Monday, 2 April 2012

Essence Mono Eyeshadows Review & Swatches

Hey my beauties :) 
Hope you are all well. 
Todays review is on some Essence single eyeshadows i own.
I have only 3 so far but am sure i will get more in the future so keep an eye out for updated reviews:) 
I have had these eyeshadows for at least a few months and purposely wanted to leave the review til now as i couldnt make my mind up about them to be honest but now i have so i shall tell you what i think :) 
Starting with :) 
Now this is my favourite out of the three to be honest and i actually seen this on my good friend Dyna's blog after reading her review i had to get it :) 
Blockbuster (matte effect):  This is more of a creamy/white not fully white and not fully cream shade.  I use this eyeshadow quite alot as its a perfect matte highlight.  Its perfect for multi-use.  Its not one bit powdery and you get no fallout whatsoever.  I find it to be quite pigmented also a little goes a long way.  
Next up is.....
Ok this eyeshadow was the one i was saying i wasnt 100% sure about.  
Get Ready!(shimmer effect):  I love browns and thats simply why i will always got for them.  This is a lovely dark brown with shimmer going through it.  What i found with this one was it was more on the grittier side.  More on the chalky side i found if i used my brush too hard on this i would create alot of fall out.  My first impressions was "oh i cant use this its too annoying especially if im in a hurry" but to be honest i learned to work with it like instead of swiping the brush on this eyeshadow just tap and instantly no fall out.  Its highly pigmented and a perfect shade for on its own or in the crease :) Would i buy it again? probably not but thats not saying its all that bad either :) 
Now this baby i like :) 
Metropolitan (sparkling effect):  This is a nice chocolate brown with golden & silver glittery specks :)   I am well impressed with the pigmentation of this eyeshadow.  It blends really well and applies smoothly you cant over do it with this and it builds up beautifully.  Using a primer with this eyeshadow will not intensify as its already pigmented but it will make the eyeshadow last well into the evening and night if worn all day.  Not bad eh?
Swatches :) 

The packaging on these eyeshadows are quite good.  The lid will click shut and there is no fear of it opening up in your bag.  I definately plan to buy more of these.  They are so so cheap and well worth every cent.  The price range of these is between €1.00 and €1.50 which is super cheap for a 0.08oz/2.5g eyeshadow :) its also very easy to depot these and put them into a palette altogether.  
So thats it everyone i hope you enjoyed this blog post :) 
until next time 
take care 
lots of Love Luck and Laughter 
Nina C

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