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New Eyeliner Pens By Blank Canvas Cosmetics "Winging It" & "Borderlines" :)

Hello My beauties I hope you are all well :) :) 
Oh my goodness I just could not wait to get typing up this post for you all.  
Blank Canvas Cosmetics as you all know at this stage is one of my favourite Irish Beauty Companies.  I just love everything from all their brushes to their 6 pan contouring/highlighting Palette to their cases etc.  They always end up coming out with new releases especially brushes and as soon as I see an announcement that there is a new release I am online like a shot to grap it while I can.  
Well They have yet again shocked me with their latest release and that is these 2 eyeliner pens.  I was not expecting them to come up with this.  So you can just imagine my excitement when I got my hands on these :)  Actually to be honest i couldnt even wait to take pictures of these first before using them like I normally do I just went straight upstairs did my makeup and applied these :) :) 
So today I am going to fill you in all about them and what I think of them :) Exciting :) 
I am sure you have all noticed that I do not review many eyeliner pens simply because any eyeliner pens I have tried in my time have let me down.  Either they have dried out way too quick or they are not black enough or the tip is either too hard or too soft.  Its hard to find a good eyeliner pen and trust yourself enough to part with your money to buy one especially when you have had nothing but bad experiences with ones in the past.  So have these pens changed my mind about not liking eyeliner pens or have they let me down like the rest of them.  

So first up is Borderlines :) 

Borderline is a super longwear eyeliner which gives an extremely black finish.  Blank Canvas Cosmetics created Borderlines for those you like the option of creating thin or thick lines in one pen.  

Borderlines has a tapered end which helps create the perfect thick and thin line.  The thicker part of the tip allows you to press down to create a more thick defined line :)  The tip is stiff which means no mistakes.  I was absolutely amazed by the instant black line I got in just one stroke by this pen.  And also amazed at how quick it dried in too.  

The picture above is only one light stroke as you can see instant pigmentation I love it :) :)  What more is the lid has a click sound which means you will have no fear of the lid coming off easily or accidental not putting the lid on properly and ending up with a dried out pen.  The Lasting power is amazing, it literally lasts all day long without looking the slightest bit smudged or faded.  

Next up is I have to say my favourite pen out of the two :)  Even though they are bother great this is the one I reach for most :) 
Its the Winging it Pen 

Winging it (seriously loving the name of this pen) is amazing I absolutely adore this.  This is perfect for any of you baby girls out there who are have not perfected the cat eyed look yet and need something that you can build instead of have the instead dreaded thick line that you have to fix up yes I still to this day have that problem :)  

Winging it is said to be smudge proof water proof and of course easy to apply.  It has a much slimmer nib with a much slimmer tip compared to the Borderlines liner. 

Well the pigmentation is much the same as Borderlines super black super pigmented.  The flexible tip leaves it so much easier to achieve the perfect winged look.  I am super impressed that the tip lets you create a super smooth even line across your lash line filling in the spaces between your lashes.  You have 100% control of how thick or thin you want your line.  You all have to agree here by saying that doing your eyeliner is one of the most time consuming stages of applying makeup I know I can vouch for that but even this morning applying this liner it took me literally 30 seconds per eye  (yes I timed it lol ) to achieve a thin winged out look :) :) Priceless !!! 

Overall both of these liners are amazing you have the Borderline Eyeliner which is short stiff thick with a tapered end to help you create an even thick or thin line right across your lash line.  Then you have Winging it which is longer thinner with an even thinner tip and also more flexible nib to help create the perfect flick for your perfect line.  I have found the pigmentation lasted all day long on my eyes without smudging or moving.  The longest time I have worn these is about 12 hours and nothing moved.  Happy days!!!!!
The fact that each of these only cost €9.99 is an extra bonus and I will be surely adding a couple of these to my kit :) 
Here is a look I created using "Winging It" as my liner of the day I just love the finish :) 

Have you tried these yet ?  These beauties are on sale for €9.99 each and Blank Canvas are offering free shipping on eyeliners until 29th of October.  Of course to top that off can use my code "NINA" in the discount box for a little discount on all orders over €15 ;) 
I hope you found my review helpful and if you have any questions please do ask as I always reply 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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