Thursday, 13 June 2013

Pixy Lip Balm Review

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Hey My beauties how are you all doing today :)  Wow this weather took a drastic change from been totally amazing and feeling like you were in Spain or some place like that to been back in the horrible Irish weather we are used to nearly 90% of the year just with the click of our fingers.  Ah well we were luckier this year than last year.  
I dont know about you but I am a huge fan of lip balms.  In fact I must have about 10 or maybe more different branded lip balms up in my collection that I love and adore .  Some I don't love as much but I always seem to want more and more You guys cant tell me you are not the same lol 
Well of course because I love Pixy so much I just had to try out their Lip Balms the fact that they are natural and affordable I ended up buying 3 :) well I do have a house full of little kiddies that sometimes need a dose of balm especially in the winter and summer months :) 
I am obsessed with keeping my lips in good condition there is nothing worse than having dry chapped lips and nothing is worse than have horrible cold sores all over them either so this is why I will always have a selection of balms everywhere and take my normal steps to look after them as much as I can after all your lips are very tender and very thin.  As Pixy explains there is only 5 layers of skin and no sweat glands on our lips which means we need to take good care of them and keep them moisturised.  
So Pixy put alot of work and thought into creating the right lip balm For our needs thats for sure :) 

To make the perfect lip balm, we at Pixyland, took Cocoa Butter which is famous for reconditioning the skin and so creamy that it melts into the surface and underlying layers of the skin. We mixed it with Shea Butter known for being full of vitamins and fatty acids that absorb quickly to protect, moisturise and soften your lips, and for those of you that suffer dry lips, a good dose of Almond oil was added for good measure!
For centuries Almond oil has been used to heal and deter dry and chapped skin, and being rich in Vitamin E, it is also contains great anti-aging properties.
In order for all these goodies to work their magic on your pout, we needed a natural emollient barrier; the best in Mother Nature’s closet is Beeswax, made by bees.
Beeswax locks in moisture and is a brilliant barrier against environmental free radicals, like chilly wintry days, central heating, all those necessary but nasty conditions that can play havoc on your lovely lips. Oh, and the best thing about beeswax is, it won’t clog your pores!
This is just the start of it because not only have they made a lip balm full of absolute goodness, they have put together 5 different flavoured lip balms for all us 

I chose to get Strawberry, Coconut and Mint :)  You are getting 20g of product for €3.99 which is more than a bargain :) 

Strawberry oh boy oh boy mmmmmmmm This lip balm was the first one I picked to try out and believe me it smells amazing :)  If you are a fan of strawberries beware because this lip balm smells exactly like strawberry yogurt and you will be tempted to eat it lol.  My sister has one of these and is already over half way through it because she cant help but apply this to her lips every hour of the day :) 

Coconut coconut coconut yummmyyyyyy :)  This little beauty is in my handbag full time.  The delicious scent of coconut lingers in my bag I love it.  At time I even reach for it just to smell it.  This is my favourite one :) for sure 

Mint .... This feels absolutely fantastic on the lips.... If you have that red hot feeling on the lips this balm will surely put them to comfort and cool them down.  The mint is surely minty and perfect for those very important date nights ;) ;) I love this balm as it has that cool sensation and perfect for the Summer months when we are luck to have those hot days :) 

These balms are amazing each and every one of them feel smooth creamy and ever so moisturising on the lips.  They also make your lips shiny and kissable ;) They are so hydrating.  I brought my coconut one on a day trip on Sunday I went with my family and it was 24 degrees we were out all day and we all felt the heat on our lips even my dad.  I passed this balm around to everyone and they were instantly relieved.  Thank goodness I brought it because no matter how much we drank it did not relieve the dryness on our lips until we used the Lip Balm.  
I highly recommend having at least one of these balms in your bag for any time of the year :) 
Have you tried these yet? 
What flavour would you like to try :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love, Luck, Laughter and Luscious Lips 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Shannon Boyce said...

These sound lovely! I always always have lip balm on hand. I can't live without it!

Janelle Marie said...

oh my gosh these look so creamy! I am pretty much obsessed with lip balms like this!


Nina s said...

Shannon Boyce Same here I must have about 3 different ones in my bag lol

Janelle Marie They are creamy hunny Plus you have no fear of picking up too much product I love it

Miss L said...

These look amazing and I think I would love to try these!

Mary Molloy said...

These all look lovely. I adore lip balm, Pixy stuff is so cute.

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