)  
With a primer of course you are going to find no fading whatsoever and I have worn these shadows for over 12 hours :) :) 
I highly recommend them seriously !!!! 
The only thing I do have to say is be careful when ordering from the Makeup Geek store because no matter where you are if you order over $22 worth of makeup from this site, you will be charged customs.  So order small and often.  
I didnt mention that Makeup Geek eyeshadows are also Cruelty Free, Talc and Paraben Free.  
Here is a look I created with these beautiful shadows :) 

Using Shimma Shimmer on the 1st third of my lid and on my tear ducts. 
Glamorous on the rest of my lid 
Creme Brulee in the crease and above 
Cocoa Bear in the crease alone blending with Creme Brulee
Mocha on the outer V blending into the crease I also decided to blend a little of mocha into the outer third of the lid :)  
I love this combination :)  I will soon post up a picture of a night time look using these eyeshadows so make sure to keep an eye out :) 

I really hope you enjoyed this review :) 

Have you tried Makeup Geeks Eyeshdows :) 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

PS A little update:   I couldnt resist girlies I just had to order more eyeshadows arghhhhhhh please tell me I did the right thing come one please :)  :) 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Jess | Just Jesss said...

Your makeup looks stunning here Nina! These all look like such beautiful shades, I'm loving Prom Queen and Unexpected! They're really well priced, too, it's just a shame about the customs charges :(

Jess xo

Michelle K said...

You've picked some lovely shades there, and the pigmentation looks amazing! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

Karis Brelsford said...

Mocha and unexpected are stunning, great picks. KBxx

Sophia Meola; ❤ said...

Shimma Shimma and Prom Night are so gorgeous! I have wanted to give Makeup Geek products a try for so long but I never got round to ordering any - think I need some in my life!

Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


Shannon Boyce said...

Ahhh so so exciting! I love the MUG channel but have never bought the actual makeup products yet. But my gosh, they look stunning....especially Cocoa Bear! I love the pigmentation.

Nicol said...

haven't heard of this brand before but omg drama queen is absolutely beautiful!

Sophie Pocock said...

Eyeshadows look lovely! haven't heard of this brand before.


Holly said...

You are a wizard with eye shadow! So jelly.

WhatLauraLoves said...

Woah those shadows are soooo pigmented! They look lovely and you chose a great range of shades!

Laura from xxx

Coco N said...

I have Unexpected and recently ordered Corrupt. I love MUG eyeshadows x

Kelly McKenny said...

I love my purples too! Drama Queen is a stunner :)

Oh So Gawjess said...

I don't really get excited over eyeshadow - probably because I'm crap at applying it, but you are so enthusiastic it's a little but infectious .... Hmmmm now where's my makeup bag ...

Nina s said...

Ladies you are all so lovely with you comments :) JESS Girl get them eyeshadows and brushes out and practice hunny you will be a pro in no time I mean it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beautyqueenuk said...

OOh Shimma Shimma and Prom night are my favourites from your swatches x

Jess Benoit said...

Your makeup looks amazing! I seriously need tutorials from you LOL. The name of Makeup Geek alone makes me want to try them out. :)

Carrie Chance said...

they look really nice. great shades!

Crazyblondegal said...

They look amazing! Sadly I don't think we can get these in the UK just yet :(

Frankie x

Kristina Maggiora said...

oh man I really REALLY want this. MG seems to be an amazing brand.

Creepers & Cupcakes

Jaclyn Anne said...

Beautiful colors! These are great!

Ronda said...

Nice, love your eye makeup!

Tami Q said...

I'm almost 40 and just now getting experimental with eye shadows. I've always been too afraid to try anything more than neutrals.

Naffy said...

HOly crum the pigmentation of these look incredible! Will have to give them a go! xxx

christine gallagher said...

love the colors you picked they look great

Lovelyladyjb said...

Never tried this brand, but I LOVE all the shades you chose to review! :)

Angie B said...

I love the shades you chose. I too love my make up and find it hard to buy just one or two colors at a time. I like to have a variety so I have whatever color combo I'm envisioning that day

Corina Ramos said...

I really love these colors and you're make up is so on point!

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