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Makeup Revolution The ONE Foundation Review

Hello Beauties I hope you are all well :) 
This is going to be a somewhat different review today :)  
You all know at this stage that I have tried alot of Makeup Revolutions product and loved each and every last one of them but of course they can not be all that perfect can they?  I mean they are a new brand that has hit it off with all of us beauty addicts straight away :)  Of course there has to be some products that we may not like with any brand but to be honest up until now Makeup Revolution hasnt disappointed me at all 
I am sure you may have guessed it my now that this is the product that has disappointed me.  
Now this has in no way put me off the brand as I will continue to purchase anything new from them they are amazing and I cant take that away from them :) 
Of course Makeup Revolution takes their customers feedback seriously and I know that they would want to hear everyone honest opinions .  
I have been asked on a number of occasions have I tried the foundation by makeup revolution yet so I thought I may as well tell you all at once what I think :) 
So let me tell you a little about it first :) 

Makeup Revolution state:  This will be Your ONE Foundation. ONE shade for everyone Using Revolutionary fusion technology The ONE Foundation adapts to your skin tone and texture to give a flawless finish. Due to its liquid formula, it is Easily build-able and applied The ONE Foundation gives full coverage resulting in a matte finish. Available in 16 shades to suit every skin tones.

The foundation costs £4 each.  The packaging is alot different to any normal foundation I have used.  In fact the packaging looks alot like the Macs Face and Body foundation :)  

The bottle is alot smaller than Macs F&B though as you will see below 

The bottle has a twist lid and a nozzle with a a tiny peep hole on top.  The peep hole would remind you of a bottle of ear drops or eye drops.  
It says on the box that you should shake the bottle before using the foundation so that is what I did.  I shook vigorously and then applied a drop to the back of my hand.  I was very surprised to see a very watery.  I was puzzled as it says that this foundation is full coverage which means it should be thicker.  This foundation was so watery I found even if I tilted my hand a tiny bit it ran everywhere.  The picture below shows how fast it runs and this is within about 3 seconds 

Putting aside the watery consistancy I gave it the benefit of the doubt and applied a layer on my face.  First of all the shade was so wrong for me as it was more on the orange side than neutral or yellow which is what I normally go for.  The shade I chose was shade 5 which I thought might be close.  Putting aside the wrong shade I wanted to see what the coverage was like and after 1 layer I can safely say I covered nothing for me.  I have freckles, pigmentation, a mole and large pores on my face and it covered none of this.  
So once the 1st layer set I applied another and the ame thing happened my freckles and pigmentation peeped through but there was a little more coverage there it was more light to medium.  
here is an example of the pigmentation on my arm.

To see if the coverage would build up any more I tried a 3rd layer and Even though there was 3 layers on my face it only gave the most.....medium coverage.  I wasnt prepared to apply another layer to be honest as 3 was way to much as it was and I was looking more and more like one of mr wonka's oomp loompa lol 
I have tried every different way to apply this to my face be it with my hands, a flat topped kabuki brush, a sponge etc and I get the same coverage each time.  
So as you can tell this is not a foundation I will be repurchasing.  I think this foundation might suit someone who does not want much coverage.  I think this could pass as a tinted moisturiser for people with oily skin 
Its a real pity that this didnt work out for me.  Did you try this yet?  What's you thoughts on it :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Luck Love and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Claire D. T said...

I haven't tried this product but I wouldn't buy it!! I need good coverage, too!!

Bianca Jayy said...

I really want to try this brand!

Kerri Whitehouse said...

I like this I let it sit on my hand for a few seconds it makes it a bit tacky so it works better to transfer to the face and blend in. It's not full coverage but I find the right shade really build able

Loevens said...

I ave not tried any of their Foundations or concealers. I'm always a Little hesitant of Foundations from such an affordable brand, I break out from a lot of cheap Foundations. But I was actually going to try this, because I've been loving pretty much everything else from them. I may just skip it now though.

Thanks for the review.


Alice Furlan said...

I love honest revieews. I was curious aobut this foundation mainly because it looks so much like face & body (which breaks me out) . i love the coverage and effect of the mac one so I would have tried the MR one as well, but I won't now I guess.
Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

Sarah Barton said...

Such a shame that you had to apply so much to get that coverage, though it looks nice! I find that thin foundation like that looks terrible around my nose, sinks into my pores and I ALWAYS have brush marks on my nose.. Meh!

S xx

Shannon Boyce said...

I really hate when products let you down! This does seem like a very light to medium coverage - which is fine if that is what they claim. What a shame!

SilkyBeauty said...

Thanks for this review. I wanted to buy it but it would be waste of money :(

Dyna said...

Thank you so much for sharing !! My tastes are basically identical to yours so thankfully I dont have to try it too haha x

The Made Up Maiden said...

Such a shame this didn't work for you, but it does seem unusually watery for a full coverage foundation!

I just put in my first order last week so I can't wait for it to arrive! Mainly ordered shadow palettes though!

MissGreenEyes said...

Great review, Nina! It sounds much too watery for me, I like a thicker coverage. I had a similar issue with one of the NYC foundations, still minimal coverage after 3 layers. Nobody has time to wait for layers to dry!! I am excited to try Makeup Revolution though, I just received my first order today, got a blush and some lipsticks x

Laura - Alagoz said...

Shame it didn't work out for you! I do like to wear foundations with lighter coverage on summer time. Thanks for the review! x

Pink Frenzy

beautyqueenuk said...

Im curious as to whether or not this will work for me, it is such a bargain price and ive been so impressed with everything else I have tried x

Beautykinguk said...

Makeup Revolution are so popular right now on all the blogs I read. I have for obvious reasons, never used any of their products.

Sana Sadiq said...

I've a long list of products that I want to try out from Makeup Revolution and they keep on adding whimsical products :( I'm more intrigued to try out their matte perfection foundation x

Belleza Kisses said...

Oh wow! That sucks! I hate getting foundation that doesn't provide good coverage.

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