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Ziaja Natural Olive Skincare Review

Hello My beauties :)  I apologise for been so quiet lately life has been chaotic lately since the kiddies started school and the twins been the last babies have started school too I have been taking advantage of my time to finally do what i have been dreaming of doing and that is doing up my home :)  You know how it is when you have small kiddies your home is a wrecking ground and of course you have to let kids be kids.  As they are growing up and know a little more responsibility I can finally lay down some rules and make my home into a nice warm cosy home with lots of pictures all over :)  
I also have started freelancing a little which took some time for me to build the confidence to do so and I am loving it :)  Its an amazing feeling doing someones makeup and they walking out the door smiling and confident :) :) 
So this my little catch up chat for you all :) :) 

Now down to my review :) 
Ziaja is a brand I have never tried before, I have heard alot of good things about their products in the past year but never got round to trying them out until the last meetup I was at I got these items in a goody bag.  I got down to trying them out straight away and since them I havent stopped :) 

Ziaja Skincare is orginaly from Poland.  This company works hard to give us the best quality products from a low cost price and with the best ingredients for our skin.  I do not know about you but to me that is pretty darn amazing :)  I myself have always wanted the best for my skin and been that little bit older like the thoughts of natural !!! anything natural is good for you.  I do see the benefits on my own skin when I do go natural and thats what I find important.  Sometimes or more alot of times natural skincare products can be costly and been a mum of 5 I cant possible hand over alot of money for skincare products.  Thank fully there are very few brands out there who take that into consideration.  Ziaja is one of those brands :) :) 
So let me show you the products that I have tried and let you know what I think :) 

Ziaja Natural Olive Micellar Water:  Retailing at €4.49 for 200mls 
I was super excited to try this out as I have to admit since Micellar Water came out in the market I have never stopped using it.  So far I have tried about 3 different brands of Micellar Water and there is one I have to admit is a favourite of mine as im sure you all know what it is :) :) For those of you who do not know its the Garnier Micellar Water not only is it brilliant but its also 400mls and only costs under €6 
I am sure you are thinking there isnt much difference in Micellar water from any brand that they all do the same thing and maybe you are right but between the 3 different brands I have Ziaja has got an advantage why?  It contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E which is hugely beneficial for your skin.  
Vitamin A is the best wrinkle fighter (as we all are delighted to know)  
Vitamin B helps the skin retain its natural moisture 
Olive oil is very rich in vitamins, minerals and natural fatty acids. It’s also convenient for a sensitive skin. Olive oil also nourishes, rejuvenates and protects the skin.
Most Beauticians will infact tell you that olive oil is one of best ways to remove makeup even waterproof so you can imagine how well this worked on my face.  It did infact remove my makeup brilliant and without leaving my skin feeling parched.
My skin feels smooth, soft, clean and refreshed everytime I use it. Anyone with very sensitive skin will surely love this beauty and I surely give it a thumbs up :) :) I think this in fact would be my new favourite Miscellar Water.  

Ziala Natural Olive Face Cream:  Retailing at €4.79 for 50mls.  
The packaging on this is actually very old fashioned in my eyes :)  It looks like something I would have seen on my nannies dresser table about 20 years ago.  Its very simple and plain and nothing exciting but to be honest but its not really important what the packaging looks like as long as the product itself works well isnt that right?  

Well too my surprise while untwisting the top I see a very well sealed up cream.  I mean thick tin foil seal on the top which impressed me alot as you can reseal your cream up straight after use.  Very Hygenic.  Another thing that impressed me was the cream was filled to the very very top of this tub unlike some tubs of cream which are only 3/4 filled or even 1/2 filled this tub is going to last a long long time :) 

This cream smell absolutely amazing, its not the type of scent that is overly strong but surely smells fresh clean and beautiful.  If I was to pin point what exact does it smell like I would have to say the mild version of baby lotion.  Some people state it smells like olives but I cant confirm as I dont know what olives smell like.  The consistency of the cream seems thick to begin with but once applied to the skin melts to a thin consistency, keep in mind that you only need a small amount of this cream to apply to the face and neck.  I over done it the first time and to be honest the cream literally looked oily on my face I had that much of a shine you could nearly see your reflection off my face.  Next time i used it I literally used a pea sized amount and it immediately soak into my skin leaving be with a lovely health glow.  

Here is an example of what I mean by using too much this is the result of what it will look like on your face :) 

At the moment I have normal to combination skin so I use this very sparingly but will need it in the winter where my skin gets very dry.  So if you do have dry skin this little beauty is surely the answer to your prayers as it does hydrate you skin brilliantly :) :)  I tend to use this more at night at the moment for extra moisture and by morning my face looks fresh clean and ready for the day ahead :)  I love it

Ziaja Natural Olive Anti-Wrinkle Cream:  Retailing at €5.99 for 50mls 
No Point in beating about the bush when I say I am more into looking after my skin than I did 10 years ago.  If I had a chance to turn back time when I was in my early 20's I would have told myself to start using anti wrinkle cream because I do believe once you hit the 20's your skin changes.  but better late than never eh?  This anti-wrinkle cream is aimed for anyone in their 30 + but of course you can use this whenever you wish even in your mid 20's.  Again the packaging is is the same only this time comes with a different colour lid.  The day cream comes with a green lid this one comes with a white lid so its easy to tell which cream to reach for.  

The consistency of this cream is the only thing thats different to the day cream obviously because it has different ingredients in it.  

The day creams main ingredient is Olive Oil where as there is 3 main ingredients in this Anti- Wrinkle cream 
Olive oil, Canola Oil & Coenzyme Q10.  
Canola Oil is rich in Vitamin E which is beneficial for you skin as it reduces the appearance of fine lines, its also a natural antoxident which helps protects the skin against the damaging effects of free radicals.  It also reduces the appearance of blemishes and acne scarring :) 
Coenzyme Q10 :  As we are getting older so is our skin.  Our skins ability to fight off harmful chemicals such as pollution, sun exposure etc automatically reduces as we hit 30 + .  Been young we already have CoQ10 in our bodies to fight off what harms our skin but the old we get the more our natural CoQ10 defences reduces.  Ziaja have thought of this and has added it into their Anti-wrinkle cream :)  
I dont know about you but thats good enough for me to believe we are only doing our skin justice by applying this everyday :)  Aswell as that this cream feels amazing on the skin and leaves you with a beautiful natural looking glow.  My skin feels smooth soft and refreshed.  I love it and use it every single day since I got it 

Overall these products feel amazing and make my skin feel soft and refreshed and moisturised.  The fact that there is nothing but natural ingredients in them makes me feel great that I am not causing any extra damage to my face.  Whats more is that these are super affordable :) :) 
I cant wait to try more products from this range :) :)  If you are interested in this range here is a link to their website :) :) 

Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Alice Furlan said...

I love natural skincare, hopefully if my acne lets me go, at some point I will try some!!
Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

Federica B said...

These product sound brilliant! I love the fact that they have natural ingredients!

Federica B said...

All these products sound amazing, I love the fact that that they have natural ingredients!

Claire D. T said...

I didn't know this brand but it looks very interesting :)
Great review!!

Kay Cake said...

Oooo love that it's green! I have been loving all things green lately x

Huda Sheikh said...

Olive oil is really fabulous for skin care and trusted all around the world :)

dawn obrien said...

I think this is the only ziaja product range I haven't tried yet, but definitely gonna get some, it sounds as wonderful as their other ranges!

Laura - Alagoz said...

Seems like great line! I have their store the same street I live :) I have wanted to visit for sometime, but still haven't. Might need to change that now :) Thanks for sharing! xo's

Pink Frnezy

Lovelyladyjb said...

It seems like a good quality skincare line. The creams seem light and fluffy, but full of moisturization. I used to be a beauty buyer, so I've had my share of creams and serums. Nice review!

Sophie Pocock said...

Not a brand I would use but glad your enjoying them.


Kelly McKenny said...

I do really like the look of these - I know you said the packaging doesn't look like much but the greenness and simplicity do make them look like natural products!

Katarzyna Moczyńska said...

These products cost in Poland less than half price you wrote. Ziaja has got their own shops in many cities where you can buy only their products - hair care, skin care

Jhon Mick said...

Yeah as you have said. the Olive oil has enormous usage even dermatologist in chennai suggest the same.

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