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Wet N Wild 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palette In Nude Awakening..... Naked Palette Dupe Alert

Hello My Gorgeous Readers How are you all today?
I am so so sorry for the lack of blog posts lately but I have a really good excuse.  I am trying to do up my house before Christmas painting, getting rid of unwanted items and of course trying to get storage set up and its alot of work especially when you have the normal everyday runnings of the house with 5 children.  Its really starting to get together now thank goodness so here I am with another review for you and I promise I will be more regular with my posts :) :) 
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Today I have a Urban Decay Naked Palette Dupe for you :)  A More affordable amazing palette :) :) of course from Wet N Wild :)   I am telling you the more products I get from this brand the more I want and love it.  Its such a pity Its not available anywhere else except America 

Spring 2013 was an exciting time for all Wet N Wild fans when the company released 2 limited edition 8 pan palettes and I am delighted to have one in my collection.  The other palette is called "Going in the Wild".  
Both palettes looked amazing but I just had to choose this one as you can not fail with a neutral palette plus the moment I seen it I thought Naked!!!!!! 
TADAAAAAAAAAAAAA Aint it Purdyyyyyyyyyyyy :) 

First of all let me just say I am loving the packaging.  Its a nice change from the typical black case they normally have for their eyeshadows .  Its bright cheerful and full of life :) :) 
Nothing has change apart from that.  

Ok let get on to these amazing shadows :) :) Starting with the left side 

Browbone:  This shade is one you have to work with and is one of the less pigmented shades in the palette its a nice semi matte vanilla shade with tiny specks of shimmers.  This is a perfect highlight shade and lid colour.  The colour can be built up to a nice pigmented shade and does look amazing.  This is a Dupe of UD "Virgin" to be honest I do prefer Virgin as its alot more pigmented and alot more noticable 

Eyelid:  This is a light bronze shade with shimmers.  This shade feels so so creamy and soft and gives a nice satin finish.  I found the pigmentation amazing from this shade and looks amazing ove Maybellines Color Tattoo in Bad to Bronze :) :) This is the dupe of UD "Sidecar"  There is not a huge difference between these two shades apart from maybe "Sidecar" bee a little more on the orange side

Crease:  This is the only Matte shade in the whole of the palette i'm afraid.  This is the perfect transition colour or even crease colour.  A perfect soft creamy matte brown I love it.  This is the dupe of UD "Buck"  Buck is a little darker than this shade but to be honest I prefer this shade 

Definer:  A Deep Dark Brown with shimmers going This is the perfect crease and outer V shade.  The shimmers are literally unnoticeable if you did want to use it in the crease and let me tell you this shade is highly pigmented soft and blends amazingly.  This is the Dupe of UD "Dark Horse" again "Dark Horse" is a little darker than this shade but to be honest I prefer this shade as I find "Dark Horse" can be a little messy sometimes whereas this shade applies like a dream with no fall out 

Next up is Right Hand side :) :) 

Browbone:  Awwww I love love love this shade :) :)  This is a beautiful bronzey browns with a tint of pink going through it.  This is incredibly pigmented and feels smooth and cream.  Just love it.  This is the Dupe of UD "Toasted" Ok Toasted wins this time as its alot more deeper in shade but its not a bad match 

Eyelid:  awwww another amazing shade.  A dark brown with a slight burgundy finish.  This feels smooth and creamy and blends amazing a little goes a long way :) :) This is the Dupe of UD "Hustle"  Again not a massive difference apart from the quality I find this shade better than hustle in the fact it feels smoother and creamier and applies like a dream 

Crease:  A Stunning deep grey with silver shimmers.  The shimmers can be blended into nothing if used on the crease.  I did find this shade to be a little chalky and expect some fallout otherwise a great pigmented shade.  This is of course the Dupe of UD "Gunmetal" as you will see Gunmetal is alot deeper and pigmented but again not a bad match 

Definer:  This shade is a Shimmer black the shimmers are chunky.  A little goes a long way as its hugely pigmented.  I did find you have to build this black to make it look black as when first applied it looks more like a very deep grey because of the shimmers.  This is the dupe of UD "Creep"  I have to say "Creep" wins me over because the black is alot more intense that this shade 

Here is all the shades together and can I add that these swatches are made with no primer underneath 

Here is the swatches of  the comparisions of the wet n wild nude awakening and the Urban Decay Naked Palette dupe shades :) 
You will notices some of the shades are not exact but are close and then you will notice some of them exactly the same :)  All Swatches are made with no primer underneath 

Here is a day time look using the Wet N Wild Nude Awakening 

Overall I think Wet n Wild have done an amazing job on copying the Naked Palette and to be honest there is a few Shades in the Wet N Wild Palette I prefer over the Naked.  For a very affordable palette this has surely become another of my favourites and has been used alot since I got it.  
Where to get this palette I hear you ask.  Well I got mine on Ebay, you just have to be lucky enough to catch a seller who is selling it at the right price or near it and you can also get both limited Edition Palettes on the Non Pariel Website where they are selling both palettes for $15 for a limited time only.  
Have you tried this palette yet ? 
Until Next Time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sidrah!!!! said...

Cant go wrong with neutrals. I like how they have more mattes in this than the Comfort Zone palette.

Shannon Boyce said...

This palette looks absolutely wonderful! I just love the neutral shades - they are so pretty.

Schminkschnubbel said...

The palette looks really pretty, especially the packaging *-*

Marian McCarthy said...

Did you hear about Wet n Wild coming to Ireland? Can't wait! Great dupe hun :)

Anonymous said...

i love wet n wild shadows, ive got one palette, wish they were over in the uk! i found you via blog hop, followed :) xx

Mungle Ville said...

Ohh I'd never heard of this range before! I love that the shadows have their 'destination' written over them, this would be the perfect gift for someone who wasn't confident with makeup :)

Nina s said...

Sidrah No you cant no one can :) :)

Shannon Yes its is great hunny I love it all the colours work great together

Schminkschnubbel Thanks hunny


Catherine Awww thank you for popping by hunny :)

Mungle I cant believe you have never heard of Wet N Wild oh girl you have to try it

Anonymous said...

My local pharmacy did have a catrice stand but it has been replaced with a Wet & Wild stand, I was very disappointed the catrice was leaving the pharmacy but after reading your review I cant wait to check out Wet & Wild, fyi pharmacy is in Bettystown Co.Meath :)

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