Friday, 6 April 2012

L'oreal Color Riche Lipstick Fairest Nude Review & Swatches

Hey my fab friends how are you all doing 
Have you got plans for Easter weekend 
I do imagine im breaking free from motherhood for 1 night hehe after 2 years wow amazing eh?
Anyways on with the review :) 
Lemme tell you a little story behind this lippie :) 
I first saw this lipstick on a famous Beauty Guru Emily Noel aka Beauty Broadcast about a year ago.  She was wearing a dark smokey eye on her video and on the video i seen her wearing it wasnt even a review on the actual lipstick but i really couldnt help but stare at her lips they looked fab.  
Then on another of her videos she was wearing it again only this time she was reviewing it too HAPPY DAYS!!!!!
When she named it i thought wow a DRUGSTORE LIPSTICK????? Not only that she informed us all that this lipstick is a dupe for the MAC Viva Glam II amazing 
I just had to get it :)  And i did and loved it but after a while i put it away and kind of forgot about it  because even though i loved the lippie there was one thing i didnt like and i will explain further on put it this way i formed a (LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH IT) until lately i watched a video from another Famous beauty guru Judy from Its Judy Time said she too seen Emilys video and wanted the same lipstick and she got it and reviewed it and i thought OMG it reminded me how much i loved the shade and i started to wear it again.  I found a new found love for this baby !!!!! 
Now the only thing i have to say is that i got this on ebay at the time i purchased it and i got it at an extremely cheap price it was from an American popular seller and i knew it was new as it was sealed in the photo and when i got it :) 
Let talk about the packaging :) I was totally amazed by the packaging on this lipstick.  It certainly does not look cheap believe me :) The lipstick in its packaging is very light weight but looking at it you would not think so.  This lipstick is the type you would be proud to take out of your purse in front of everyone and let them think you paid an arm and a leg for it hehehe :) 
Fairest Nude is a beautiful neutral pink lipstick.  This is a perfect lipstick for everyday or with a smokey eye look.  I just love it on my lips and the best thing about this is that it will suit every skin tone.  This glides on sooooooo well its so easy to use you could literally apply it with your eyes shut.  Its not matte but not super glossy.  It feels really creamy and moisturising on the lips and a little of this goes a long way.  Its also buildable but to be honest one sweep of this looks amazing.  Its super pigmented.  Lasting power is very good too it will last a good 3 to 4 hours (without eating and drinking) on the lips before you need to reapply.  Now as i mentioned above i do have a LOVE/HATE relationship with this little beauty.  You know what i love but what i hate is the scent of it.  It sort of reminds me of an old ladys lipstick sort of like an old fashioned smell.  Its not overly strong but its there and personally i like lipstick that either smell of nothing or has a sweet scent but not cosmetic scents.  To be honest i am doing well ignoring it though as i really love this lipstick i love the look of it and its so dam pretty i cant not wear it!!!!!!
Taken in normal light 
Taken in sunlight 
So what you all think? Have you got this lipstick.  Is this the perfect nude lipstick you are looking for?  If so i here is two links to two trusty ebay sellers who sell them for less than €10 :) 
Ebay shop 1  Where i got mine!!!!!
Ebay shop 2:                           
So thats everyone i hope you enjoyed my review 
Until next time 
See you soon 
Lots of love luck & laughter 
Nina C


Dyna said...

love it hun x

Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

This is very pretty!

fluff and fripperies said...

It looks like a lovely shade. I've been too chicken to order makeup from eBay in case it's fake - my friend bought a bad batch of OPI nail polish once - but now I'm wondering what bargains I've missed out on!

Nina said...

a great tip i always go by hun is the top rated sellers :) always go for them as you know they are legit

Glitz Glam Budget said...

That color is o pretty! Thanks a lot for the lip swatches, it's helpful when trying to figure out which products to buy!! Awesome post!

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