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Oriflame Studio Artist Cream Blush in Pink Glow Review

Hey my Beauties How are you all doing today :) 
Well now ever since Avon announced they were leaving Ireland forever I have been so disappointed because I have been a fan of Avon for years So has my mum and my grand mum 150+ years is a long time to sell in Ireland and then stop all of a sudden.
Sadly it has happened and we all had to come to terms with it without a choice :( but how i missed the Avon catalogue coming through the letter box every month and how I missed sitting down at night with my munchies and my cuppa and having a good nose through the catalogue It became a tradition and I was actually missing it alot until one day I came home from a walk and seen a catalogue on my door at.  I pick it up and it says all over it ORIFLAME then I saw the name of my rep This got me very interest because it looked so much like The Avon Catalogue.  I ran straight to the laptop to investigate because I never heard of Oriflame before 
Basically to cut a long intro as short as possible Oriflame is a swedish company who sell high-quality Natural Skin care and Cosmetic products basically like Avon.  They are around as long as 1967 which I cant believe I havent heard of them been around this long.  Here is some facts from the site themselves to give you more of an insight 
• Products based on natural ingredients, never tested on animals 
• Over 7500 employees 
• 950 new products annually 
• Co-founder of World Childhood Foundation  
• 5 own production units in Sweden, Poland, China, Russia and India 
• Operations in 62 countries of which 13 are franchisees

Well now I just had to try this out to see What it was like.  
As you can see by the above photo I was a good girl and didnt go crazy.  Well to be honest the prices are a little more expensive than Avon was and I was been Careful.  So today I am going to review 
Oriflame Studio Artist Cream Blush
"Professionally developed lightweight cream blush that sculpts and highlights the cheeks for a healthy, natural glow. Buildable colour blends effortlessly into skin, creating a soft-focus effect. Contains light-reflecting IllumaFlair for a natural and luminous result in any light." 
This costs €6.85 for 20mls :)  There are 3 shades available
Soft peach 
Pink Glow 
Sherry Berry 
As you can see the blush comes in a squeezable plastic tube form.  I like that it is clear so you can see the shade of blush you have if you have more than one shade.  The lid screws on and off which is also great as there will be no fear of loosing the lid in your bag.  The writing on the tube seems like it will wear off after a few uses but i dont mind that :) I love that each time you use this you have perfect control of how much product you actually squeeze out instead of wasting alot of the product like some cream blushes I have that have a pump 
So the shade I choose is Pink Glow
This shade is absolutely stunning it is a nice rosey pink with gold micro-shimmers in it.  Ladies dont worry the shimmers are not they type to make you look like a disco ball I promise !!!
The consistancy of the blush is actually quite  thick not overly for an affordable blush The following picture I am going to show you is just a simple little squirt and you will tell by the picture the thickness of the blush
Now let me tell you the pigmentation of this blush is actually shocking.  I took a little pea sized dip at this swatch and rubbed it into my arm beside the swatch and  could not believe how much it spread.  Oh my goodness you literally only need less than a pea sized amount for each cheek wowzer even this swatch is waaaaaaaayyyyyyy too much I literally had to waste the most of the swatch.
The picture says it all eh?
I found this blush absolutely amazing to blend.  No patchiness no mess I just dab a bit on my cheeks and even it out with either my BCC F20 flat top kabuki brush or use a beauty blender.  The finish?  A beautiful healthy flushed look with a stunning glow :) I am in love with this blush it looks so natural.  This blush would be suitable for any skin tone because you can build it up to whatever intensity you desire.  Just be careful not to apply too much too quick.  Start with a dab and then reapply if needed.
The lasting power is actually just as good I found it did not start wearing off my cheeks until about 8 hours of wear but in all honesty if you are not hugging children all day it will last until you take it off.  :) :)
I give this blush a sure 9/10 indefinitely.  The cream blush is especially perfect for the summer month where the sun is shinning and catching the micro-shimmers on your cheeks making your cheek bones look boot-i-ful!!!!
As you can see I am wearing the blush lightly and it gives such a beautiful all day flush I love it.
Have you tried this blush yet :) Check out the website for more information and see what else Oriflame have to offer :) keep an eye out for more reviews on the products I got in the first photo :) :)
Until Next Time
Lots of Love Luck and Laughter

I love love love hearing from you all :) I make it my duty to read each and every one of you comments and every time i get a comment from you it highlights my day thanks so so much to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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