Monday, 24 June 2013

No More "Ronnie" : Metime Facial Waxing Strips review

Hey my beauties how are you all doing today :) 
There comes a time in our lives where we stand infront of the mirror and get that close to the mirror that our noses end up touching it, trying to pick out something that has changed.  Be it another fine line to the collection or your nose needs a serious case on pore strips or maybe you have been having break outs and you looking for yet more blemishes that sometimes are not there.  In my case there was one day I noticed I was getting a little hairy above my top lip ok ok maybe a little might be too kind to say, put it this way I didnt have to put my nose to the mirror to notice.  HORRIFIC!!!!!
I have never in my life ever had to get that area waxed or even have to worry about it.  To be honest the reason I looked in the mirror for this was because i was sitting having lunch with my kiddies and my 7 year old boy says " mammy you have a moustache"  MORTIFIED!!!!
I know he is only a child but kids speak out the truth without thinking most of the time they dont give it a second thought lol 
Since that I have been checking out my "moustache" to see if it got worse but it didnt.  Not until i started getting a little bit of a tan due to our good weather and it seemed that my "moustache" started getting a little more noticable the darker I got even foundation was not covering it up :( 
Not only that other people aka my family aka my sisters and brothers started to notice I was a little of the darker side around that area and of course they had no problem "Slagging" me about it (slagging mean making harmless smart remarks and fun at my expense) like one popular remark would be "Have you not shaved that Ronnie off you yet" LOL
I was going to make an appointment in a salon to get it done but then I came across these Facial Waxing Strips and decided to try them out first to see if they would do the job. 
I bought these Strips in my local cheap store called "Choice" for only €1.99 
To be honest I didnt think they would be any good because they were so cheap but as the saying goes "Never judge a book by its cover".  You are getting 12x2 strips per pack.  
The moment I got home I put these bad boys to the test nervously.  
I followed the instructions very very carefully because to be honest there was quite alot of things not working out for me last week and I couldnt afford this going wrong because I had a very important outing to go to at the weekend
Well I am telling you now the next door neighbour heard me yelp when I eventually used this holy moly did this strip make me shout.  Which is a good thing because it ment it pulled every last hair off.  The stickier the better I say .  The result was brilliant.  I found I had to use 2 strips one for under my nose and the other for each side of my top lip.  It did leave me red and a few little bumps appeared after I used it but it calmed down after a half hour I could not believe how well these strips worked.  The only tip i will need to share with you is to measure the strip against your top lip beforehand because i found the strip a little too big for the space between my nose and my top lip and if you pull this bad boy off you are going to do damage to the very top of you lip so be careful.  
I was that impressed with these strips I just had to show my sister the result she was amazed and even asked me to do hers.  She too was shocked and did not realise she had a "ronnie" lol 
My brother put these strips to the test on the top of his leg for the laugh as he could not understand my my sister yelped that much and (you know men and their hairy legs) the max strip took all the hair clean off that spot and left him hairless lol.  So they are good for short and long hairs.  It even brought a tear to his eye hahahahahaha
Now to be honest I tried my very best to take a before picture but it was not coming out the way I was seeing in person for some reason my camera was washing out my "Ronnie" which for the first time was very annoying but the closest picture to showing you what it looked like before is the on below which was about 2 weeks ago on a day trip you will see the darkness around my top lip which is horrifying but this is what i do for my lovely readers :) xxxxx
I have to say I am very impressed with the result of these strips.  My top lip area is hairless and smooth and I love it.  No More "Ronnie".  Haha the slagging stops :) 
You can purchase these strips in selected cheap stores like Choice or pound city 
or if there is a cheap store in your area you could suggest to them to get them in they can order them in bulk from this website :
Another point I would like to make out the the saying "Never Judge a book by its cover" surely proved me wrong again with this product and I will surely be stocking up on these the next time I go to that store :) 
So that its my review for you today.  Pain surely can have the best result lol plus saves on the cash too :) 
Until next time 
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter 

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Not Just Inside - Irish Beauty Blog said...

Ah here, sure we all have to do the likes of this, I wax my face all the time, its all the Italian blood in my veins

fluff and fripperies said...

I like threading these days but am filing this info away!

Mary Molloy said...

I might try these it I can find them anywhere. I've tried other wax strips and they were no good.

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