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Hey My beautifuls how are you all doing today :) 
Well now lately I have been coming across some amazing blogs and youtube channels Some have a gazillion amount of followers and some have only a few and I am sitting here thinking half of the time WHY so little followers.  I have even found alot of blogs and channels through other people sharing the love no matter what way they do it on their own blogs :) 

There is some amazingly talented people out there who love their blogs and channels even if they dont have many followers , they are persistant with their posts and videos and you can see the passion in their eyes and in their writing that they just love doing what they do 
Its these people who deserve alot more views followers and readers 

This is where I am going to do my bit by Creating a blog Interview that is suitable for anyone, be it fashion, beauty anything and I going to post one interview per week as a sort of share the love series for those of you who feel you are not seen or heard.  

This is even for those of you who have alot of followers and just want to do something different and want to join in on the Share the Love Series.  I too want to get to know more about the people behind the blogs and channels and this way I will get my wish :) 
 I am really hoping people who I follow will visit 
Basically this Share the Love Blog Interviews Series is for everyone everywhere anywhere and no matter how many followers and subscribers you have you are all welcome to do this.  

Not only that I will also include Links below to The Bloggers who Join me in this series and who I Have interviewed So even if you are not a blogger and are looking for new blogs to read all you have to do is click this page and you will find some amazing blogs or channels 

If you are interested in joining me on the Share the Love on Nina's Blog 
Let me know by commenting underneath this post or emailing me on: 
Sarah From Makeupbysaz
Beauty is in Eye of the Beholder...
Jessica From Dazzledust08

Dani From The Glamour Nazi 
Orla from Makeup Over Mind
Megan from A Little Bit about Makeup and Beauty
Nicola from Stylist but skint 

Lauren from makeup By Lauren Marie
Marian from The High Life from Mars

Christina from Beauty and More By Christina

Marie from I am a Makeup Junkie 
Maria from Apage Love Designs 

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Sarah from At the Beauty Desk 



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