Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Impress Limited Edition Halloween Nails

Hello my beauties I hope you are all well :) 
Are you all looking forward to Halloween :) 
I love it I think its great that we can all get creative with costumes nails and makeup without feeling we have went OTT :)   
Sometimes the most things we concentrate on is the Costume and the Makeup and then forget to do the nails and end up doing a last minute job on the nails before running out the door.  Whats the typical last minute look for nails? It has to be of course Black.  Well Impress has fixed that problem for use by creation their limited edition Halloween false nail selection.  Now I mean this will literally do for a last minute job as there is no glue needed for these bad boys :) 
They have created 6 different styles of Halloween nails which is bound to suit every costume out there :) :) and because they are limited edition they are half the price the normal range costs which means you can get these for €4.99 each BARGAIN :) :) 
I was never one for false nails as I do have long nails myself but of course my nails have taken some battering in my time.  With of course been a mum of 5 I use my hands all the time so no matter how much I try to look after my nails I still cant have them as perfect as I want.  I think I have stayed clear of false nails because of the time and effort you have to put into putting them on with glue filing etc but with these you dont have to worry about that :) 

First of all let me show you what I mean by effortless :) 

Too good to be true right ?  Well its not these actually work out the way it says on the diagram :) :)  You can literally have these on you nails within 5 minutes :) 

Whats more it says on the package that if these nails are applied as directed they will last for 1 week.  Now obviously I was not expecting that been a mum who washes dishes fills fires scrubs the house but for those who do not do that I can safely say I would believe they would last at least half of that time :) :)  I found they fell of my nails slowly after 2 days of wear :) 

I also love the packaging on these :)  The False nails come in a plastic bottle shaped like a nail polish which is handy for storage reasons.

So Far I have used 2 of these packs and both look amazing on the nails.  Since wearing them I have had a few people ask me where I got them done and when I told them they were actually false they couldnt believe it.  
The only fault I would find with them is that You have to have pretty good sized nail beds for them otherwise you are going to find it hard to get the perfect fit on you.  My nail beds are perfect for them but when I tried apply some on my oldest daughters nails who has smaller nail beds it was a massive struggle.  They kept falling off her nails.  Apart from that they are brilliant.
Each nail design Has their own names :)  
Midnight black Which are a simple black design :) 
Total Witch Is one of my favourites :) 

After Midnight has black tips and red roses (which is the last set of nails on the first picture)
Supernatural are black nails with spooky green eyes.  
Rager is a bright orange and look amazing 
Lastly is Hot Blooded another favourite of mine which has skulls and cobwebs on them :) 

These nails are available in leading pharmacies in Ireland aswell as Dunnes Stores I also see that they are available in Rite Aid in America :) :)

Check out Impress Nails Ireland on Facebook For more details on their Limited Edition Nails.  I really hope they come out with some exciting nails for Christmas ;) 
I hope you enjoyed my review :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Jessica said...

These are so cool! they are so perfect for this coming Halloween. Easy to do so no hassle. A must try indeed!

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